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1 SPE European Formation Damage Conference and Exhibition 2013 Unconventional and Conventional Solutions to Challenging Reservoirs Noordwijk, The Netherlands 5-7 June 2013 Volume 1 of 2 ISBN:

2 Printed from e-media with permission by: Curran Associates, Inc. 57 Morehouse Lane Red Hook, NY Some format issues inherent in the e-media version may also appear in this print version. Copyright (2013) by the Society of Petroleum Engineers All rights reserved. Printed by Curran Associates, Inc. (2013) For permission requests, please contact the Society of Petroleum Engineers at the address below. Society of Petroleum Engineers P. O. Box Richardson, Texas Phone: (800) Fax: (972) Additional copies of this publication are available from: Curran Associates, Inc. 57 Morehouse Lane Red Hook, NY USA Phone: Fax: Web:

3 TABLE OF CONTENTS VOLUME 1 SPE A Chemical Inhibitor-Infused, High-Strength Proppant Additive for Reservoir Flow Assurance against Scale Deposition in Wells with High Intervention Costs... 1 D. V. Satya Gupta, Dong Shen, Stephen J. Szymczak SPE Temporary, Nondamaging Zonal Isolation Maximizes Productivity in Low-Pressure Reservoirs R. Rachid, F. Salazar, J. Jimenez, A. Milne, Syed Ali SPE Hydraulic Fracturing with Water-Based Fluids in Water-Sensitive Formations F. Salazar, R. Rachid, J. Jimenez, A. Milne, Syed Ali SPE Examination of Static and Dynamic Filtration on Core Plug Samples on High Temperature Gabriella Federer-Kovács, Andrea Mátrai SPE Acidizing Sandstone Formations Using a Sandstone Acid System For High Temperatures L. Zhou, H. A. Nasr-El-Din SPE Effects of Total Suspended Solids on Permeability of Proppant Pack X. Ye, N. Tonmukayakul, P. Lord, R. Lebas SPE Fracturing Fluid Conductivity Damage and Recovery Efficiency J. D. Weaver, F. Liang, N. C. Schultheiss SPE A Fracturing Driven Approach: Main Challenges and Lessons in Developing a Tight Gas Reservoir in Argentina Gabriel Schnaidler, Hernán Villada Medina, Facundo Alric, Pierre-Olivier Goiran SPE Self-Diverting Acid for Effective Carbonate Stimulation Offshore Brazil: A Successful History A. T. Jardim Neto, C. A. M. Silva, R. S. Torres, F. G. M. Prata, L. A. M. Souza, A. Z. I. Pereira, A. Calderon, E. F. Sandes SPE A Porosity-Fill Sealant for Water and Gas Shutoff: Case Histories and Lessons Learned after more than 1,000 Well Interventions Julio Vasquez, Richard Curtice SPE A Relative Permeability Modifier for Water Control: Candidate Selection, Case Histories, and Lessons Learned after more than 3,000 Well Interventions Julio Vasquez, Larry Eoff SPE Case Study Analysis of Formation Damage Induced by Brine Workover Fluid on Burcioaia Reservoir (Romania) and Research on Damage Removal Methods A. Dragomir, L. Precupanu, V. Arsenoiu, P. Tippel, G. Radulescu, D. Sava, C. Zosmer, O. C. Tudorin SPE Evaluation of Formation Damage/Remediation Potential of Tight Reservoirs Tarek Ibrahim Elkewidy SPE Performance and Formation Damage Assessment of a Novel, Thermally Stable Solids- Free Fluid Loss Gel Pubudu Gamage, Jay P. Deville, Bill Shumway SPE Three-Dimensional Sonic and Anisotropy Data to Provide Effective Fracture Treatments Charles H. Smith, Layne Hamilton, Alena Bashkirtseva SPE Foam And Scale Inhibitor Squeeze With Natural Gas: A Lifeline For Water Flooded And Damaged Gas Well O. Rauf, S. Gerdes, N. R. Lummer SPE Development and Field Trial of a New Exploration HPHT Reservoir Drill-in Fluid Irene M. Faergestad, Russell Watson, Cameron Strachan, Jorunn Johannesen