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1 SONOMA COUNTY ORCHID SOCIETY July 2015 A California Non-Profit 501 (c) (3) Corporation IN THIS ISSUE 1: Bingo for Orchids 2: President's Corner; Thank you 3: Membership Column; Library Position Open 4: Heirloom Expo; Classifieds; and BBQ & Auction Info 5: AOS Column 6: July Cultural Checklist 7-8: Show & Tell Plant Photos 8: Show & Tell Plant Photos; Repotting Party Photos 9: Upcoming Events 10: Speaker's Day Bus Trip Flyer 11: BBQ & Auction Flyer AND WHAT'S HAPPENING AT THE JULY 14 MEETING? (Please remember, there will be no show-and-tell) IT'S FOR s WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: THE SOCIETY PROVIDES THE ICE CREAM MEMBERS BRING TOPPINGS FOR THE ICE CREAM AND/OR STRAWBERRYS AND/OR SHORTCAKE IF YOU BRING A NAMED BLOOMING ORCHID (OR NON-ORCHID) AS A BINGO PRIZE, YOU GET 2 FREE BINGO TICKETS IF YOU BRING A NAMED NON-BLOOMING PLANT AS A BINGO PRIZE, YOU GET 1 BINGO TICKET (NO "NO NAME" PLANTS PLEASE) Please feel free to post comments and share pictures of your blooming orchids on Facebook or share orchid articles. It's an opportunity to show off your orchids and/or orchid growing conditions. Press the Control button on your keyboard and click on the above Facebook link. Page 1 IF YOU DON T' HAVE A PLANT TO BRING, BINGO CARDS ARE $5 EACH Please, only bring established, named plants in good condition something you would be proud to give and to receive. Also, no pests please! BESIDES THE PLANTS FROM MEMBERS, THE SOCIETY IS PURCHASING PLANTS FROM CYNTHIA BATTERSHALL! FRIENDS AND FAMILY ARE WELCOME!

2 AND, we'll have another special treat at the July meeting. As you know from last month's newsletter, Fred Shull, a long-time friend of our Society and AOS Judge passed away recently. Fred had a large orchid collection, which included many cattleyas and laelias. Fred's partner has donated some of these plants to our Society and they will be made available for sale at the July meeting. Don't miss this chance to buy a special orchid President s Corner The SCOS Board of Directors plans lots of fun activities throughout the year! We are a group of volunteers that would love feedback and ideas to make our Society even better. We would love to hear from you! The SCOS fiscal year starts off with its Annual Ice Cream Social and Bingo in July. And this year we are adding one more, yummy thing to the mix - strawberry shortcake. So, who doesn t want to play games and win orchids as prizes while eating ice cream and strawberry shortcake? July is known for the heat, so plan to cool off with a scoop of ice cream or two or even three! (Who s counting, anyway?) Please ask friends and family to join in on the fun. Our SCOS Annual BBQ and Auction is officially set for Saturday, September 19th. Save the date and mark your calendars for this fun day! Friends and family are also invited to this SCOS event. It s time to renew your membership! Our membership chair, Jeanne Van Blarcom, will happily accept your cash or check to renew your membership at the July meeting, or you can mail it to her. The California Sierra Nevada Judging Center is hosting a Speaker s Day on Saturday August 1st in Sacramento. There are a number of SCOS members who will be attending. Either sign up with Angelique Fry for the bus ride or get a carpool together and join the fun! Please join us to watch how AOS judging is done and talk to the featured speakers. They are Glen Decker of Piping Rock Orchids, Peter Tobias from the Orchid Conservation Alliance, and Steve Beckendorf, also from the OCA. Have a happy and safe Fourth of July!!! See you on the 14 th for Ice Cream, Strawberry Shortcake and Bingo! Susan Thank you. Thank you Adam Anderson for the terrific orchid mounting demo and cultural advice. Thank you to everyone who brought plants to share, shared their knowledge and helped to repot and to everyone who participated. Thanks too to all of you who brought food and drinks to share! And a special thank you to Jeanne Van Blarcom for hosting this event again. Thank you Judy Carney for grooming Fred Shull s plants and getting them ready for sale! Judy not only took these plants under her wing, but she has cared for a bunch of orchids that were left over from the spring show, too! Thank you Mel Walsh for filling in for Ann Possinger while she was away and thank you Ann Possinger for filling in as Secretary for Ann Conger while she was away. Page 2

