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1 GEAppliances Trash campactors Owner's Manual and Installation GCG1520 GCG1530 GCG1540 GCG1550 iiiiiiiiiiiii_ iiii iiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii_iiii i.;_:_:_ Part No. 165D4700P206 Pub. No OOJR

2 m Safely Information SafetyPrecautions... 3,4 Congratulations! YouAre Now Part of the GEFamily OperatingInstructions Features... 5 Using the Compactor... 6 TrashBagInstallation... 6 Loading... 7 Compacting... 7 Removinga Full TrashBag... 8 Cleaningthe Outside and Inside... 9 Installation Instructions Before YouStart Installing CustomPanels Welcome to the GE flintily. WeTe prnud of our quality products and we are committed to pro_4.ding dependable service. You'll see it in this easy-to-use Owner's Manual and you'll hear it in the fiiendly voices of our customer ser4ce deparmaent. Best of all, you'll experience these values each time you use your tl_lsh compactor Tlaat's important, because your new tj-asla compactor will be paza ofyour fam yfor many years. And we hope you _dll be part otom's tiw a long time to come. We thank you f;:wbuying GE. We appreciate your pro'chase a ad h pe you will continue to rely on us whenever you need quality appliances for yet " aome GE& You,A Service Partnership. ForYourRecords Staple sales slip or cancelled check here. Proof of the original purchase date is needed to obtain sezwice under the wan-anty. Write the model and serial numbers here: # # Yon can find them on a label on the cabinet behind the drawer fi-ont. R _ ReadthisManual Inside you will find many helpful hints on how to use and maintain your trash compactor properly.just a little preventive care on your part can save you a great deal ofdme and money over the life of your trash compactor. Troubleshooting 7_ps BeforeYouCallfor Service.. 16 If YouNeedService You'll find man}, answers to common problems in the Before You Cell ForService section. If you review our chart of Troubleshooting Tips first, you may not need to call for service at all. If you do need service, you can relax "knowing help is only a phone call away. A list of toll-free customer numbers is included in the back section. Or, in tile U.$.. you can always call the GE Answer Center at , 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In Canada, call Customer Service Warranty ServiceTelephone Numbers... BackCover 2

3 IMPORTANTSAFETYINFORMATION. READALLINSTRUCtiONSBEFOREUSING. WARNING! For your safe_ the information in this manual must be followed to minimize the risk of fire, electric shock or personal inju_ SAFETYPRECAUTIONS This compactor is for household use only. Use this appliance only fro- its intended puqoose as described in this Owner's Manual. Do not use other than manufacturer's recommended attachments. Close supe_wision is necessary when any appliance is operated near children. Do not allow the compactor to be used as a toy, or to run unattended at any time. Turn the key-knob to 0_and remove it when not compacting trash. This will help prevent anyone from tampering with the compactor or children from operating it. Do not push trash into the drawer with hands or feet. Trash might contain broken glass, sharp pieces of metal, or other sharp objects that might cause injury. When removing or carrying the trash bag, keep the bag away from your body. Sharp objects may have pierced it. Do not overload trash bag with heavy material such as glass. Never lift the bag by the sides. Broken glass or other sharp objects in the bag can cause injury. Be careful when cleaning the inside of the cabinet or trash drawer. Glass fragments may be stuck to the ram, imbedded in the drawer surface or lying in the bottom of the cabinet. Do not install or store compactor where it will be exposed to the weather. Do not use the compactor as a counter for electrical cooking appliances nor as a cutting board. Do not set hot pans, etc. on the compactoltop. Do not spill any liquids on the compactor top. PRECAUTIONSAGAINST UNREASONABLEUSE OF YOURCOMPACTOR: Never compact shotgun shells, caruidges for firearms, fireworks, etc., which are highly explosive. Never compact flammable materials such as paint, oil- or gasoline-saturated rags, engine starting fluid cans, paint thinner cans, etc.- spontaneous combustion or explosive vapor concentrations could occur. Never compact containers of toxic chemicals such as strong insecticides or other poisonous materials-compaction could release hazardous fumes. Never compact aerosol cans containing explosive or highly toxic chemicals. (If you are sure the aerosol cans contain non-hazardous materials such as shaving cream, cheese spread and whipped cream, they may be compacted.) Do not compact lighted cigarettes, cigars, or other hot or burning items. Do not store or use gasoline or other flammable vapors mad liquids in the vicinity of this or any other appliance. Make sure the compactor is properly installed and leveled on a floor that can support its weight. Do not touch moving parts. Do not compact food waste such as raw meat and fish, gq-apefruit rinds, personal hygiene items and disposable diapers. These items create very strong odors and should not go into the compactor. 3

