Keystone Coach Works, Inc. Disaster Response Units DRU-1 & DRU-2

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1 Disaster Response Units DRU-1 & DRU-2

2 Designed as Canteen Function Components Backup Systems Ease of Service

3 Function Section

4 Function Engineered as Canteen Lower Floor Height Wiring Flexibility Driver Friendly Seating for Crew

5 Function Serving Window Interior Height 30 Exterior Height 62 Personal Contact

6 Function Wide Aisle Over 40 Counter to Counter

7 Function True Serving Circle Dru-1 Triangle Stove & Coffee Maker Microwave Serving Window Primary Supply Cabinet

8 Function True Serving Circle DRU-2 Triangle Stove, Coffee & Microwave Refrigerator Serving Window Primary Supply Cabinet

9 Function Meal Prep Area Flip Counter on Both Side Multiple Setups Cargo Tie downs Strap Food Contains Down for Stop & Go Feeding Plenty of Room for Crew to Prepare Meals

10 Function Flexibility

11 Function Flexibility Flip Counters

12 Function Flexibility Flip Counters Multiple Cabinets

13 Function Flexibility Flip Counters Multiply Cabinets Storage Compartments Cargo Tie Downs

14 Function Flexibility Flip Counters Multiply Cabinets Storage Compartments Cargo Tie downs Low Rear Entry Steps Step Bumper is Standard, Hitch Step is option

15 Function Lighting 12 Volts & 110 Interior Exterior

16 Components & Systems Section

17 Specifications Dru-1 Overall length Width. 8 Height Approx Weight lbs Approx Carrying Capacity lbs Fuel Capacity. 37 gal. Fresh Water Capacity 15 gal. Generator Kw 12 Volt Power Converter. 50 amp Roof Top Air Conditioning.. 13,500 BTU Seating Capacity.. 5 Height to Serving Window.. 62 Propane lbs

18 Specifications Dru-2 Overall length 24 8 Width... 8 Height Approx Weight. 10,807 lbs Approx Carrying Capacity.. 3,243 lbs Fuel Capacity gal. Fresh Water Capacity gal. Waste Tank Capacity gal. Hot Water Capacity.. 10 gal. Generator Kw 12 Volt Power Converter amp Roof Top Air Conditioning. 13,500 BTU Seating Capacity. 4 Refrigerator cu ft. Height to Serving Window Propane lbs

19 Audible Visual Warning Equipment Light Bar Cab Mounted 2 Rear Beacons 2 Ocsilazer Lights on Front Bumper V-Con Siren w/pa & 100 Watt Speaker Backup Warning Alarm

20 Components Electrical System Commercial Generator Remote Start/Stop & Hour Meter Switch Properly Sized Generator Sound Insulated Generator Compartment Dru gas power generator Dru gas power generator

21 Electrical System Circuit Panel 5 Interior Outlets 3 Exterior Outlets 1 Interior Outlet on Lighted Switch for Coffee Marker 12v Switches for Interior Lights & Water Pump

22 Electrical System Exterior Shoreline Connector w/cord Automatic Transfer Switch Box 50 amp 12v. Power Converter Auxiliary Battery Isolator for Aux Battery

23 Electrical System Separate Circuit Breakers for 12v System 12v Fuse Panels Switches for 12v Lighting 4 12v Dome Lights 110 Fluorescent Lights Dru-1, bulb Dru-2, bulb

24 Exterior Scene Flood Lights 4 Weldon 12v Scene Lights 2 Kwik-Raze 110v/500w Quartz Flood Lights 2 Halogen 12v Cargo Lights Above Rear Door

25 LPG System 2 20lb Propane Tanks Tie Down Mount for Tanks High Pressure Propane Lines Single Tank Regulator Exterior Compartment Vented Compartment thru Door and Floor

26 Water System DRU-1 15 gal. Fresh Water Tank S.S. Bar Sink w/faucet Single Stage 12v Water Pump Exterior Water Fill Inlet Water Tank Drain Cock