3 MEMBERSHIP COLUMN As of June 30, we had 111 members, but we now need everyone to renew their membership. Please welcome as new members: CRIS DONER and KRISTINE HARTWELL Thank you Chris and Kristine for joining! Please feel free to contact any board member with questions. You may board members by going to our Society's website at Don't forget to wear your name badge and sign in! Wear your name badge or make a paper name-tag at the membership table when you enter the meeting room. Then, sign the list at the membership table. At each meeting, one name will be drawn and that person will receive a free strip of 3 raffle tickets. Those who would like to order a name badge should Jeanne at HERE'S AN OPPORTUNITY NOT TO BE MISSED After many, many years as our Society's Librarian, Patty Connick has decided to resign and give another member the chance to be Librarian. Thank you Patty for your many years of service and a job well done! Patty will instruct any member who wants to volunteer. It is not a difficult job, but it is a very important job. Our library has been collecting orchid books for a long time and has a book for every level of orchid growing. If you would like to volunteer to be the Society's Librarian, please contact any board member. Thank you. We have many new members in our Society who may not have had the opportunity to meet Robert Benevides. Robert is a lifetime member of our Society and owner of Raymond Burr Winery. Please bring your check for $25 to the July meeting and give to Jeanne at the membership table. Or, you may mail your check: Jeanne Van Blarcom 897 Matsuda Lane Sebastopol, CA Thank you in advance for renewing your membership! I recently read an interesting older article I thought many of you might enjoy. You can find it at: Page 3

4 TAKE A LOOK AT OUR NEW WEBSITE The site will continue to grow, with a photo gallery, articles and other items useful to orchid growers. If you have a suggestion for the website, Robyn at Note: since the website is new, do not try to access through an old "bookmark". Click on the link above to go to our new website. Thank You Robyn! OUR SOCIETY WILL PARTICIPATE IN THE NATIONAL HEIRLOOM EXPOSITION to be held at the Santa Rosa Fairgrounds on September CLASSIFIEDS Don't forget you can get orchid supplies from Kris and Jim Foster: or Small and medium Rexius bark, Perlite, Sphagnum Moss, Orchid labels, Stakes, Charcoal ORCHIATA BARK ($17 includes tax) AND NUTRICOTE ($3 for 1# bag) FOR SALE BY YOUR SOCIETY AT ITS COST! Orchiata: Classic #9 Power #5 Power #5a Super #7 1//4" 3/8" chips 3/8" 1/2" chips 1/2" 3/4" chips 3/4" 1" chips Angelique to order and arrange for pick-up Advertisement: If you are planning to vacation, or need a caretaker, I am available to care for your home, garden and/or greenhouse. I also provide piano concerts for homeowners or organizations. Contact me, Nixy Rickles, at or Thank you! I (Kathie Hile) will chair the event with Karen Wofford. I will be looking for blooming orchids for the display, in an assortment of genera. This will take some preplanning, as I will make a place-card for each orchid, giving the name and its growing conditions, i.e. whether greenhouse, windowsill or outdoors and would like to display at least one orchid in each growing condition. I will be calling on some of you to give me the name of plants you would be willing to have us display and that you would be willing to bring to Grace Pavilion on the 7 th and pick-up on the 11 th. Besides the plants, we will be looking for volunteers to work a few hours each day. Karen and I will probably handle the set-up on 9/7 and take-down on 9/11 and otherwise be there most of the time. Page 4 It's time for our annual BBQ and Auction 9/19 Start grooming your plants for the Silent Auction. You may bring named plants and orchid or garden related items for donation or consignment. We would also like our members to solicit donations of wine/wine tours/wine tastings; meals at restaurants; anything you think someone would bid on. Bring your family and friends. $6.00 per person to cover the cost of the meat. Attendees should contact Susan Anderson to find out what type of pot-luck dish is needed (green salads, pasta salads, potato salads, vegetables or desserts.) RSVP by to and designate for each person a choice of either beef or chicken See page 11 of this newsletter.