4 IMPORTANTSAFETYINFORMATION. READALLINSTRUCTIONSBEFOREUSING.,, ELECTRICAL When using electrical SAFETY eppfiances, basic safety precautions should be followed, including the foflowing: To prevent hazard of electrical shock, this Do not, under ;lily circumstances, cut or compactor must be properly installed and remove the third grounding prong ti'om tim gn'ounded in accordance with the Installation power cord. hastructions before it is used. Do not operate with a damaged cord set, plug, motor, or after damage in any maimer. Have the appliance examined, repaired, or adjusted by an authol-ized service technician. Do not take apart this appliance, lncon'ect reassembly can cause elecn'ic shock when subsequently used. Unplug the compactor before making any repairs. NOTE."We strongly recommend that any smwicing be perfol-med by a qualified person. Do not use an adapter plug or an extension com with this appliance. Follow National Electric Codes or prevailing local codes and ordinances. This appliance nmst be supplied with 120V, 60Hz and connected to an indmdual, properly grounded branch circuit protected by a 15 or 20 amp circuit breaker or time delay fuse. If the electric supply provided does not meet the above requirements, call a licensed electrician. We recommend that a separate circuit serving only this appliance be provided. This appliance must be grounded. In the event ofa lnalfimction or breakdown, grounding will reduce the risk of electric shock by providing a path of least resistance tbr electric cun-ent. This appliance is equipped with a cord hax4ng an equipment grounding conductor and a grounding plug. The plug must be plugged into an appropriate outlet that is properly installed and grounded in accordance with local codes and ordinances. WARNING."Improper connection of the equipment grounding conductor can resuh ill a risk of electric shock. Check ufth a qualified electrician if you are in doubt as to whether the appliance is properly grounded. Do not nrodify the plug with this appliance. If it will not fit the outlet installed, hm,e a proper outlet installed by a qualified electrician. r-_/ Readand follow this Safety Information carefully. / Okg\_ SAVE THESEINSTRUCTIONS 4


6 About using the trash compactor. What It Does and How It Works Your compactor reduces household trash to as little as 1/4 of its original volume. It compacts most refuse, including paper, cans, bottles,jars, plastic containers, _aappings, sweepings and some t_)od wastes. Drop Ii_tsh into a disposahle bag that lines the trash dcawer and close the drawer. When you start tile conlpactor, all elecuically-opel-ated I'anl []loves down into die dr;iwer, colnpacls tfash, moves back up again--and the compactor shuts offautomatically. NOT 'The trash drawer must be 1/2 thll before you will notice compaction because the izun does not travel all the way down into dm dl~awer. By adding trash, compaction is lr t s i. - e( It die items below until all LI-ash is onlpacted. Key-Knob Start/Off Switch A key-kmob switch is provided for your protection as a safety measure. When the key-l,mob switch is in the OFFposition, dae compactor will not operate. lx)ck tile COlnpactc_r wllen it is not in use, and rem_ve tile key-knnb fnr safekeeping to kee l) chil&_'n from operating the compactor or to prevent anyone l]-om tampering with it. Drawer Monitor Switch Tlw _ompactor has a position monitor smtcb to ensure that tile drawer is in its fully closed position tbr operatinn. The compactor will not cycle without tile drawer being closed. Trash Bag Installation After installinga trashbag, the compactoris readyto use. Beforeinstallinga new bag,be sure: [_] The drawer side is securely locked. [_The container is clean and free of shm-p debris that may puncture the bag. Reinforced polyethylene bags came with yore" compactor and are ready to be installed. You must use the specially designed heavy-duty trash bags included with your compactor. These bags are available from your dealer or Factor}'Sezwice Center. Ask for catalog nmnber WC60X5017. If you preter, _x)ttcall order by mail. A handy order titan is provided with yore compactor and is included in evely replacement hag package. Toinstalla new bag: [_] Place the bag into the drawer. Open the bag and pull the top edges over the drawer top. [_ Ixmk the bag in place by pulling the tour prepunched holes over the bag retainer buttons. Holes _411expand over the buttons without harming tile bag. [_] Press inside of bag againsl Ihe drawer l){)tic)in, sides and ('()rnerg 10ra slnood_ Ill. 6

