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1 Winter Issue 2011 UM80S WALL MOUNT SOLVENT SPRAY GUN CLEANER FOR MANUAL CLEANING CLEANING BECOMES FAST AND EASY» Solvent under high pressure flows, at the press of a button, to thoroughly clean the paint passage in less than 30 seconds.» The outside of the gun can be cleaned with a Flow- through Brush and dried with a Blow Gun (both included).» Locating the compact UM80S inside the spray booth saves time because the gun can remain connected to the air line and the painter can remain in the booth; the paint channel is flushed while the paint is still "wet".» For use with solvent based paints only. For use in the spray booth or in the general shop area.» Ideal for cleaning PPS and other disposable cup adapters. $ MSRP $ UG110 AUTOMATIC WASH Cleans 1 Spray Gun and Cup using Wash Timer 9 Swirl Action Jets Tank Size 12.5 x 12 x 13.5 (WDH ) MSRP $ Offer Good 12/1/11-2/29/12 $725.00

2 Congratulations to Bruce Sorensen Jr. of Everson, WA. for being the grand prize winner of $2, in the My American Materpiece Contest! His submitted entry was this cool 1952 Chevy Truck! Paint lines PG's fine-structured crepe backing sets the standard, ensuring overall sharp breaklines. Transfer resistance PG's top quality adhesive and backing delivers superior transfer and tear resistance. Provides clean removal under a variety of conditions. Always a sharp paint edge. Highly conformable and flexible Cornering Nothing handles curves better than PG! Its extreme conformability and increased elongation provide smooth handling. Excellent for die cutting and custom jobs. UV resistant Solvent resistant Perfect choice for wet sanding Contact your local American Tape Distributor For Great Pricing! PG1855 ¾ Equivalent PG Equivalent PG3655 1½ Equivalent PG Equivalent The American Brand Better Solutions That s the American Way! Special Value Sharp color separation on curves or straight lines Clean removal; residue free UV resistant up to three days Resists bleed through AM1855 ¾ Equivalent AM Equivalent AM3655 1½ Equivalent AM Equivalent Contact your local American Tape Distributor For Sample & Great Pricing!

3 Performance Why Use Tork Performance Products! Easy cleaning & maintenance Protects product One-at-a-time dispensing for controlled consumption Lockable Dispensers for folded wipers (W4) SKU Description System Color Dispenser Size H x W x D (Inches) A Top-Pak Dispenser W4 Red/Smoke x x 8.11 (39.40 x x cm) Description System Color/Pattern Ply Sheet Size L x W (Inches) Wipers/Pack A Tork Advanced Wiper, 440, Top Pak W4 Blue x 16.4 (32.54 x cm) Tork Premium Multipurpose Cloth, 520, Top-Pak W4 Grey 1 15 x 16.5 (38.10 x cm) A Tork Premium Multipurpose Cloth, 530, Top Pak W4 White x 15.2 (42.80 x cm) 100 Premium Specialist Cloth - Precision Cleaning wiper is strong, durable and reusable. This soft, premium-quality wiper is perfect for surface preparation and cleaning. One of our strongest wipers and they're virtually lint free. This product contains 100% synthetic and virgin fibers. Advanced Multipurpose Wipes A Soft, low lint material Strong enough to wipe down oil, grease and solvents Thick, cloth-like construction is highly absorbent 2 Rolls / Case Wipers / Case / Box / Box $45.00 / Case HB1995 Tork Universal Perforated Towel Roll Tork Universal perforated roll towels have high-bulk, 2-ply construction that maximizes absorbency for superior spill holding power using fewer towels. It's ideal for cleaning and wiping all surfaces. his super strong towel holds together even on tough jobs. 210 count gives you twice the towels. TM1630S Tork Advanced Bath Tissue Roll Tork Advanced, a soft and absorbent 2-ply bath tissue tells the user that you care about their comfort. Handsomely embossed it enhances bulk and softness. Each roll is elegantly wrapped ensuring sanitary protection. 12 Rolls / Case 48 Rolls / Case

4 New Waterborne Paint Technology Requires Clean, Dry Contaminant-Free Air! RTi s Advanced Desiccant System For Top of the Line Finishes Requiring Perfect Air Consistent -40 F Dew Point & 0% CAH No desiccant maintenance for 3 years Pre-filter removes water, dirt & oil (removes all oil mist) Final filter removes desiccant dust One gun system (PERF-25) & Two gun system (PERF-50) The best system for shops spraying waterborne finishes Helps Eliminate Die Back Wrinkling Poor Durability Clouding Orange Peel Blushing Fish Eyes We are now offering high quality, lightweight aluminum piping and accessories to compliment our PerfecT Air line! Easy to install, easy to change, no welding needed, this system helps reduce installation time and labor costs. A wide variety of accessories are available, making installation a breeze: Stock in ¼ - 1 ½, other sizes are available. Call for delivery information! Call for a free quote today! Straight unions Elbows and tees Reducing tees Quick assembling brackets Flex hoses Couplers...and more!

