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1 Green Bay Auctions Catalogue 1.00pmSale Wednesday, February 20, 2019 Folio No.: Feb1903 Items must be picked up and paid for by 4.00pm Thursday. GBA accepts no responsibility for goods left after this time. 1 Lawnmower (for repair) 1 46 Pliers 1 2 Lawnmower 1 47 Compression Tester Stroke Lawnmower 1 48 Mini Vice & Number Punches 1 4 Lawnmower 1 49 Pair of Beer Bottle Clocks 1 5 Vintage Hotel Porters Trolley 1 50 Torque Wrench 1 6 Salamander Cooker 1 51 Jigsaw 1 7 Gasmate BBQ with Gas Bottle Cans Carpet Dye 1 8 Chiller Box 1 53 Battery Drills 1 9 Tarpaulin and PVC Cans Metal Protector 1 10 Ammo Box and Tools 1 55 Sander 1 11 Table Legs 1 56 Binoculars 1 12 Garden Chipper 1 57 Driver Kit 1 13 Gas Bottle 1 58 Socket Set 1 14 Seaflite Batboggan 1 59 Hitachi Battery Drill 1 15 Scroll Saw 1 60 Steel Cap Work Boots 1 16 Mastic Gun 1 61 Steel Cap Work Boots Pick Heads 1 62 Saws 1 18 Waterblaster 1 63 Tools 1 19 Steel Cap Work Boots 1 64 Socket Set 1 20 Steel Cap Work Boots 1 65 Cleaner 1 21 Axe 1 66 Makita Battery Drill 1 22 Tarpaulin 1 67 Vice 1 23 Axe & Pruning Saw 1 68 Steel Cap Work Boots 1 24 Steel Cap Work Boots 1 69 Steel Cap Work Boots 1 25 Steel Cap Work Boots 1 70 Car Jack Cast Iron Pans 1 71 Toolkit 1 27 Chisels & Drills 1 72 Steamer 1 28 Spanners 1 73 Gas Ring 1 29 Aquarium Pump 1 74 Toolkit & Drill 1 30 Chainsaw 1 75 Box of Tools 1 31 Chainsaw 1 76 Hardware 1 32 Battery Hedgetrimmer 1 77 Jump Starter 1 33 Hot Water Cylinder 1 78 Clamp 1 34 Brass Bell 1 79 Waterblaster 1 35 Cast Iron Casserole 1 80 Fishing Rod 1 36 Sparkplug Cabinet 1 81 Mono Flipper 1 37 Power Saw 1 82 Surface Grinder & Other 1 38 Watering Can 1 Engineering Equipment 39 Brass Scales 1 83 Steel Cap Work Boots Workshop Lights 1 84 Steel Cap Work Boots 1 41 Jig Saw 1 85 Concrete Cleaner 1 42 Paint Stripper 1 86 Concrete Cleaner 1 43 Battery Charger 1 87 Concrete Cleaner 1 44 Grill 1 88 Concrete Cleaner 1 45 Sander 1 89 Concrete Cleaner 1 Green Bay Auctions Page 1 of 6