5 AOS COLUMN by: Karen Wofford I ll just bet most of you didn't know about the tips page buried in the American Orchid Society magazine. I found this one recently and decided to give it a try. You know those yucky hard water spots you get on your leaves? The last thing you want is your orchid friends to visit and see your shame. Well, you could use one of the many leaf shine products to get rid of these spots; you know, those products that contain waxes derived from petroleum in a hydrocarbon propellant? Forget that! How about a more natural leaf shine that won t harm you, your plants, your dog or your environment? Try this: A tablespoon of whole milk in a quart of water. Use a soft cloth dipped in this mixture to gently wipe the leaves of your plant. The fatty acids in the milk dissolve the calcium in hard water deposits leaving the leaves with a soft, natural sheen. So I tried this, and guess what? It worked! Now I just have to wipe the other 954 leaves in my orchid collection and I ll be ready for an open greenhouse. Remember, to avoid the spread of virus, use a separate cloth for each plant. Here s another cool idea (no pun intended). When temperatures rise above 80 F in the spring, teeny tiny red spider mites living unobtrusively in your orchids may decide to get it on more than usual. In addition, their babies grow really fast and then THEY begin to get it on. As they say, the fruit doesn t fall far from the tree. Anyway, when this happens, your orchid collection can become INFESTED in a few DAYS. Yuck. Leaves may show up pitted or drop early. You might even lose plants. Here s an easy test to see if you have some of these buggers. Wipe the underside of the leaves with a white tissue or paper towel. If it comes out red or rusty, you ve got some mites. You can also tap a leaf over a white piece of paper to see if any of the dislodged particles move. I don t know about you, but my scalp is crawling right about now. So your paper towel shows up red. What to do. Mix 1 pint 409 cleaner with 1 pint rubbing alcohol (don t use the good stuff, that s for drinking after you realize you ve got mites) and add enough water to make 1 gallon total. Put this in a spray bottle and hit those suckers with a heavy spray, especially under the leaves, every three or four days for a can use this as a preventative also. That s enough ick factor for this month. See you in August! Don't forget to check out the AOS awards on the Judging Center website, which have been updated with its region's awards, as well as the San Joaquin, Modesto and Sacramento shows. Go to Page 5