5 UM80WF WALL MOUNT SPRAY GUN CLEANER WITH WASTE WATER TREATMENT BY FLOCCULATION FEATURES: Waste water treatment system built in. Cleaning tools - nozzle for cleaning paint passage, pad to clean cap, flow-through brush to clean exterior of gun and blow bun to dry paint passage and exterior. Air supply whip line included. Non-corrosive stainless steel cleaning tank. Powered by Uni-ram's dual diaphragm pump. MSRP $ FREE set of filters with qualifying purchase, just mail in completed product voucher. $37.00 Value! $ UM120W MANUAL SPRAY GUN CLEANER WITH WASTE WATER TREATMENT BY FLOCCULATION EQUIPPED WITH CLEANING TOOLS TO EFFECTIVELY CLEAN PAINT FROM THE SPRAY GUN Wash gun delivers high pressure water to clean the paint channel. Flow-through brush removes paint from the outside of the gun. Air gun dries the spray gun and a spray out verifies a clean paint channel. MSRP $ FREE 1 COAG-KLEEN Flocculent, 1 AQUA-KLEEN Paint Gun Cleaner concentrate *PLUS* 1 set of filters with qualifying purchase, just mail in completed product voucher. $ Value! COAG-KLEEN FP FLOCCULENT GRANULES FOR WATERBORNE PAINT Heater Sold Separately $ WATER HEATER FOR WATERBORNE SPRAYGUN CLEANER BENEFITS: Cleaning with warm water speeds cleaning of waterborne spray guns and allows for easier removal of hardened paint. For use with Uni-ram s waterborne spray gun cleaners - model UM120W, UG5000W, UA400W, UG7500W and UG7500WF MSRP $ UWHLEX $ AQUA-KLEEN PGC CONCENTRATED CLEANER FOR WATERBORNE PAINT AQUA-KLEEN PGC is used with a manual or automatic spray gun cleaner to effectively wash waterborne paint from spray guns. Mix 1 container of AQUA-KLEEN PGC concentrate with 5 gal (20 L) of water Selector Knob AQUA-KLEEN Spray Gun Cleaner Concentrate $55.00 Electric Cord Aluminum Pail COAG-KLEEN FP, flocculent, removes the absorbed waste paint solids from water that has been used to clean spray guns. The clean recovered water can be reused several times before disposal. The separated paint waste, when dry, is then disposed of in accordance with local regulations Primary Mesh Filter bag $ Secondary Felt Filter bag $ COAG-KLEEN Flocculent Granules (2 kg.) $60.00