7 Loading Lift the trash dcawer handle or press the touch-toe hal and pull the drawer out. Remember. l_)ltles and large cans compact best when laid flat near the center of the drawer. To help keep the ram clean when conlpacling messy Ibod waste, place a c_mple _t fi tided sheets of newspaper or a [m'ge grocely bag (m top of the load to be compacted. Folded newspaper will also help prevent glass fi-agments ti'om flying oul of the drawer when compaclillg a large glass hattie, or several boules or jars, or any olher items that mighl shauer. Ahhough it is not neccssm)' to compact until llle drawei is lilll or nearly lull, we suggest thai, fin nlaxilnlll/l colnpaclion, you starl the colllpa(:lof ea(h time a significanl amount at trash is added. Items U)o bulky to go into the drawer can he ridded to fit. lfil cannot be fblded to fil into the drawer, do not attempl to lorce it in. Lift thetrash drawerhandleor pressthetouch-toebarandpull the drawerout. Compacting Tostart the compactor: [_] Make sure the <lrawer is fully closed. [_'] Turn the key-knob to START Let go of the key-knob. The motor will start and compacting will proceed. The ram travels downward into the drawer, compacting the trash. At the bottom of the stroke, the ram automatically reverses direction, retracts out of the drawer, returns to its starting position, and the compactor shuus offautomafically. The cycle takes about one minute. As the trash drawer fills, cycle time gets progressively shorter. NOTES: Glass bottles can make a loud noise when they break during compaction. Tiffs is normal. Also, boltles in the trash drawer will not always hreak during tile lirsl cycle. lh caking glass and assl wialed noise may o( ( iii s(wcral cycles lal,i, depending on lhe l}pc and v<ihlllle <>fthc tiash. When bottles and carts are compacted, small leafs in the bag may occur. 'l'his is lu nmal and ill no way atlec ts dw CAUTION: Do not force the key-knob when turning. The key-knob should always rotate easily. Forcing may break the key-knob and damage the swilch. When emptying waste baskets into the trash drawer, some items may spill into the compactor behind the drawer. Items behind the th'awer could prevent it from closing completely and prevent the compactor from operating. To remove such items from behind the drawer, open the drawer and, if necessao,, remove it m clean them out. See Ihe Care and Cleaning section. Tostop the compactor. Tim compach)r may bc stopped at any time. [_Tum the kcy-ktmb to LOCK/OFE [_-l'm n the key-knob to ONand the (olnpa('lillg'l illll [llo\es hack lip I0 its starting posilion. [_ VoII 1"_111 Ihell opcll the dlwwcl, l'o IcslaFI Ih+. +(IHIlp_l(tOI [llrll Ihckc}- knob to START [)(?l'l()l'llll[i 1('1! ()l the ( (lllll)a(lor. Keep lilt' hag away tloln youl hody to prevent it!jmy li_)m sharp able( ts that nlay have pier{ ed the bag.

8 About usingthe trash compactor. Removing a Full Trash Bag [] Pull thedrawerconapletelyopen. ] Rein(we the top of the bag li-om lhe bag i'el_tillel- I)utt()ll_;. Pull u I) all ibm bag ++ull_;. [_ Push the side-lock latch d_,w+_ and tilt the drawer side open. [] Lift the bagout. [_ Close the bag with the twist ties provided. o I!- 8