27 Water System DRU-2 46 gal. of Fresh Water 36 gal. Water Tank 10 gal. LPG/110v Hot Water Tank 27 Gallon Waste Tank S.S. Bar Sink w/faucet 3 Bowl S.S. Sink Single Stage 12v Water Pump Exterior Water Fill Inlet City Water Hook-up Water Tank Drain Cock

28 Basic Service Equipment DRU-1 Three Burner LPG Stove Top DRU-2 Castle Brand 4 Burner LPG Stove Top Castle Brand 30 Commercial Griddle

29 Basic Service Equipment Dru-1 Microwave Dru-2 2 Microwave Convection Ovens Refrigerator/Freezer Side by Side 110v/LPG

30 Basic Service Equipment DRU-1 Exterior 10 Awning DRU-2 Exterior 12 Awning Cargo System 3 12 Cargo Belts 5 Track Section Street Side 1 Track Section Curb Side Multi-Function can be used either Horizontal or Vertical

31 Basic Service Equipment 3 Burner Bunn Pour-O-Matic Coffee Marker w/pots

32 Interior Outfitting Stainless Steel Counter Tops Cabinets Plywood Construction w/formica Serving Window 34 x 34 Automotive Safety Glass Aluminum Serving Ledge

33 Interior Outfitting 2 Flip S.S. Counter Tops Install in Rear Cargo Area Dru-1 3 Passenger Seating with Seat Belts Dru-2 2 Passenger Seating with Seat Belts

34 Interior Outfitting Interior Cabinets Curb Side Lower Street Side Upper & Lower Locking T-Handles Storage Bins Large Cabinet with Shelves DRU-1 Road Side View

35 Interior Walls & Flooring Kemlite.060 Lining on 3/8 Plywood Walls, Ceiling Insulation Walls & Ceiling RCA Heavy Duty Rubber Transit Ribbed Flooring Subfloor H.D. 12ga. Steel Floor Plywood Floor DRU-1 Rear View

36 Lettering / Decals Approved Identification Package Installation of Shield Decals Customized Division or City Name (one line of text included) Additional Text, Stripes & Graphics Available for additional cost

37 Air Conditioning & Misc. Coleman Low Profile 110v 13,500 BTU A/C with Heat Strip Class 3 Trailer Hitch Uniden Scanner Radio 5 lb. ABC Fire Extinguisher Optional Rear Hitch Step

38 Backup System Section

39 Backup System Why Backup System? All DRU S have Dual Systems for Lighting Cooking Coffee Service

40 Backup System Dual Lighting System Powered By 110v or 12v Interior Lighting Exterior Lighting

41 Backup System Cooking Capability's Propane or 110v LPG Stove 110v Microwave Dru-2 Dual Power Refrigerator 110v or LPG Hot Water 110v or LPG

42 Backup System Coffee Service 110v Bunn Coffee Maker will make coffee by pouring hot water heated on the stove thru the system (3 pots will fill reservoir to start making hot coffee)

43 Ease of Service Section

44 Ease of Service Easy Setup Easy Reach to Components Unit Can be used by one Person All Equipment is user Friendly Comfortable Work Environment Multiply Crew can work with out being cramped

45 Ease of Service Continuous Work Surfaces DRU-1 Total Counter Space Curb Side 10 3 Street Side 11 8 DRU-2 Total Counter Space 23 3 Curb Side 12 2 Street Side 11 1

46 Ease of Service Counters are Set at a Good Working Height Serving Window is Set at Comfortable Height for Customer & Server

47 Ease of Service Cleaning Kemlite Walls Stainless Steel Counter Tops Permanent Mounted Rubber Floor

48 Ease of Service Winterization Drain Water Tank and add RV Antifreeze Remove Coffee Maker Additional Procedures for DRU-2 Bypass Hot Water Tank & Drain Blow Out Water System with Air thru City Water Hookup Drain Waste Tank

49 Ease of Service Maintenance Most Components are Available Locally Dru-2 Cooking Units are commercial grade Most Parts can be install by your staff Cabinets Repairs can be done at Local Cabinets Shops (no welding required)

50 DRU-1 DRU-2 Custom Layout and Design are Available Library Road - Bethel Park, PA 15102