6 UR700QVAC CONTROL PANEL FOR UR700QVAC Cartridge Filter (second stage) TWO STAGE FILTER Outer Filter Bag (first stage) Two operators can work at same time - each hose is 16 ft, power cord is 20 ft. Features Shown on Control Panel For UR700QVAC Automatic Switch: ON / OFF control at sander automatically turns vacuum on and off. Manual: Turns Vacuum on and off, manual override. Motor: Select single or dual (2) vacuum motors, single = 1,000 W and dual =2,000 W. Maximum decibel rating at 2,000 W is 70 db. Variable Power: Power consumption and sound can be reduced at each motor setting when maximum power is not required. Electrical Outlet Voltage: 120 V. 60 Hz. for UR700QVAC 240 V 50 / 60 Hz for UR700QVACH Stainless steel drum construction (12 Gal, 47 L) capacity. Can be used as a wet vac with optional kit - part number Vacuum Pressure: 99 inh2o Dimensions 41 h x 31 w x 21 d Weight 66 lb / 30 kg MSRP $ $ Both filters are easy to replace FREE 6 Orbital Sander with qualifying purchase, just mail in completed product voucher. $ Value! Mail-In Product Voucher Please use checklist below. Incomplete form and/ or missing information will result in the rejection or delay of your claim. I have included: A fully completed claim form showing a valid serial number A copy of sales invoice showing model, and date of purchase NOTE: If any of the items above is missing, the form will NOT be processed. Company or Personal Name Address City, State, Zip Code Phone No. Model No. Serial No. Qualifying Purchase: UM80WF UM120W, UA400W, UG7500W, UG7500WF, UG5000W UR700QVAC Qualifying Item Primery Filter Bag, Secondary Filter Bag $37.00 Value. End-User Promotion Term & Conditions 1. This offer only applies to qualifying products purchased during the promotional period (December 1, February 29, 2012). 2. Redeemed Voucher must include a valid serial number. As proof of purchase a copy of sales invoice MUST be attached to voucher. Please use separate forms for multiple purchases. 3. Uni-ram is not responsible for claims lost or delayed in the mail. Please keep copies of vouchers submitted. 4. Please mail completed form to: ATTN. CUSM Promotion Uni-ram Corporation 275 Cooper Ave. Suite 118 Tonawanda, NY Uni-ram reserves the right to change any or all conditions of this promotion at any time without notice. We reserve the right to request additional information to substantiate sales invoices and serial numbers. We declaim liability for errors, omissions, or future changes. 6. Please allow 6-8 weeks to process your voucher. Qualifying Item Aqua Kleen Concentrate, Coag-Kleen Flocculent, Primary Filter Bag, Secondary Filter Bag $ Value. Qualifying Item - FPSANDER 6" Orbital Sander $ Value. If you have any questions regarding this voucher program - Contact: Central U.S. Marketing

7 Our new HYBRID technology utilizes our superior atomizing technology incorporating the best of HVLP technology with the speed of our compliant guns to create the revolutionary HYBRID LS400H. The HYBRID LS400H Supernova is compliant with HVLP legislation since we can maintain 10 psi dynamic pressure at the aircap while increasing speed and productivity. The HYBRID LS400H still maintains the overall superiority of the original LS400 and is available in two configurations; the Gold aircap for coarse atomization and the Platinum aircap for fine atomization. PERFORMANCE The SUPERNOVA delivers a consistent droplet size when atomizing which combined with the flat even pattern helps reduce common application issues. All SUPERNOVA guns are equipped with stainless steel fluid passages ideal for any type of material, solvent borne or water borne. LS400H Basecoat LS400H Clearcoat Model Gun Only HVLP-Hybrid Coarse Atomization PCG600P-2 600ml Plastic #6039 PCG7D-2 700ml Alum #6032D PCG10E-2 Air Cap # Inside Air 1000ml Alum Cap (PSI) #6038 Nozzle mm (inch) Atomizing PSI CFM Fluid ml/min Pattern mm (inch) Weight g (lbs) LS ( ) (11.00) LS LS LS BASECOAT / COARSE GOLD (10 PSI) 1.3 ( ) 1.4 ( ) (11.40) (11.80) 423 (0.93) LS ( ) (12.20) HVLP-Hybrid Fine Atomization 03 Aircap HVLP-Hybrid Test Gauge Part #2976 L S (0.043) (11.00) L S LS CLEARCOAT / 1.3 (0.051) LS FINE PLATINUM (10 PSI) 1.4 (0.055) (11.40) 300 (11.80) 423 (0.93) L S (0.059) (12.20) 04 Aircap HVLP-Hybrid Test Gauge Part #2977 AZ3 HV 2 HVLP Gravity Spray Gun LPH80 HVLP miniature spray gun LPH80 HVLP miniature center post spray gun is designed for a variety spraying situations. Spray patterns ranging from 1.6 inch round pattern to a full 5.5 inch fan pattern the LPH80 is ideal for large backgrounds, spot repair, blending, shading and touch-up. Low operating air pressure and low 1.8 CFM allow the LPH80 to be run with small air compressor, perfect for mobile repair. The 102G/122G's E2 air cap is inspired by the fine atomizing technology of the LPH50. The 104G/124G's new E4 air cap creates finer, wider and flat pattern. Fine finish polished body Smooth polished surface makes it easier to clean Ergonomic gun design New trigger and ergonomic grip shape to relieve stress on painting Light weight & well balanced body Gun head g lighter than previous model Improved AKULON cup Improved paint cup with multi thread construction AZ3HV2 An affordable center post gravity HVLP spray gun. Model Nozzle Pattern PSI Gun CFM& Usage Size Width (in.) Cup # AZ3HV2-13GC Sealer AZ3HV2-15GC AZ3HV2-18GC AZ3HV2-20GC Sealer Primer HS Primer AZ3HV2 Air Cap Test Gauge Air Cap #All HVLP Models Part #9245 Sstandard Replacement Cup # 9131 Optional Air Control Valve # 8018 Specifications Model Nozzle size mm psi cfm Pattern width inch Air cap model Weight lbs Gun Only # PCG2B-1 (150ml) #6036 Usage LPH80-042G LPH80-062G LPH80-082G LPH80-102G E Spot Repair Graphics Woodwork Hobby (Touch-ups, Shading) LPH80-122G LPH80-104G LPH80-124G E Spot Repair Woodwork (Touch-ups, Shading)