2 90 Concrete Cleaner Fridge Freezer 1 91 Concrete Cleaner Large Chopping Board 1 92 Concrete Cleaner Large Kauri Chopping Board 1 93 Stone Cleaner Fridge Freezer 1 94 Stone Cleaner Pair of Aluminium Scaffolding 1 95 Stone Cleaner 1 Planks 96 Stone Cleaner Chest Freezer 1 97 Concrete Cleaner Leadlight Window 1 98 Concrete Cleaner Aluminium Ladder 1 99 Concrete Cleaner Aluminium Ladder Concrete Cleaner Aluminium Ladder Concrete Cleaner Aluminium Ladder Bar Mirror Large Framed Print Motor Vehicle Related Shirts Lampbase Spraygun Double Extension Aluminium 1 Ladder 105 Plane Metal Trunk Ali Ladder Toolbox Double Extension Aluminium 1 Ladder 108 Table Tennis Table Aluminium Scaffolds Vintage Garden Bench Pair of Aluminium Scaffolds Pair of Spider Plants Shelving Units Bench Ends Oil on Canvas Garden Gate Blue & White China BBQ Torches Duck Collectables Garden Pot Retro Lamp Bench Ends Chinese Pottery Fishermen Bench Ends Compact, Paperweight and Vase Bench Ends Blue & White Ornaments Cat Garden Ornament Retro Wall Unit Plants and Planters Anglepoise Lamp Large Crate Pr Prints Patio Lounger Pr Carved Sailors Beach Umbrella African Carved Panel Patio Chairs & Side Table Pr Ethnic Carvings Piece Lounge Suite Doll and Pram Ratrod Bike High Chair Underground Lowrider Bike Retro Mirror Slab Coffee Table Box Tshirts Potted Plant Box Jigsaw Puzzles Wind Chimes Box Asst Gas Ring Cooker Dvds Oil Abstract Chatfield Box Asst Retro Print Bay Lot Washing Machine (safety issues) Stool & Cane Basket Framed Print Phone Screen Protectors Dryer Dolls Dryer Fabric Dryer Collectables Candlestand DeWalt Toolbox Mirror Bag, Shoes & Wallpaper Washing Machine Frames, Mirror and Print Washing M/c Box Christmas 1 Green Bay Auctions Page 2 of 6

3 192 LPs SS Tub Waterfall Motion Picture Bay Asst Box Vases Ceramic Top Stove (needs Box of Toys 1 service) 196 Frames Folding Bed Frame Wallpapering Trough Gas Heater with full Bottle Box of Xmas WorkBench Fabric Oil Pump Retro Fabrics Oil Pump Toys Oil Pump Chandelier Oil Pump Tin Space Rocket Elf Oil Sign Framed Poster Copenhagen Electric Scooter (af) Retro Light Box Bandages Toys Box Asst Hot Wheels Set Box Bandages Hot Wheels Set Garden Hoses Hot Wheels Set HiViz Clothing Ind Lights (working) Needlecraft Kits Comical Guitar Panton Flower Pot Lamps Ind Lights (working) Bottles Stone Cleaner Fire Screen Garage Gear Coal Bucket Metal Filing Drawers Large Whiskey Bottles Jam Pan Paint Brushes Kenwood Mixer Bottles HairGel Food Processor Box Rulers Neva Spill Bowls Bottles Molasses Dehumidifier Bottles Molasses Garment Steamer Bottles Molasses Dehumidifier Needlecraft Kits Designer Standing Lamp (af) Glass Bottles Vacuum Staplers, Punch and Calculator Coffee Brewers Box Pens Benchtop Cooker Bottles Molasses Happymorefreshyourlife Bottles Molasses Frypan Bottles Molasses Sewing M/c Box Asst Breadmaker and Heater Set of Boules Knives Needlecraft Kits Vacuum Castors Vacuum Boxes Bottles Bucket Brushes Garage Gear Box Asst Box of Tools Coffee Brewers Shoes Tarpaulins Leather Satchel and 4 Hats Dyson Vac Silicone Lube Vac Submersible Pump Projector Screen Fridge Freezer (needs re-gas) Office Chair Box Lighting Parts Trestle Table Tools Filing Cabinet Copper Fireside Stool Filing Cabinet W/Shop Bin on Castors 1 Green Bay Auctions Page 3 of 6

