Appendix B. Symbols for Drawings. Table B.1. Air moving devices and ductwork symbols. Air Movement. Fans. Axial flow fan.

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1 Appendix B Symbols for Drawings Table B.1 Air moving devices and ductwork symbols Air Movement Fans Axial flow fan Centrifugal fan Propeller fan Intake roof ventilator (supply) Exhaust roof ventilator Direction of flow Ductwork Change of elevation [rise (R), drop (D)] R Vertical or horizontal access doors Acoustical lining (sound insulation) AD Cowl, gooseneck, and flashing (continued) Introduction to Thermo-Fluids Systems Design, First Edition. André G. McDonald and Hugh L. Magande. C 2012 André G. McDonald and Hugh L. Magande. Published 2012 by John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

2 366 Appendix B Table B.1 (Continued) Ductwork (cont.) Flexible connection Flexible duct Sound attenuator Mixing terminal unit H C TU M - 1 SA Reheat terminal unit TU RH - 1 Variable air volume terminal unit TU VAV - 1 Turning vanes Fire and/or smoke detectors Source: HVAC Duct Construction Standards: Metal and Flexible, Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors National Association, Inc., Vienna, VA, 1985.

3 Table B.2 Piping symbols Piping Heating High-pressure steam HPS Medium-pressure steam MPS Low-pressure steam LPS High-pressure condensate HPC Medium-pressure condensate MPC Low-pressure condensate LPC Boiler blowdown BBD Pumped condensate PC Vacuum pump discharge VPD Makeup water MU Atmospheric vent ATV Fuel oil discharge FOD Fuel oil gage FOG Fuel oil suction (supply) FOS Fuel oil return FOR Low-temperature hot water supply HWS Medium-temperature hot water supply MTWS High-temperature hot water supply HTWS Low-temperature hot water return HWR Medium-temperature hot water return MTWR High-temperature hot water return HTWR Compressed air A Vacuum (air) VAC Existing piping (NAME) Piping to be removed XX (NAME) XX Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Refrigerant discharge Refrigerant suction (supply) Brine supply Brine return Condenser water supply Condenser water return Chilled water supply Chilled water return Fill line Humidification line Drain Hot/chilled water supply Hot/chilled water return Refrigerant liquid Heat pump water supply Heat pump water return RD RS B BR C CR CWS CWR FILL H D HCS HCR RL HPWS HPWR

4 Table B.3 Symbols for piping specialities Piping Specialities Automatic air vent (AV) AV Manual air vent (MV) MV Air separator S Alignment guide Intermediate anchor Main anchor Ball joint Expansion joint (with drawing number) EJ - 1 Flexible connector Orifice flowmeter Venturi flowmeter Flow switch Hanger rod Hanger spring FS H H Liquid liquid heat exchanger Pipe pitch [rise (R), drop (D)] R Pressure gage and cock Pressure switch Pump (indicate use and drawing number) Pump suction diffuser Strainer Blow off strainer PSD PS CW-1 Duplex strainer Tank (indicate use) Thermometer FO

5 Table B.4 Additional/alternate valve symbols Valves Air line valve Ball valve Butterfly valve Diaphragm valve Gate valve Gate (angle) valve Globe valve Globe (angle) valve Plug valve Three way valve Swing gate check valve Spring check valve Special Duty Valves Electric pneumatic control valve Pneumatic electric control valve EP PE Hose end drain Lock shield valve Needle valve Pressure reducing valve Quick opening valve Quick closing (fusible link) valve Safety (S) or relief (R) valve Solenoid valve S

6 370 Appendix B Table B.5 Fittings Fittings Connections (e.g., 90 elbow) Flanged connection Threaded connection Bell and spigot connection Welded connection Soldered connection Solvent cement Fittings* Bushing Cap Connection (from the bottom) Connection (from the top) Coupling (joint) Cross 90 elbow 45 elbow Elbow (turned up) Elbow (turned down) Reducing elbow (sizes in inches) 2 Elbow (base) 4 Long radius elbow LR (continued)

7 Appendix B 371 Table B.5 (Continued) Fittings* (cont.) Double branch elbow Elbow (side outlet, outlet up) Elbow (side outlet, outlet down) Fittings* Lateral Concentric reducer Eccentric (straight invert) reducer Eccentric (straight crown) reducer Tee Tee (outlet up) Tee (outlet down) Reducing tee (sizes in inches) 2 Tee (side outlet, outlet up) Tee (side outlet, outlet down) Single sweep tee Screwed union Flanged union 6 4 a Where applicable, the fittings are shown for threaded screw connections. Source: ASHRAE Handbook, Fundamentals Volume, 2005.

8 372 Appendix B Table B.6 Radiant Panel Symbols Radiant Panel Symbols Hydronic heating element Electric heating element Radiant Ceiling Panels Embedded Above ceiling Surface mounted Suspended Radiant Floor Panels Slab on grade Above subfloor Below subfloor Slab above subfloor Embedded Radiant Wall Panels Surface mounted Source: ASHRAE Handbook, Fundamentals Volume, 2005.