6 JULY CULTURAL CHECKLIST (By James Rose and Ned Nash, with permission of AOS) Cattleya. Cattleyas this month require careful attention to their watering and fertilizing needs owing to characteristically high temperatures. Care needs to be paid to proper venting to keep temperatures within reason. Airflow below the plants in conjunction with above plant fans helps keep plants cool. Increased airflow lessens humidity and dries plants out more quickly, necessitating more frequent damping down and watering. Higher light and heat indicate more fertilizer. The growths your plants are making now are the source of this autumn, winter and spring's blooms, so applying adequate fertilizer this month is the best way to ensure future blooms. Higher temperatures and humidity may also lead to fungal or bacterial rot problems, so it is important to closely observe your plants for any early indication of problems. Pests are also at a high point his month for the same reason. Cymbidium. Late spring and early summer can be the most rewarding season for cymbidiums. The leaves of the new growths are best when they are broad and fairly stiff. The color should be a light green to nearly yellow. Early flowering varieties should be losing their blossoms and mid to late bloomers should be in full bloom or just starting to bloom. Just after blooming is the best time to repot cymbidiums. High-elevation Plants. For cooler-growing plants, such as Masdevallias, other pleurothallids and the like, the next few months will be a challenge. During the hottest times, keep your plants more shaded and be sure to keep the humidity level much higher. Do not let plants dry out. Delay any potting until the weather cools. Laelia purpurata. The flowering season of this beautiful genus will be coming to an end, presenting a good time to repot. As soon as the new roots start to appear, clean off old bark and repot into a clean medium-grade fir bark. Place the plant in a little less light and higher humidity to relieve stress until it is more established, which is about one month after potting. Odontocidiums. Many of the intergeneric crosses between Odontoglossums and Oncidiums, such as Odontocidium, Wilsonara and Colmanara, will be blooming now. Take special care to train the spikes for best floral display. Keep plants under fairly shady conditions. Watch for snails and slugs. Paphiopedilum. Cooling and air circulation are especially critical in the next couple of months to prevent stress and avoid disease problems. Watering needs to be closely monitored to ensure that plants do not dry out. Warmer-growing hybrids will be at the beak of their blooming, with attention needing to be paid to staking of spikes. Look for water lodging in the growths, which can rot emerging spikes and lead to the loss of the entire growth. Phalaenopsis. Most, if not all, potting should be complete by now. This month and next are when these plants achieve their maximum growth. This growth will be that from which they set their spikes for the coming season. The more leaves the plants grow, the better potential for spiking will be realized. Growers in cooler areas such as the pacific coast have the advantage this month, should they choose, of cooling for early season spikes. Lots of heat and light call for liberal applications of water and fertilizer. Vandaceous Genera. Plants will be growing quickly now and really enjoying the warmer, humid days, so similar to their native habitat. Watch for pests though, as many of these also enjoy the same conditions as the plants. Check flower spikes so that they can extend unimpeded for the best flower presentation later. Page 6

7 GREAT SHOW-AND-TELL PLANTS AT OUR JUNE MEETING! Thank you to all who brought plants and thank you Ann Possinger for the photos. Cattleya intermedia - Susan Anderson Miltoniopsis Nord - Billie MacCarthy Vanda Cherry Blossom - Karen Wofford Paph. liemianum 'Big Sur' x (Sib) 'Jade King' - Karen Wofford Angraecum Lemforde White Beauty 'Dove' - Dale Martin Cattleya (previously Laelia)Tenebrosa ('Fumacina' x 'Dark') - Dale Martin Blc. Haw Yuan Beauty x caularthron bicornatum - Kathie Hile Lc. Garrett Collins x Orchidglade Billie MacCarthy Paph Temptation 'Lehua's Green Joy' - Dale Martin Page 7 Angraecum didieri - Helen Orgill Paph. Valerie Tonkin 'Big Boy' x Paph. S. Gratrix 'Yu Tung' - Susan Anderson Vanda White Crane - billie MacCarthy

8 Cattleya Lake Tahoe 'Prolific' Billie MacCarthy Cattleya Janice Evans 'Sweet Sixteen' - Kathie Hile C. Harrisoniae x kerrii Kathie Hile A Few Pictures from a successful Repotting Party To see all the pictures taken by Ann Possinger you can click on this link: Adam demos mounting Watch out for that knife! Robyn has a monster to repot Marni is a great instructor Let the repotting begin Billie dividing cymbidium Thank you Jeanne for providing such a great place for the repotting party! We all appreciate your efforts! Page 8