SPE CFD as a Tool For Pumping Strategy Evaluation on Matrix Acidizing Treatments Andressa R. De Melo, Thiago Judson L. De Oliveira SPE Evaluation of RPMs in Heterogeneous Cores - Fracture Scale do Matter Alejandro Restrepo, Sergio Lopera, Alonso Ocampo, Eber Castro SPE Return Permeability: When a Single Number Can Lead You Astray in Fluid Selection Matt Offenbacher, Mark Luyster, Leigh Gray, Wenwu He, Russell Leonard, Mike Stephens SPE Dynamic Fluid Erosion on Filter Cakes Nils Van Der Tuuk Opedal, Pierre Cerasi, Jan David Ytrehus SPE Fines Migration in Fractured Wells: Integrating Modeling, Field and Laboratory Data M. Marquez, W. Williams, M. Knobles, P. Bedrikovetsky, Z. You

4 SPE Risks, Mitigation and Management of Wax Production Chemistry in a SAGD Environment: Downhole to Surface and Beyond Andrew G. Shepherd, Tony Vandeweyer, Dena Rafik, Simon Van Kins, Erik Baksteen, Anthony Cheong SPE Use of Micro-CT Scanning Visualisations To Improve Interpretation of Formation Damage Laboratory Tests Including a Case Study From the South Morecambe Field Justin Green, Ruaridh Cameron, Ian Patey, Vishal Nagassar, Mark Quine SPE An Investigation of the Plugging Mechanisms in a Slotted Liner from the Steam Assisted Gravity Operations U. G. Romanova, T. Ma SPE Type Curves for Injectivity Decline Azim Kalantariasl, Sundeep Duhan, Pavel Bedrikovetsky SPE Modeling Formation Damage and Completion Geometry in an Old Well Enables Better Planning for New Wells - Gyda Development Case Study M. Byrne, E. Rojas, V. B. Holst SPE Drilling Depleted Reservoirs - Is Formation Damage Sometimes a Good Thing? Michael Byrne, Joy Oyovwevotu, Ian Retalic SPE Formation Damage Matters, Sometimes - Quantification of Damage Using Detailed Numerical Modeling M Byrne, E Rojas SPE Influence of Tensile Strength and Production Effects on Hydraulic Fracturing in Low Porosity Carbonates: The South Arne Case Ole V. Vejbaek, Erik Jakobsen, Ricky Lamb, Benny Troelsen, Lucas W. Bazan, Eric K. Brown, Bruce R. Meyer SPE Long-Term Dynamic Flow Testing of Proppants and Effect of Coatings Nevil Kunnath Aven, Jim Weaver, Ray Loghry, Tingji Tang SPE Particle Size Analysis For Sand Control Applications Tracey Ballard, Steve Beare SPE Emulsified Chelating Agent: Evaluation of an Innovative Technique for High Temperature Stimulation Treatments M. A. Sayed, H. A. Nasr-El-Din, C. A. De Wolf SPE Using Fiber-Optic-Enabled Coiled Tubing to Quantify Fluid Placement and Optimize Stimulation Effectiveness During Matrix Stimulation Treatments in Carbonate Reservoirs Pierre Ramondenc, Fernando Baez SPE Productivity Improvement in Highly Unconsolidated Formation: Skin Characterization and Mitigation, Case History M. Lastre, A. Milne, C. Pinto SPE Impact of Waxy Crude Oil on Appropriate Crude Conditioning Techniques and Core Flood Testing for the Maari Oilfield Samuel Kidd, Robert Stalker, Gordon Graham, Christian Einzinger, Lauchie Duff, George Hobbs SPE Hydraulic Fracturing in HPHT Deep Naturally Fractured Reservoir in China Yongping Li, Yonghui Wang, Xingsheng Cheng, Mingguang Che, Fuxiang Zhang SPE Residue-Free Fracturing Fluid Provides Superior Cleanup and Exceptional Proppant Transport Nathan Schultheiss, Lucas Fontenelle, Thomas Welton SPE Silica Dissolution and Its Inhibition with Quartz Sand: Static Model Approach Khaled A. Elraies, Ashraf E. A. Basbar SPE Field Case Histories of a Non-Damaging Guar Alternative for Linear Gel Application in Slickwater Fracturing Hong Sun, Frances Debenedictis, Jia Zhou, Jennifer Cutler, Tom