9 Careand cleaningof thecompactor. As is true of most appliances, proper care is needed to give you continued satisfaction. Before cleaning the compactor, turn the key-knob to the OFFposition and remove. If you will be away for more than a couple of days, remove the compactor bag. Lock the compactor and remove the key-knob and store it in a safe place. The outside and inside of your compactor are finished with durable baked-on enamel Cleaning Tocleanthe outside: the Outside and Inside Do n+,t wipe with a s+filed disbwasher clothit l la_ leave _l lcsidlle that (_tll (lanlagc Ihe pallcl, l)o nol rise b_lls}l+ gritty cleansers or scouring pads Ihat may mar the tbtish. Paintedpanels: Applyacoal<>fkilchen/ pp l<_ew x when the compa<lov is new, and then several times a year. Stainless steel panels: Stainless steel panels can be cleaned wifll Stainless Steel Magi(: or a similar product using a clean, soft cloth. Stainless Sleel Magic (Cat. No. WXIOX15) and Appliance l'olish and Wax Cleaner (Cat. No. WR97X216) are available fiom GE Parts by calling _0-6_ Tocleanthedrawer interior:. [] Remove the bag. See Aboutusing the trash compactor section. [] Wear protective gloves. There may be bits of glass in the dt_awer. Press the side-lock latch down. ] 1t the drawer side was removed, slide it back into the tihed p<mtion. [] Press the skle-lo+ k latch down while pressing I}+eside (o Ihe uprigh position. Lock dw side-lock l;uch. Toclean the cabinet interior: ] Pull the drawcl oul until itstops. Note Ihc tva+ks in which the drawer rollers move. ] Lift the tiont to clear the drawer stops. GFab the drawer on b<>fllsides. Pull it out the rest of the way and set il aside. [] Vacuum inside of the cabinet. Liquid spills or wet trash should be cleaned up by hand, or use a vacuum designed to pick up liquid. [] Hold dm side-lock latch and tilt the side <ffthe drawer until the latch clem_ [] Wash, rinse and dl_,' the inside. the dl+lwer fi'ont. The drawer side can be removed by tilting and sliding it out. [] Wash with a damp cloth using warm, soapy water. Rinse and then dl-i with a soft cloth. 9

10 Installation Instructions. Before you start... Proper installation is your rcsl)onsibility. Makt, SIII'C \Oil }IIIVC C\'cwtliillg" nt't{'_;s;ll_ t()l ('OlTC('I installaliim. 11is I]l(' [)('rsollal respimsihilily ;rod ol)ligalion 111Iht" (list i illlcl' tl) (:Olthi(l ;i (tualilit!d inslallur Io ;l_stllc lhal c'lt'( Irk;i inslallalion iiict.l_; nadonal and all ]oc;tl ('o(it._ and ()rdhi;lnct.s. Groundedelectricaloutletis required. Check the location wltcft" your con/l)a(:l( )r will I)0 incl,\lied. The c;tl)inc-t (l})c'iling should I)e square. You should hi. :tl)le 1o fillly open the conlpactlif drawer. Si inches ( 1_.2cni) of cieaiance is needed on tht_ right side ofconli)a lor drawer It) I)e able Io rt.tllo\./. Iht. conii)actor I)ag. Allow 23 incites (58.4 (m) in fi'ilnt olthe (:Oral)aCtor i(i It_nt ()vc dl;iwcl-. Fire Hazard Do net let any item fall or collect behind the compacto_ Failureto follow this instruction could result in a fire. Cutout dimensions Product dimensions--the overall Clearance dimensions \ 6roundedelectrical outlet mustbe3" (76 cm)rnin from eithersidewall "rnin (87cm) look of your compactor mayvar_ 34 1/8" min. (86.7cm) 18"rain 24" min. (457 cml 15 1/4" rain (384 cm) (38 cm) I --H b*-i 6"(152 cm} - Clearanceto 23"(584cm) the nearest Clearanceinfront verticalwall of thecompactoris onthe right neededto fullyopen sideof the orremovethe compactoris compactordooe neededto removebag Tools and Materials Needed for Installation I.t'\'c'l Pliers Phillil)s scrt'wdlivt'r Utility kni ;c' ]:ill\ I)hid(! _;(l('wdliv('l.i_(;isnois Me;istiih]g tal)t. 5/I IT hl)x<!ll(i Wl ('n( li (;I,)vt_ Parts Supplied for Undercounter Installation--E.m \<,p:u i_ li-_)111ihci-altilt, i):wkag(, In( unljng ( lips 2 lnounl]iig s( I'eWS #8- ISx I/2"