9 UPCOMING EVENTS July 7/4 California Orchids Sale 10:00 a.m 4:00 p.m. Go to 7/10 7/12 Santa Barbara Orchid Estate Open House. Friday & Saturday 8:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m.; Sunday 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Held at Santa Barbara Orchid Estate, 1250 Orchid Drive, Santa Barbara. Call (800) or or visit 7/14 SCOS MEETING. BINGO FOR ORCHIDS WITH ICE CREAM SUNDAE AND STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE. FUN, FUN, FUN for all. Bring your friends and your favorite topping! HOW MANY BINGO CARDS CAN YOU HANDLE? 7/19 JOINT BOARD MEETING at the home of Susan Anderson at 5:00 p.m. Please remember to RSVP to Susan 7/25 7/26 Orchids in the Park. 10:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m. Thousands of orchids, both species and hybrids. $5 Admission, $4 Seniors, 16 years and under-free. SF County Fair Building corner of 9th Ave. and Lincoln Way. August 8/1 California Sierra Nevada Judging Center Speaker's Day. 9:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m. Odd Fellows Hall 1831 Howe Avenue, Sacramento. See page 10 for info on chartered bus to event. 8/11 SCOS MEETING. Dennis Olivas will speak about "Cool Growing Monopolials" 8/18 SCOS BOARD MEETING at the home of Ann Possinger at 6:30 p.m. Please remember to RSVP to Ann September 9/8 9/10 SCOS BOOTH AT HEIRLOOM EXPO. Our Society will have an orchid display booth. We will be asking members for display orchids and looking for volunteers to work for a few hours during one of the days. We talk to the public, answer questions about orchids and promote our Society. See the Expo website at this link: 9/8 THERE WILL BE NO MEETING IN SEPTEMBER. COME TO THE BBQ AND AUCTION! 9/15 SCOS BOARD MEETING at the home of Karen Wofford at 6:30 p.m. Please RSVP to Karen 9/19 SCOS BBQ AND AUCTION. See the flyer on page 11. Remember to RSVP so we get accurate head count OUR 2016 SHOW & SALE WILL BE ON APRIL 2 AND 3 (WITH SET-UP APRIL 1) PLEASE SAVE THE DATE Page 9

10 CSNJC Speaker s Day Bus Charter Arranged by the Sonoma County Orchid Society Saturday, August 1, 2015 $42.00 per person Includes $32.00 transportation cost and $10.00 early bird admission to the event. Available to Members, Guests and All Orchid Enthusiasts. Please note: We will need to have a minimum of 32 participants or the trip will be subject to cancellation. The bus will leave promptly at 6:30 AM from the parking lot under Highway 12, across from the Santa Rosa Vet s Bldg. Please arrive early. Due to our schedule we cannot wait for late arrivals. Please bring an empty box to store orchids that you buy. Note: Times are approximate and may vary based on traffic conditions.. 6:30 AM Bus leaves from Santa Rosa 6:50 AM Pick-up from Petaluma Fairgrounds Park and Ride adjacent to the Petaluma Library on Washington Street. 7:15 AM Pick-up from Novato, Rowland Blvd. Park and Ride (south side of lot. Same side as Novato Toyota) Northbound 101- Turn Rt. onto Rowland Blvd. take the next left turn into the north end of the parking lot and continue to your left under the Rowland Blvd. off ramp to the south side of the lot. 7:50 AM Pick-up in Red Top Rd. and I-80 Park and Ride, Fairfield 9:00 AM 5:00 PM CSNJC Speaker s Day 20 5:50 PM Fairfield 6:50PM 7:10PM Novato Petaluma Fairgrounds 7:30 PM Santa Rosa Make checks payable to SCOS State your pick-up location (Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Novato or Fairfield. Please include your and phone number. Mail checks to: Angelique Fry, 1250 Holm Rd, Petaluma CA (707) Page 10

11 S o n o m a C o u n t y O r c h i d S o c i e t y Annual BB Q & Auction Please come to the BBQ and Auction on Saturday, September 19, 2015 A fun-filled day of Orchids, Friends & Food 1451 Keiser Avenue, Santa Rosa Silent Auction, Tri-tip or Chicken BBQ, followed by Live Auction Silent Auction Begins at 11:00 and ends when lunch is ready (between 12:00 and 12:30). Live Auction begins immediately following lunch. Alan Koch of Gold Country Orchids, Auctioneer Extraordinaire Something for everyone Silent auction plants (named orchids, named non-orchids and orchid and garden related items for donation or consignment) must arrive by 10:00 a.m. or earlier in order to complete all paperwork by 11:00. Find paperwork on our website at $6.00 per person - bring a potluck side dish (green salad, pasta salad, other salad, vegetable or dessert) to share (you must contact Susan Anderson at and let her know the dish you will bring. Donations Appreciated Parking is available on Keiser Avenue See signs for parking areas RSVP by to and designate for each person a choice of either beef or chicken Page 11

12 Page 12