Royce, Scott Nelson, Qi Qu SPE New Approach for Formation Damage Control of Horizontal Drilling in High Permeability Sandstone Reservoirs Lijun You, Yili Kang, Xiao Niu, Faqiang Luo, Yuan Gao, Yanying Liu SPE Mitigating Borehole Instability and Formation Damage with Temporary Shielding Drilling Fluids in Low Permeability Fractured Reservoirs Lijun You, Yili Kang, Xiangchen Li, Guangqing Zhou SPE Remedial Effects of Metal Oxide Nanoparticles to Treat Suspension Transport in Saturated Porous Media D. Arab, P. Pourafshary, S. Ayatollahi, A. Habibi SPE Extending the Production Capacity in Sand Control Completions Using a Self-Mitigating Sand Screen Charles S. Yeh, Christian S. Mayer, David A. Howell, Eric R. Grueschow, Renzo Angeles, George A. Gillespie, John Sladic, Randy Simonds

5 SPE Mechanical and Flow Behaviour of Collapsed Wellbores in Non-Compliant Sand Control Completions J. Tovar, D. Noblett SPE Development And Implementation Of Low Density, Water-Based Reservoir Drilling Fluid. Case History From The Troll Field In Norway Arild Fjogstad, Ingebjørg Hage, Grete Svanes SPE Produced Water Re-Injection Design and Uncertainties Assessment Jalel Ochi, Dominique Dexheimer, Vincent Corpel SPE Optimized Filter Cake Breaker Successfully Used in the OH Completions in Yuralpa and Oso Fields Camilo Torres, Galo Sinche, Raul Navarro, Edison Endara, Francisco Carreón, Pablo Murillo, Santiago Cortez SPE Impact of Charge Type Used in Perforation on the Outcome of Matrix Acid Treatment in Carbonate Formations: Comparative Study Ahmed I. Rabie, Hisham A. Nasr El-Din, John T. Hardesty, Nathan G. Clark, Matthew R. G. Bell SPE Properties and Applications of an Alternative Aminopolycarboxylic Acid for Acidizing of Sandstones and Carbonates Enrique A. Reyes, Alyssa L. Smith, Aaron Beuterbaugh SPE Development of Volumetric Horizontal Well Stimulation Model Linus A. Nwoke SPE Decreasing Formation Damage with New Completion Methods in Daqing Oilfield Guowen Zhu, Xinguang Sui, Bing Liu, Bo Xu, Mingsheng Wang, Weiqing Xiang, Lihong Liu SPE Surfactant-Based Fluid-Loss Pills for ZnBr 2 -Based High-Density Completion Fluids and High-Temperature Applications Ahmed M. Gomaa, Jennifer Cutler, Qi Qu, Kay E. Cawiezel SPE An Effective Single-Stage Acid System for Sandstone Formations Ahmed M. Gomaa, Jennifer Cutler, Qi Qu, Joel Boles, Xiaolan Wang SPE Modification of the Kozeny-Carman Equation to Quantify Formation Damage by Fines in Clean Unconsolidated Porous Media Eva D. Krauss, David C. Mays VOLUME 2 SPE Impact of Fe (III) on the Performance of VES-Based Acids Yi Shu, Guanqun Wang, Hisham A. Nasr-El-Din, Jian Zhou SPE Quality Control of Particle Size Distributions Arunesh Kumar, Kuhan Chellappah, Mark Aston, Roman Bulgachev SPE The Long-Term Production Performance of Deep HPHT Gas Condensate Fields Developed Using Formate Brines Gunnar Olsvik, Siv Howard, John Downs SPE Productivity Prediction of Horizontal Well by Integration of Formation Damage Model during Gravel-pack Completions Y. Li, M. Li, G. Yang, G. Qin, W. Wang, Q. Wang SPE Thermal Decomposition of Chelating Agents and a New Mechanism of Formation Damage Khatere Sokhanvarian, Hisham A. Nasr-El-Din, Corine A. De Wolf SPE A 20/80 Oil/Water Ratio Nonaqueous Screen Running System Successfully Employed In Equatorial Guinea Luis Paz, Sooi Kim Lim, Arvind Patel, Mark Luyster, Ray Ravitz SPE A Neural Network Approach to Predict Formation Damage Due to Calcium Sulphate Precipitation Sadra Foroutan, Jamshid Moghadasi SPE Characterizing Formation Damages Due to Carbon Dioxide Injection in High Temperature Reservoirs and Determining the Effect of Solid Precipitation and Permeability Reduction on Oil Production Ilyas Khurshid, Jonggeun Choe SPE Reduction of Fine Migration in different ph and Salinity conditions using Nanofluid Y. Assef, P. Pourafshary, S. Ayatollahi SPE The Influence of Wettability on Return Permeability P. Viste, R. B. Watson, A. C. Nelson