11 Electricalgroundis requiredon thiscompactor. DONOT groundtoa gas pipe, DO NOT change the power supply cord plug. If it does not fit the outlet, have a proper outlet installed by a qualified electrician. DO NOT have a fuse in the neutral or grounding circuit. A fuse in the neutral or grounding circuit could result in an electrical shock. ElectricalShock Hazard DO NOT use an extensioncordwith this compactor. Checkwith a qualifiedelectrician if youare not sure the compactoris properlygrounded. Failureto follow theseinstructionscouldresultin deathorseriousinjury. If codespermitanda separategroundingwire is used,it is recommendedthat a qualified electrician determinethat the groundingpath is adequate. IMPORTANT'.Observeall governingcodesand ordinances. A 120-volt,60-Hz,AC-only, 15-or20-ampere, fused electrical supply is required. 77me-delayfuse or circuit breaker is recommended. It is recommended that a separate circuit serving only this appliance be provided. RecommendedGroundingMethod For your personal safety, this appliance must be grounded. This appliance is equipped with a power supply cord ha'_ing a 3-prong grounding plug. To minimize possible shock hazard, the cord must be plugged into a mating, 3-prong, grounding-type, wall receptacle, grounded in accordance with the national Electaical Code ANSI/NFPA70--1atest edition* and all local codes and ordinances, lfa mating wall receptacle is not available, it is the personal responsibilig' and obligation of the customer to have a properly grounded,.,-prong, wall receptacle installed by a qualified electrician. 3-pronggroundingtypewall receptacle 3-pronggroundingplug t plug Powersupplycord Col)ies of the slandarcls listed may be obtained frolu: *National Fire Prolcction Association Ilallciynimdl I'm'k, Quill(y, Masstllilust, lls 0771it.) 11

12 InstallationInstructions(cent). Starting to Install... with the compactor DO NOT _m/s l) console to nl()ve c()mpaclor. Slide the compactor ohm cardhoard or hardbo;u'd hell)re re(wing conll)aclor ;icross the floor to I_revenl damaging Ilo()r,_o\ cring, in the room where it will be installed. l)o NOT allow tim rear li'mne of dw (Oll]p;iclor t(i t()tr:ll Ihu Iloor C()VCI'ilI_ when lifting or inovhig (o up " I R_'nlovc Ihe Cl)l/]p{l(lor tioln lilt" shipping carton. Rclnovt! all ihc piolcctive pa(kaghig m 1 e i s st c ] s iapt and shipping pads. l?.emo\'c waxy, residue (anscd by pr_)lcctivc shipping matelja] Will1 a inim sohilion ofli(luid h()uscl_)ld c[c_uicr and water, 2 Check thai Ihe power supply c(,rd is aliarhed to the tom clip on the l-(_;tiof the COlllpa('l()r, cordclip ½ ( 3 Place two corner posts from carton on floor near compactor. Open the compactor drawer and remove any shipping materials or other items shipped in the drawer. DO NOT remove the compactor bag (if installed). Grasp the handle and raise the front of the drawer until it clears stops. Grasp sides of the drawer and lift the drawer out of the compactor. Place the drawer on the two comer posts. \ \ 4 Place the other two comer posls on the floor Io the side of the con]pactor. (;rasp the sides _ (,llhe conlparlor cahinel an(:l i)ui the _'-_"-_/']"_//ql compa<'lor (m its side (,i, u>p,)t die c<>incl ---.-_ F'.</ II p')sts. Rcni(,vc I h(' sllipphig hast li(,m II1,.. [)otloln oilh(, ( Oilli)a( ior. leveling lells_ 12

13 The top oft he conlpactor should be at least Measure I/8" (3 mm) the height ti'om llte of your lop nfthe cabinet cabinet opening. )pelling. The rear wheels arc preset tim atcabinet opcnntg height ot 34 1, 4 (8 / cm) (l+,stum A ). 1% at!just tor odmr cabinet opening heights, 1<)i)Sell screw jtlsl enough to dear stud fyoln hole in position "A". M<)ve tile rear wheel and slnd Io posilion "B" or "C" as needed lin your ca})inel opening [neasulelllellt: ), Jt,tl 1os t on B 34-1/4 to 34-7/16 (87 to 87.5 cm) P<>sitionC: 34-7/16" to?,4-5/8" (87.5 to 88 +rat) Tighten s+few. Repeat lin ()lher rear wheel. CaNnel Selftappingscrew{pivot} g stud Wheelbracket assembly to 1/4 (6.4 mm) sp +c_ )et+_een t ae t< _ >tthe _o up d<>t md the top ol the c d+met opening. Use Standpliers tim compactor lower leveling upright. legs away tiom cabinet. Ac!jusl legs so there will be a 1/8" (3 rim) \ cabinet. Place level inside on tim floor of the Use cabinet. plierscheck to lower thatleveling the compacun legs awayisfl-om level fi-om ti'ont to back and side to skle. Ac!just the leveling legs until the compactor is level. 8 Determine if you want the conlpactor frame or drawer front limb with tim cabinet fi-unt. Adjust the retaining brackets to the cabinet top as needed: Retaining If the compactor frame is to be flush with the cabinet front place retaining bracket screws through "A'. Countertop If thecompactordrawerfront is tobe flushwith the cabinetfront,place retaining bracket screws through "C". ff the compactor is to be midway between "A" and "C", place retaining bracket screws through "B". Injury Hazard When movingor lifting thecompactor,use a glove to protect and cushion yourhand. More than oneperson is recommendedto lift ormove compactorbecause of its size and weight Useproper liftin9 methods. Failureto follow these instructions could resultin inju_ 13