8 MSRP $ Model 500 ProFinisher with 6 velcro pad) Similar Models: 3500, 3501, & Model 600 ProFinisher Intended for use by technicians seeking fast, smooth operation, the 600 is a Value Added sander removal with comfortable low vibration operation. Its reliability and performance makes this a top choice among professionals from all sanding industries. (Model 600H with 6 velcro pad) Similar Models: 3560, 3570 & $ Water Bug III Random Orbit Wet Sander. Based on the lightweight, low profile The Water Bug III offers the ultimate in wet color/ clear sanding prior to buffing. Same ventori driven through the pad water delivery system as the Water Bug II. Comes with Hookit Pad #5246W, # foam interface pad and 20' high pressure water hose. Built-in pad release feature. SANDPAPER SUGGESTION: 6" non-hole film-backed sandpaper. MSRP $ Speed Files professional quality sanding boards for the craftsmen who depend on quality speed files and performance *Model PF-16. Nearly indestructible Cycolac plastic for flexibility and long life. Flat surfaces or curves. Wet or dry sanding. Uses standard 2 3/4 X 17 1/2 sandpaper. Part No $33.69 $ *Model AF-16. Tempered aluminum with cushioned base. Wet or dry sanding. Uses 2 3/4 X 17 1/2 sandpaper. Part No $33.69

9 UNIGRIT ABRASIVES Precise, uniform grit particles for a smooth and even sanding pattern that buffs out in seconds! S61500 S6F1500 S6F3000 UNIGRIT 6" 1500 SANDING DISC UNIGRIT 6" 1500 FOAM FINISHING DISC UNIGRIT 6" 3000 FOAM FINSIHING DISC Meguiars Unigrit Foam Interface Pad, 6-inch #S6FI Meguiars Hand Sanding Pad, 6-inch #S6HP Permanently removes swirls and light defects from all paints. Produces deep reflections and high gloss Smooth-glide buffing feel and fast wipe-off Environmentally responsible, Safe, VOC compliant formula M Gallon M Quart Exclusive, super-micro abrasive technology FEATURES: Ultra-fast cutting removes 1200 grit or finer sanding marks. Super-micro abrasives leave best in class finish. Also great for removing scratches, defects, acid rain and severe swirls/holograms M Gallon M Quart Soft Buff 2.0 Foam Pads Dual layer laminate provides durability and is machine washable Recessed backing for easy centering and curves W7207 SoftBuff 2.0 Cutting Pad Pad Conditioner Brush is engineered in consultation with auto-finishing pros, the pad conditioner brush answers the need for a better way to keep buffing pads in top condition. Ergonomic in-line design and angled head optimize both power and control use right or left handed. Safer long neck and angled grip keep fingers well clear of the spinning pad to prevent skinned knuckles. #WPCW W8207 SoftBuff 2.0 Polishing Pad W9207 SoftBuff 2.0 Finishing Pad Professional Pad Washer is a polisher powered pad washer that cleans and conditions both foam and wool pads quickly and efficiently. The Pad Washer is portable and easily adjusts to fit any pad/buffer combination. #WPW Contact your local Meguiar s distributor for pricing.

10 KEEP THEM CLEAN & CONTAMINATE FREE!» A revolutionary total system, providing a clean-room manufactured strainer, dust-free storage and no touch tab dispensing to ensure each strainer is 100% contamination-free.» Developed to provide the critical increased level of purity required for preparing today s high-tech basecoat clearcoat paint systems.» Endorsed by leading Automotive Paint Manufactures. Central U.S. Marketing Celtic Ct. Mokena, IL Prices subject to change without notice, not responsible for typographical errors in pricing or product description. Call Central U.S. Marketing your factory representative for product demonstration , or your closest jobber.