6 SPE Hydrolysis Effect on the Properties of a New Class of Viscoelastic Surfactant-Based Acid and Damage Caused by the Hydrolysis Products Zhenhua He, Guanqun Wang, Hisham A. Nasr-El-Din, Stuart Holt SPE Investigation of the Precipitation of Calcium Sulfate Scale during Low and High Salinity Water Injection in EOR Processes In carbonate and Sandstone Reservoirs M. A. Mahmoud, K. Z. Abdelgawad SPE A New Diversion Technique to Remove the Formation Damage from Maximum Reservoir Contact and Extended Reach Wells in Sandstone Reservoirs B. S. Ba Geri, M. A. Mahmoud SPE The Effect of Different Brine Solutions on the Viscosity of VES Micelles Merve R. Gurluk, Guanqun Wang, Hisham A. Nasr-El-Din, James Crews SPE Evaluating Flowback Proppants for Proppant Diagenesis in Shale Neelam Raysoni, Anjali Sarda SPE Permeametry Pitfalls and Opportunities C. D. Wehunt, H. A. Nasr-El-Din SPE Formation Damage during Disposal of CO 2 into a High Salinity Aquifer Reza Azin, Najmeh Mehrabi, Mehdi Mohammadi, Khosrow Mohammadi, Shahriar Osfouri SPE Non-Polymeric Permanent Clay Stabilizer for Shale Completions Darren Maley, Grant Farion, Gabriela Giurea-Bica, Bill O Neil SPE Formation Damage and the Importance of a Rigorous Diagnostic: a Case History in Nigeria Deep Water Jean-Noël Furgier, Cédric Lebecq, Xavier Degos, Frédéric Martin SPE Stand Alone Screens: What Key Parameters are Really Important for a Successful Design? Jean-Noël Furgier, Bjorn Viguerie, Eric Aubry, Pascal Rivet SPE Development and Applications of an Aqueous-Based Surface Modification Agent L. K. Vo, P. D. Nguyen, J. D. Weaver SPE New Treatment Method for Enhancing Propped Fracture Conductivity: A Laboratory Study P. D. Nguyen, R. D. Rickman, J. D. Weaver, T. Z. Vonk, R. A. Loghry SPE Effectively Controlling Proppant Flowback to Maximize Well Production: Lessons Learned from Argentina P. D. Nguyen, J. C. Bonapace, G. F. Kruse, L. Solis, D. Daparo SPE Novel Water Shutoff Treatments in Gas Wells Using Petroleum External Solutions and Microemulsions I. J. Lakatos, J. Lakatos-Szabo, G. Szentes, M. Vadaszi, A. Vago SPE Mitigation of Formation Damage Caused by Macrormolecular Materials Using Liquid Polymers I. J. Lakatos, J. Lakatos-Szabo, G. Szentes, M. Vadaszi SPE Viscoelastic Evaluation of Gemini Surfactant Gel for Hydraulic Fracturing Jiang Yang, Baoshan Guan, Yongjun Lu, Weixiang Cui, Xiaohui Qiu, Zhen Yang, Wenlong Qin SPE Experimental Investigation of the Impact of Asphaltene Adsorption on Two Phase Flow in Porous Media V. Hematfar, B. B. Maini, Z. Chen SPE Novel Combination of Channel Fracturing with Rod-Shaped Proppant Increases Production in the Egyptian Western Desert A. A. Gawad, J. Long, T. El-Khalek, R. Bashandy, T. Mabrouk, A. Shaaban, A. Mathur, M. Yosry, C. C. Kraemer, J. M. Bernechea SPE Experimental Investigation on the Effects of Very Low Salinity on Middle Eastern Sandstone Corefloods M. B. Pingo-Almada, S. G. J. Pieterse, A. H. M. Marcelis, M. J. T. Van Haasterecht, N. J. Brussee, H. A. Van Der Linde SPE Using Hydrochloric Acid to Remove Ilmenite Water-Based Filter Cake in HPHT Applications S. M. Elkatatny, J. Xiao, H. A. Nasr-El-Din, M. Al-Bagoury SPE Experimental Investigation of Microbial Plugging Potential for a Sea Water Injection Pressure Maintenance Project S. Abbasi, H. Golghanddashti, M. Heshmati, H. Tirandaz, A. Shahrabadi SPE Scale Formation because of Water Incompatibility between Injection Water and Formation Water in Reservoir Pressure and Temperature Condition to Emphasis Thermodynamic Condition Changes A Static Experimental Investigation (Part I) S. Abbasi, H. Golghanddashti, M. Heshmati, A. Shahrabadi, B. Fazel