14 InstallationInstructions(cent). Plug the )ower snpply cord into a properly Move gq-ounded the compactor receptacle. close to its final position. Careflllly lift tile [iont slightly and roll conq)actor into the cabinel openin_ until the retaining brackets stop the unit. Using the two #8 -I 8 x 1/2" screws, tasten tile retaining brackeus to the underskle of the countertop with the mounting scre_s. If the t)ra(kets CallllO[ De atfa( h(,d lo [llc underside of countertop, atlach m<>unting (:lips to brackets. Fasten +ompactor 1o cal)incl ti-<mt ;\rit[l nlounling screws throngh nlountilag clips. Retainin 9 bracket i Retaining_ bracket Mounting_ the fi'ont drawer will go over drawer stops. Close drawer. Check if drawer ()pens freely. If the 0 Grasp toe platesides rubsof against cnmpactor floor, dl-awer see section and place below. bottom of drawer into U-acks. Lift at the handle so Adjusting the Toe Plate lfdw lee plate nd_s the floor cow, ring, the toe plate cleanmcc may bc (:h:mged as lolh _ws: [_ Mark on each side _ff the toe plale the anlllnnt o['loe plate dml rubs Ihc tlool covering. [_ Remove d_c (Irawt, r honl the trail. See Step 3. _[tse ;I ruler aim a IX'rail {n <balk 1+,dlaW a line between lilt' Illarks on (';R'h side o[toe plale. [_] Use scissors or uti]ily knifc to cut loe plate al<mg line. 14 [_ Replace drawer. See Step I0. If toe plale s t )s 1 ( \'cling, Jt.l)Cat these steps

15 Installing a Custom Panel To order a colnr-nlatched trim kit f_)r tile installation ofa custom-n_ade panel, contact your local attthorized GE dealer. Custom-madepanel dimensions To locate an authorized GE dealer in your area, call the GE Answer Center at Available kits l;.)r custom-made panels are: GPF82B(B/ack) GPF82C(Bisque) GPF82W(White) GPF82S(Stainless Steel) 23'%_" (RO5era) Flatpanel:A 7/32" (5.6 ram) thick panel is required. This is the same thickness as a standard 1/4" pl):wood Ol"paneling. 14%# 1Vg' (372cm) [ (32rnm) Raised decorative trim 23_V_6" 1605cm) Outer sectionof 3/16# (8mm) bothsides 18rnrn) Raised panel; The outer section of the panel mnst be 7/32 (5.(_ ram) th'ck t_ t nt{ trim. Raised panel dimensions as sboxxal above. 15

