MAKING MODERN LIVING POSSIBLE. Danfoss Floor Heating. For any imaginable application We have you covered

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1 MAKING MODERN LIVING POSSIBLE Danfoss Floor Heating For any imaginable application We have you covered 75 years of experience in heating control Danfoss is your dedicated floor heating partner and your onestop provider for top performing solutions and superior support.

2 New build? Renovation? Large project or small? Let s talk. 1 provider for all floor heating needs From quotation to hand over, Danfoss has you covered. Danfoss Floor Heating can provide all the products and tools you need from a single source. With Danfoss at your side, you can rest assured that the job will progress smoothly and efficiently. Our top-quality products meet all your customers needs while also effortlessly integrating with each other. This ensures easy and hassle-free installation as well as reliable, low-energy performance. Whatever size of project you re working on. 1 and 2 family houses Multi-family houses Light commercial buildings

3 distribution for any application With over 75 years of experience in this sector, Danfoss offers an extensive range of high-performance and versatile floor heating solutions for any type of application from single rooms in private homes to office complexes or public buildings. Whatever your project demands, we have the products and tools to make it happen and the service and logistics backup to ensure that you meet your deadlines and budget. On the following pages, you will find an overview of some of our most popular systems and solutions. If you have any specific questions or queries, please feel free to get in touch. Compact Mixing Shunt + FHF Manifold with flow indicators and unique presetting valves that ensure quick and easy hydronic balancing. Compact Mixing Shunt with 3-Speed UPS pump + BasicPlus Manifold with Danfoss RA connection On/Off control valve.

4 control for any ambition Danfoss Link wireless system Danfoss Link can control both floor heating, heat recovery ventilation, heatpumps or radiator thermostats in combined or stand-alone systems using the same controller. The controller has an intuitive touchscreen and access point for all your heating systems. An agile and flexible solution that is also ideal for retrofit projects. CF2 + wireless system The Danfoss CF2 + is a unique floor heating control system for all heating and cooling applications specially designed to reduce installation time. CF2 + offers advanced functionality for every need, e.g. four different thermostats, including the infrared floor sensor for optimal comfort, heatpump bypass function and more. Hardwired systems The FH-Wx is a standard hardwired control system with a built-in pump relay, public thermostat and the possibility to select a wired floor sensor. The BasicPlus (FH-CWx) is a stand-alone thermostat that is available in dial, display or programmable display versions and an optional floor sensor. Danfoss Link system CF2 + system FH-Wx hardwired system Enjoy the benefits of the CF2 + intelligent infrared floor sensor. FH-CWx hardwired thermostats The classic FHV A well-proven solution for single room control with the original Danfoss thermostat.

5 pipes for any installation Floor heating pipes Danfoss FH pipes are available in both classic full-plastic and high-performance composite formats. Both types of pipe are multilayered and have an oxygen barrier. The PE-RT material ensures that the pipes remain flexible in all weather and working conditions. SpeedUp heat panels The SpeedUp system without screed is based on heat panels that offer superior and super fast response time and an installation process that is more comfortable than ever. Simply lay the SpeedUp heating panels across the entire floor. The panels can be adjusted in size to fit even the tightest corners. Danfoss Pipes SpeedUp Heat Panels BasicClip Basic screed systems Danfoss offers a sophisticated range of screed-based systems. Our three systems BasicGrip, BasicClip and BasicRail are all ideally suited for new buildings and renovation projects. BasicRail All Basic systems are low-height screed systems that are easy and simple to install. All Basic systems are made up of panels with an overlap function. This ensures that impact sound is minimized. BasicGrip

6 get started try our online tool Our online QuickPlanner dimensioning program enables you to calculate the correct specifications for your floor heating project in just minutes. Enter a few basic details and QuickPlanner will give you all necessary information regarding system design, product selection and commissioning. This innovative tool provides invaluable support in both the tendering and implementation phases: Fast and accurate dimensioning of your floor heating system Create a shopping list using QuickPlanner as a product selection tool Create a system report with valve pre-settings and pressure loss Prepare for your job quickly and professionally using an online tool that is always available VBUHW202