An Exclusive Hotel, hospital, Commercial & Industrial Supplier

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1 COMPANY PROFILE Page 1 An Exclusive Hotel, hospital, Commercial & Industrial Supplier Corporate office: Building #M78/1,Merul Badda, Dhaka Factory Address: Nayeb Market, Tangail Road, Chandona, Chowrasta, Joydebpur,Gazipur Web :

2 COMPANY PROFILE: BASIC INFORMATION OF UNIONE GENERAL INFORMATION Company Name : UNIONE Engineering & Technology. Corporate office : Building #M78/1, Merul Badda, Dhaka, Cell: , Factory Address : Nayeb Market, Tangail Road, Chandona, Chowrasta, Joydebpur,Gazipur. WORKFORCE : 3 Offices Dedicated. 3 Professional Engineers 4 Technicians 6 Asst. Technicians 12 Work Assistant 3 Professional Managers 2 qualified management team Nature of Business : Import, Supply & Service. Year of Establishment : 2017 Status of Firm : Private Company Company Documents : Trade License no : Company Tin : Registration Of Firms: P-41319/2018 VAT : BIN : Page 2

3 ABOUT US UNIONE Engineering & Technology has been borne in 2017 as a private company. UNIONE Engineering & Technology is registered company based on Bangladesh. We are providing a wide range of Engineering products and services aimed at the Residential, commercial and industrial project. Our company is a highly innovative technology company, which specializes in the design, installation, commissioning & maintenance of total solutions especially for Air Conditioner, Kitchen equipment, laundry equipment, fire control system, Generator, substation supply, installation & service sector. UNIONE SUPPLY & SERVICE is one of the well known and reputable companies that lead the sector through operation in all need to luxurious hotel & Hospitality industry. Our company provides hotel, hospital, industry, marine equipment, spare parts & numerous services. UNIONE serves every customer, for every demand in almost related with engineering & technology. Our experience has a new reason to serve you. (UNIONE) CORPORATE LEADERSHIP: BOARD OF DIRECTORS : The Board of Directors determines the orientation of the Company s operation and sees to their implementation. They are competent for handling and deciding upon any matters regarding the company s good running. UNIONE is controlled by an active and dynamic directors who form the board convey a wealth of relevant experience, intelligent counsel, and mighty passion for their critical role. CEO : Mohammad Anwar Hossain (Marine Engineer) Company Philosophy: Our objective is to provide a solid platform of products and services that we offer to our customers. That includes; Sound operational and logistics expertise Technical support and back up Page 3

4 Our philosophy is to develop our organization within the framework of a spirited and intimate company mentality. This enables us to be agile and respond quickly to customers needs. With continued dedication from our team of employees from our wide network of business functions, we strive to nurture cordial relationships and maintain a positive will do attitude. The leading products and services provided by UNIONE Engineering & Technology Are recognized by Supply & Service. Purpose: To be a leader in this industry by providing enhanced services, relationship and profitability. Vision: To provide quality products, services that exceeds the expectations of our esteemed customers. Mission: Statement: To build a long term relationships with our customers and provide exceptional customer services by pursuing business through fulfill the dateline and commitments. Core Values: We believe in treating our customers with respect and faith. We grow through customer satisfaction, reality and innovation. We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning. Goals: Regional expansion in the field of property management and develop a strong base of key customers. Increase the assets and investments of the company to support the development of services to build good reputation in this field and property management and become a key player in the industry. UNIONE Engineering & Technology have the following extensive product range are exclusively supply as per customer every required and needs. SUPPLY ITEMS IN HOTEL & INDUSTRY: 1. Generator, Substation. 2. Air Condition 3. Kitchen Equipment 4. Laundry Equipment 5. Fire Fighting Equipment 6. CC Camera, IP Camera &DVR 7. Steam Sauna Machineries 8. Spa Massage Bed, Salon Massage Chair & Massage Oil 9. Door Lock, Switch Socket, Db Box 10. Cleaning Equipment & Cleaning Chemical 11. Room Service Item, Mattress 12. Industrial Lubricating, Synthetic, Mineral, Hydraulic, Thermal Oil & Greases 13. Textile Machineries spare parts & all type belts Page 4

5 COMPANY PROFILE: TEAM AND MANAGEMENT OF UNIONE ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY UNIONE Engineering & Technology is managed by an experienced and leadership team. MOST of the members of our team developed their management skills and were involved in building UNIONE Engineering & Technology with an appropriate approach. Our business leaders combine strategic, operational, financial experience with extensive relationships and expertise within Hospitality Industry. Our efficient and aggressive team of employees helps to assist the clients in best possible manner. A well-managed team of Sales, Purchase, Finance, and HR Executives has built their skills & Knowledge through their capabilities & determination towards Engineering & services Limited and its Customer. We sincerely believe that excellent management & manpower is the foundation of our successful business and we are also determined to derive optimum value from our manpower capabilities. Our Professional directors work round-the-clock in different areas comprising Product, Marketing, Contracts Execution, After-sales Service, Quality Control as well as Finance and Customer Supports, according to their respective area of specialization and core competence. As a company, we understand the need of quality. We never compromise with Quality of Product to deliver the customer and our valuable clients, we efficiently deliver affordable and quality products from inception of design to after-sales support with continual improvement in meeting customer s satisfaction. *****Customers satisfy is our continuous goal ***** Page 5