16 Before you call for service... O Save time and money! Review the charts on the following pages first and you may not need to call for service. Troubleshooting Tips Problem Possible Causes What To Do Compactor won't operate Compactor is unplugged Make sure (otd is I)luggcd '41'('11t C]} i]llo _l working othlet. Circuit breaker/fuse is.i ( ',hot k h_m_t' t ill _il hruakt,_'s t\_st's, l/.cpim c tripped/bloval filscs ()l IUN('I blcilkut. Key-knob switch may not be M_Lkc s01e the swil_ h is in Ihc ON[losilion. in position *'lhc s;_ill II nla\ nol h;r,c hccn held at STARTI, mg _'llllllgh II_ Sl;II! Ill(' ( (1111[)O( li(_ll _.'}t I_,'. Drawer may not be closed (_heck Io zn_tkc stilt' IIic dla_ c] is lirnzlv ell)st,([. Compactor has an automatic Ifyou }lil;c.jtlsl COlll]);t_. ler_[ iepemcdly, dfis ])1 ole(lol thermal cutout ma} hhvc oljciicd the ]/l(hol cir( uit. Wait a fi.'w i]]inutcs _tlld I]lC CtllOtll will reciosc auton]aticmly. Drawer is hard Trash may have fallen RelllOVe all?' II:lSh, l'hcz e is a sah=ty swilrh that c_luld to close behind the drawer be blot ked. Drawer will not The ram is not all the Make sin-,: the ram is in the up position. _l'tl111 the open way up key-knob to STARTand release. Little or no apparent Drawer is not full "l'he t-ll_tw('l-ml.lst 1)_2:tl least l/2 tttll of trash belore compaction enough you _dll see any _mlotll]t ot compacting. The ram does i1()t (ra_cl all tht, way to th(" bottom. ' in the bottom of the drawer will be crashed during later cycles. Drawer is not loaded If anything gets between II_e lain and the drawer, the tam MII return to the up position without compacting. Too few items loaded Compacting works best when only a few items are loaded. Use the compacting cycle fi-equently for best rcsuhs. 16

17 Notes. _t _m g _4 77 _,, _O

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19 TrashCompactorWarranty. or an authorized Customer Care technician. For service, All warranty service provided by our Factory Service Centers, call 80O-GE-CARES. For The Period Of: GE Will Replace: OneYear Fromthe date of the originalpurchase Anypartof the compactor which fails due to a defect in materials or workmanship. During this full one-fear warranty, GE will also provide, free of charge, all labor and in-home service to replace the defective part. What GE Will Not Cover: Service trips to your home to teach you how to use the product. Replacement breakers. of house fuses or resetting of circuit Improper installation. Failure of the product if it is abused, misused, or used for other than the intended purpose or used commercially. Damage to the product caused by accident, acts of God. fire, floods or Incidental or consequential damage to personal property caused by possible defects with this appliance. This warranty is extended to the original purchaser and any succeeding owner for products purchased for home use within the USA. In Alaska, the warranty excludes the cost of shipping or service calls to your home. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. To know what your legal rights are, consult your local or state consumer affairs office or your state's Attorney General. Warrantor: General Electric Company. Louisville, KY

20 Service TelephoneNumbers. GEAnswer Center_ /ntheu.s.: The GE Answer Center is open 24 hours a day, 7 clays a week. InCanada, contact: Manager, Consumer Relations, Camco Inc., 5800 Keaton Crescent, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L5R 3K2. In-HomeRepairServiceIntheU.S.: ? Expert GE repair ser_,ice is only a phone In Canada, call call m_ay. SpecialNeedsServiceIntheU.S.: GE offers, free of charge, a brochure to assist in planning a banier-free kitchen for persons with limited mobility. In the U.S., call 800-TDD.GEAC( ). In Canada,contact: Manager, Consumer Relations, Camco Inc., 5800 Keaton Crescent, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L.SR3K2. ServiceContracts/nthe U.S.: Purchase a GE service conu-act while your warranty is still in effect and you'll receive a substantial discount. GE Consumer Service will still be there after your warranty expires. In Canada, call Parts In the U.S.: Individuals qualified to service their own appliances can have parts or accessories sent directly to their homes (VISA, MasterCard, and Discover cards are accepted). Instructionscontainedin thismanualcoverprocedurestobe pedonnedbyanyuser.otherservicing generallyshouldbe referred to qualifiedservicepersonnelcautionmustbe exercised,since improperservicingmaycauseunsafeoperation. CustomersinCanadashouldconsulttheyellowpagesfor yourlocal Cameonumber. ServiceSatisfaction lfyou are not satisfied with the selwice you receive from GE: First contact the people who sere'iced your appliance. Nex_ if you are still no! pleased, in the U.S.. _,aite all the details-including your phone numbel_ t_): Manager, Consumer Relations, GE Appliances, Appliance Park, Louisville, KY 40225; or, in Canada. t() Director, (;_msumer Relations, Camco Inc., 5800 Keaton Crescent, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada ISR 3K2. 2O Printed in the UnitedStates