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1 SHOWER TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Connections Exposed Fitting 15mm compression inlet elbows, swivel to take supplies from above, below or back entry. Elbows have O ring seals which also allow adjustment of pipe centres from 138mm-145mm. Outlet can be top or bottom connections with 1/2 BSP blanking plug and adaptor supplied. Inlets fitted with check valves and removable filters. Concealed Fitting Inlets are 15mm compression elbows attached to flat face unions with built-in service isolation valves for simple installation and ease of maintenance. Outlet can be top or bottom connections with 1/2 BSP blanking plug and adaptor supplied. Inlets fitted with check valves and removable filters. Temperature Stability The sensitive wax capsule will shut down the operation of the valve if either the hot or cold water supply fails, provided a minimum differential of 10ºC exists between the mixed water temperature and the hot supply. Installation It is strongly recommended that no sealing compounds are used on any connection to these showers as sealing O rings are fitted to all relevant connections. All installations must conform to the relevant Water Bylaws. TS1400 Pressure Range Minimum pressure of 1 metre true head will provide 8 litres per minute on open outlet. Maximum static pressure is 10.0 bar. Maximum pressure drop through the fitting is 5.0 bar (50m). Pressure Drop (Bar) Flow rate (Litres/min) Temperature Range Thermostatic control is in the range of 15ºC - 50ºC and the maximum hot water inlet temperature should not exceed 80ºC. Each valve is set to a maximum setting of 43ºC at the factory but can be adjusted on installation. Plumbing Systems This high performance shower operates with every type of plumbing system, from a 1 metre head tank fed supply to the latest high pressure unvented water systems including combination boilers. Using the flow limiters supplied they are suitable for gas water heaters and unbalanced pressures. TS1700 Inlets 15mm Compression Outlets 1/2 BSP 2.3Kg Performance At maintained equal inlet pressure with open outlet at mid blend temperature setting. Approvals and Standards Complies with BS EN 1287 and is UK WFBS listed. A & J Gummers is a BS EN ISO 9002 registered company. WRAS approval has been applied for. Operation The lever / dial operates the on / off flow of water and sequential control of temperature. The control moves three quarters of a turn through the full temperature range. A & J Gummers Ltd, Unit H, Redfern Park Way, Tyseley, Birmingham. B11 2DN Sales/Technical Helpline Sales/Services Fax General Enquiries Fax Website:

2 COLLECTION A breathtaking collection of contemporary thermostatic showers, taps and accessories.

3 COLLECTION The bathroom is becoming a sanctuary in which to dispel the stress of everyday life, a place to relax the body, refresh the mind and restore the soul before venturing out once more, into the hectic world. At Sirrus we have been at the forefront of cutting edge design, quality and performance for many years. The new Signature Collection has been crafted using state of the art manufacturing technology to create a breathtaking collection of showers, taps and accessories that will invigorate the body and mind. This brochure will show you the many options available to you to create a stunning bathroom.


5 RIGID RISER COMBINATION SHOWERS Minimalism and style combine to produce a stunning collection of contemporary thermostatic showers. Exposed single The Signature Shower Collection offers ten separate options, available in exposed or concealed, single and dual control configurations. Combine this with a rigid riser and a 4" shower rose, or a flexible slide bar with a minimalist design handset to achieve a truly stylish look. For the ultimate combination, couple together both the rigid and flexible accessories, by adding the two-way diverter system. Exposed dual Concealed single Concealed dual

6 FLEXIBLE COMBINATION The added beauty of the Signature Shower Collection is its ease of installation and compatibility with all plumbing systems. For complete peace of mind, the thermostatic valve technology prevents any sudden temperature fluctuation, making the Signature showering experience constant and enjoyable at all times. Concealed single Exposed single Exposed dual Concealed dual

7 EXPOSED DUAL CONTROL DIVERTER COMBINATION The combination of the Signature Shower Collection's stunning designs and invigorating performance, and the fact that each product has been manufactured using the latest technology, makes it incredible value for money. 8 Rose, optional 6 Rose, optional Diverter


9 TAPS When creating the perfect bathroom it is important that total harmony is achieved. Following the launch of the highly acclaimed Signature Shower Collection, we have designed and crafted a range of minimalist taps for basins, baths and bidets that compliment the showers in every way.

10 DUAL CONTROL TAPS Monobloc Kitchen mixer Monobloc Basin mixer Monobloc Bidet mixer 1/ 2 Basin Tap 3/ 4 Bath Tap Bathrooms come in many shapes, sizes, colours and combinations, the Signature Tap Collection overcomes this problem, by not being over complicated in its designs. The clean simple lines can only add a touch of sophistication to your bathroom and easy to operate lever handles make our taps a pleasure to use. Bath filler Bath/Shower mixer

11 SINGLE LEVER TAPS All of our taps have been designed for use in the UK, and will operate at low pressure, maintaining optimum performance constantly. Monobloc Basin mixer Extended Monobloc Basin mixer Monobloc Bath filler Monobloc Bather/Shower mixer Monobloc Bidet mixer

12 Soap Dispenser and Towel Rail ACCESSORIES When synchronizing the bathroom it's the finishing touches that create the total experience. Because of this we have introduced a stunning range of accessories, all of which are not only practical but also beautifully designed in line with the rest of the Signature Collection. Toilet Brush and Holder Bathroom Shelf Single Towel Rail Soap Dish Curved Heated towel rail Heated towel rail Toothbrush holder Bathrobe hooks Toilet roll holder