4 296 Commercial Wet/Dry Vac Box Asst Garden Shredder (safety issue) Box Asst Shelves Box Asst Camping bunks Box Asst Dehumidifier Collectables Box Korus Box Asst Shoes Box Asst Dehumidifier CDs and Stand Cuckoo Clock Golden Homes s Box Books Collectables Box Books Lego Box Asst Marbles Electrical Art Glass Bowl Box China LPs Box Asst Box Costume Glassware Collectables Box Asst Collectables Kitchenware Bisque Figures Dinnerware Murray Ball Lot Mikasa Dinnerset LPs Linen LPs Collectable China Longines Watch Box Collectors Books Yesteryear Model Frames and Prints B/w Planter Books Post Office Moneybox Books Salad Bowl Musical Decanter LPs Vintage Books Crystal Lot DVDS Collectors Spoons Vintage Table Cloths Chinese Porcelain Lot Bottles Naval Binoculars Dinnerware Retro Thermos Collectables Trinket Boxes and Contents Box Asst Japanese Duos Books German Candlestand Coasters LPs Books and Annuals Vintage Prints Collectable China Poster & Mammy Notepad Box Asst 1 Holder 387 Glassware Art Glass Vase Glasses Pr Framed Tapestries Glassware Oil Painting - Helen Keen Box Asst Bays of Asst Glassware Collectables Collectable Pottery Collectables Box Bottles Box Crystal Books Box Asst EP Collectable China Collectables Cutlery and Ep Vintage Lighting Box Asst Glasses Collectables Collectables Card Table 1 Green Bay Auctions Page 4 of 6

5 400 Collectables Retro Prints Glass Top Side Table Laptop Stand Trunk & Ottoman Retro Display Stand Glass Top Coffee Table Framed Pen Dawing Collectables Student Desk Collectables Mid Century Bowl Table Collectables Francisco Goya Print Box Asst Coffee Table Box Asst Vintage Rimu Partners Desk Bottles Seagrass Chair Collectables Kids Rocking Coolie Chair Box Asst Table & 3 Chairs Collectable Glassware Chairs Box Collectables Lowboy Frames and Prints Desk Box Vases Kiddys Bike Collectable Pottery Pr Rimu Cabs Frames Prints etc Drinks Trolley Collectable Pottery Prints Retro Collectables Single Divan Bed Collectables Canvas Prints Collectables Chairs Crown Lynn Retro Duralite Table and Four Box of Toys 1 Chairs 424 Hats Mid Century Italian Coat Rack C/lynn Etc Pr Deco Chrome Chairs Rug Boys Bike Rug Table Lamps Cane Basket Karlsson Clock Pair of Bedside Cabinets s Drawer Lowboy Stereo (af) Queen Size Bed Breadmaker Art Lot TVNZ Camera Bag Sheepskins Picnic Hamper Frames & Prints Watercolour Desk & Chair Toys Baby Stroller Box Asst Computer Trolley Box Asst Folding Bed Fabric Stepstool Box Asst Drawer Student Desk Surgery lamps Childs Bed Fabric Pr Dolls Hand Carved Tribesmen Coolie Chair FunHo Dump Truck Retro Office Chair Trinket Drawers Decorative Wall Mirror Deco Lamp Decorative Wall Mirror Pair of Bookends Carved Side Table Model Horse Sideboard Horse Ornament Retro Shade Blue Mountain Bowl Ikea Shelf Studio Lamp Ikea Shelf Ghetto Blaster TV 1 Green Bay Auctions Page 5 of 6

6 504 TV (freeview box not incl) Scales Bugatti Coffee Machine & Cups Vintage Record Player Escalado Collectables C/Lynn Trios Commemorative Coins Panasonic Camera Collectables All Black Medallions Cameras Trinketbox and Contents Perfume Bottles Cast Iron Ware Toy Cop Car Track Cassette Player Box Cameras Art Glass Candleholders Bongos Costume Jewellery Movie Posters Clock Stereo Sound Mixer Boxes Morris and James Plaque Movie Posters Surround Sound System Vintage Toys Bowls Framed Portrait Prints Pr JVC Speakers Zombie Signs Collectables Boxes Strawberry Tea Mad Mags Warhammer Toys London News Etc LAST LOT FOR 1PM AUCTION PM AUCTION STARTS AT Green Bay Auctions Page 6 of 6