6 UNIONE Engineering & Technology have the following extensive product range are exclusively supply as per customer every required and needs. A. Kitchen Equipment Supplies : 1. Cooking Range Gas Cooking Ranges, Griddle Plate, (Gas/Electric) Hot Top, Oven with Open Burner, (2,3,4) Pasta Cooker, Fry Top (Gas & Electric), Boiling Pan, Gas Steamer Cabinet with Blower, Combo Oven (Gas/Electric), Convection Steamer Oven (Gas/Electric) Micro, Baking Oven. 2. Cold Kitchen Upright chiller, Upright Freezer, under counter Chiller, under counter Freezer, Cold Display Showcase Walk in Chiller/ Freezer Bottle Coolers. Page 6

7 3. Dishwashing Area Under counter Glass Washer Under counter Dish Washer Hood Type Dish Washer Conveyor Dish Washer Dishwasher Inlet Outlet Table Trays Washing Machine Utensils Washing Machine. 4. Preparation & Cutting Gravity Feed Slicers, Meat Cutter Bone Saws, Meat Mincers & Slicers, Vegetable Slicers, Bone Saw Machine, Vegetable Washer & Peeler, Blenders, Soup Kettle, Extractor, Plate, Glass, Cutlery, Tray& Rack. Page 7

8 v. Bakery Equipment s Bakery Oven, Bread Slicer, Dough Sheeter /Mixer/Divider, Planetary Mixer, Planetary Mixer, Rotary Rack Oven, Cold Display Counter, Gas & Electric Fryer, Griller/Char/Char Rock Boiler, Ice Cube Machine, Juice Dispenser. vi. Warmer Chafing Dish(Roll Top/Lift Up), Chafing Dish Fuel, Electric Soup Warmer, Rice Cooker, Rice Warmer, Spoon, Fork, Knife, Ice Bucket, Beverage Glass, Liqueur Glass, Dessert Glass, Wine Glass, Glass Bowl, Glass Plate Page 8

9 COMPANYPANYPROFILE: PRODUCT RANGE OFUNIONEENGINEERING&& TECHNOLOGY vii. Bar Supplies Bottle Bracket, Coffee Machine, Coffee Grinder/Brewer, Multi cup Coffee Dispenser, Juice Extractor, Juicer, Milk Shaker, Ice Crusher Machine, Cocktail Shaker, Cocktail Strai, Ice Cube & Flake Ice Machine. viii. Hotel Amenities Supplies Hair Dryer, Bath rug, Shower curtain, Slippers, Soap Dish, Dustbin, Tissue Box, Wooden/Plastic Hanger, etc., Facial Bar, Body Bar, Bath Salts, Body Scrub, Hand & Body Lotion, Bath &Shower Gel, Sanitary Bag, Shave Set, Dental Kit, etc. Shampoo, Conditioning Milk, Shoe Sponge, Shower Cap, Grooming Kit, Shower Curtain, Bath Tub, Room Service Trolley, Signage Page 9

10 3. Hotel Room Security & mattress: Guest Room Lock, Room Safe, Electro Magnetic Card, Room Security Software. Page 10

11 Laundry Machine Supplies: Dry Cleaning Machine, Washer Extractor, Electric Steam Boilers, Topper, Flatwork Ironer, Foam Finisher, High-Speed Washing Machine, Pressing Machine, Tumble Dryer, Vacuum Ironing Board, Vertical Dry Set Vacuums Page 11

12 B. Air condition, spare parts & accessories: solenoid coil & valve Elevator air condition Indoor drain pump Freon gas VRF PCB BOARD SERVICING Page 12

13 CC, IP, Camera & accessories: Page 13

14 Generator, Substation, Panel Board, DB Board & Other Accessories: Page 14

15 Industrial oil & Grease: We supply Lubricating Oil, Synthetic, and Mineral Based Lubricating Oil, Thermal oil for boiler. Our supply products: 1. Power G Plus (Sae-40 Gas Engine oil) 2. Diesel super (15W-40CL-4) 3. Hydraulic Oil 68,46,32, 4. HVI Hydraulic Oil Ind. Gear Oil-220,320, Thermo Oil Transformer Oil -32 Import Nines 8. Spindle Oil 32 for swing machine Oil 9. Compressor Oil-100, EP-2 Grease 11. High temperature grease 12. HD 40/50 Engine Oil Page 15

16 We supply textile machineries all type spare parts, Bearing, accessories & belt, pinion. Page 16

17 We are happy to serve project design & project consultancy and on call machinery fault finding and trouble shooting. We are also happy to serve exclusively as a broker, finding buyers and negotiating the best price. Or we can take charge of the entire process managing your project and handling the required procedures, all the practicalities and the delivery itself. Our workshops & our technical team are fully equipped with modern devices and necessary materials to provide repair services, maintenance and reconditioning facilities to our client,24/7 on every single day of the year. All fabrication works are personally managed and handled by our joint alliance skilled workmen as we take pride to ensure that all repaired or fabricated items do not require a rework or refitting. In the business world, no one can see their business small rather than to improve day to day. We would like to thanks our honorable wisher client for spending your valuable time to watch our company profile and understand our company. If you have any question about our product & service. Please feel free to contact with us. Web : Phone: , Page 17