7 SPE Evaluation of Micronized Ilmenite as a Weighting Material in Oil-based Drilling Fluids for HPHT Applications J. Xiao, H. A. Nasr-El-Din, M. Al-Bagoury SPE Formation Damage in the Cavendish Gas Field - Causes, Treatment and Future Measures Christoph Kersten, Kai Schulze, Florian Schroers, Darrell Mandiwall, Paul Jeffs SPE A Novel Approach for Predicting In-situ Breakdown Conditions for Wireline Mini- Fracture Testing Auke Barnhoorn, Boris Sintra Magalhaes, Surej Kumar Subbiah, Pacelli Zitha SPE Fracturing a Non-conventional Oil Reservoir Offshore Congo - Case History Euro Garcia, K Orski, F Marpaung, J Gonzalez-Dunia, J Bertin SPE Sand Control in Shallow Unconsolidated Sandstone Oil Reservoirs at Staatsolie N.V. Suriname S. Toelsie, P. Goerdajal SPE Dope-Free Tubulars in Petroleum Well Completions Alejandro Funes, Fernando Figini, Emiliano Actis Goretta, Esteban De Franceschi, Fabián Benedetto, Tomás Castiñeiras, Michael J. Economides SPE Physics Mechanisms of Enhanced Recovery By Fines-migration-assisted Waterflooding (Laboratory Study) A. Zeinijahromi, P. Bedrikovetsky SPE An Environmentally Acceptable and Non-damaging Diversion System for High- Permeability Formations Vijaya K Patnana, Prasad B Karadkar, Yogesh Kumar Choudhary SPE CT Scan Study of the Leak-Off of Oil-Based Drilling Fluids into Saturated Media Dorien Frequin, Pavel Bedrikovetsky, Pacelli L. J. Zitha SPE A Novel Water Injectivity Model and Experimental Validation using CT Scanned Corefloods Ramesh Chandra Yerramilli, P. L. J. Zitha, Sanjay Surya Yerramilli, Pavel Bedrikovetsky SPE Novel Insight into Polymer Injectivity for Polymer Flooding Sanjay Surya Yerramilli, P. L. J. Zitha, Ramesh Chandra Yerramilli SPE An Experimental and Simulation Study of Asphaltene-Induced Permeability Impairment under Natural Depletion Condition Mahmoud Khalifeh, Riyaz Kharrat, Hadi Bagherzadeh, Milad Izadi SPE Investigation of Effective Mechanisms in Permeability Reduction Due to Asphaltene Deposition through Porous Media M. Khederzadeh, S. Ostadrezaei, R. Kharrat, H. Bagherzadeh, S. Mahdavi, M. Khalife SPE Iron Sulfide Removal: A Nonacidic Alternative to Hydrochloric Acid Treatment Xiaolan Wang, Qi Qu, Sandra Berry, Jennifer Cutler SPE Challenge and Successful Application for Scale Removal Gemsa Oil Field, Egypt: Field Study Elsayed Elmorsey, Ahmed Hussien SPE Field Wide Implementation of Proppant-Based Scale Control Technology in the Bakken Field Leonard J. Kalfayan, Clyde A. McAfee, Lawrence M. Cenegy SPE Formation Damage Due To Iron Precipitation In Carbonate Rocks A. I. Assem, H. A. Nasr-El-Din, C. A. De Wolf SPE Significant Increase in Sand Control Reliability of Open Hole Gravel Pack Completions in ACG Field - Azerbaijan Yoliandri Susilo, Kevin Whaley, Santiago Loboguerrero, Phillip Jackson, Natig Kerimov, Robert Anderson, Patrick Keatinge, Brian Edment SPE Optimization of Microemulsion Formulations with Linker Molecules Lirio Quintero, Gianna Pietrangeli, Jean-Louis Salager, Ana Forgiarini Author Index