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1 NEWSLETTER OF TUCSON CACTUS AND BOTANICAL SOCIETY Affi l iate of Cactus and Succulent Society of America, Inc Subscri pti ons : $l.00 U. S. A. $'l. so -- Forei gn VOLUME X 1974 N0. I EDITOR CONTRI BUTORS Josephine Shelby Sparky Ascani Nattl. Cactus & Succulent Journal, England CIRCULATION 'l t'lilfred Murch Hi I deqard Nase Lura Fu'l er Betty Blackburn Nancy-Cl arke Lena Marvin Ch ri s Hens haw Pau l Henshaw,,CONTINUALLY STRIVING TO EXPAND OUR HORIZONS AND CONTENT IN THE INTEREST OF CACTOPHILES EVERYl,lHERE PUBLISHED QUARTERLY P.0.Box 3723 College Station Tucson, Arizona B57Zz TCBS AND THE YEAR AI.IEAD 1974 begins wi,th grave uncertainties. It is not at a'll c'lear as.yet whether Tucsonans--and others--will be able to move about as freely as thi:y hive neretofore. The new situation could make a difference in TCBS- activities. Among other things, it could cause people to have a greater interest in their cacrus windows, their cactus greenhouses, their cactus yards, their cactus garqens, and their cactus state. it could cause our monthly meetings and oth6r functi ons to serve a stronger and a more important ro'lil. As the new,year begins, let r!g.cali _attention to TCBS objectives as stated tn our by Laws. they are: (, 1,1 t0 f unction continuously in the study of cact.i and native flora, (2) to further the protection of cacti and native ftoru of Arizona, (3) to sponsor a botanical garden in pima county near Tucson, 9la (+) to make p'lanti!9 of cacti and nitive f'lora in other suitabl. piu..s. These, of-course, could be changed, but they impress me as being ent.iiety adequate for the peii od i mmedi ately ahead. 0ur opportunity to enjoy native '!t flora remains great, and the need to protect algo.remains great. There are things to be done and people are voiun.uering their imagination and their efforts. Fine leadershib ii developing in committee groups. They deserve congratu'lations and encouragement at tie same time. Paul S. Henshaw, Pneaident 1974 Dr. PauI S. Henshaw is the author of a Xecently publlshed!66p,,.the EvoIutionary Imperative". It is a thoughtful dlscussion of the problens facing man and the worrd today, and it proposes solutions to these problems. Mrs. Lois clarke has donated a copy of thi.s book to the Cactus Library for the use of ali its members.

2 CAP I TA CHATTER,\ dlw& - Tucson Cactus E Botanical Society,Fr G,^, \ I ' {=s=e===s=s==e=u=r=u=s===q=e=9=q=e=4='s N E W E V E N I N G P R O G R A N I S Ltru \- Under the leadership ol Dr. PauI S. Henshaw, President L974, TCBS! a ner series of evening proqrams is offered to the General PuoLic and all nernbers and fri-ends of the TCtsS. The THREE PROGRATVI S-URIES entitled: T H I ] D T ] S E R T S T O R Y t111 Ii111 I l1 t_t1 t will feature the follorvin6 under the Chairnanship of Mj-ss May L. Watrous, Phone : i26-o61l : I. Thursdal Jan. 3l-, ;00 P.m' Speaker: Dr. Gord-on Bender, Prol. of Zoology, A.S.U. Tenpe willshowa SOUND Ff Liil:--!=4=g =g=e=t= ==E=4 =q =g = I ={=4 =t = I =9=ry This lecture will ernphasize:.".,. the desert ecology and how the deserts were forrned. Dr. id noted for hj-s great knowledqe of the ecol-ogy of the Sonora Desert and has been working in this f iel-d. lor the past I] Jrears. -f <)} \ II Tbursd.aJr Feb. 14, L974 8:00 P.m. Speaker : Dr. Waren D. Jones, U. of A. rill present a slide lecture : =L = 4 = U =! = q = q = 4 = t = I = U = g = E = I =! = g =! = g = q = =E = B = T = I = -! = 4 = ry = g = q This lecture should be of special interest to hone owners who rant carefree land-scaping and conserve tirnei energy and water. III. Thursday t'tar. 2I, 1974 B:00 p'm' Horticultii1ET-End retired Supervisor ol the Public Schools Nursery Plant, will present a slide lecture: 9=g=E=E=E=t==E= I=!=9=E=!=9=U=g=E=g= =g=9 =4 =g=g= g=g=e=_!=9=e=s= q =-s Mr. Owen is well known for his I'Green Thunbtt Pro6ran on Radio KIUC. He is on the air eyerjr Saturday at B:I! a.nn. and everjr Monday at )z)) a.n. A11 rectures rill be herd at the aud-itoriura of the physics and irtath. at the Unlversity of Arizona. N O C H A R G E

3 'tlls!jnol 1lPJ11P o1 eapq '(aq1 lasse 1sa6eeI aql s! 1! pabeluep aq o1 '('rau??l i..l"q1 luen x0u 0p ^aq1 1Pq1 r.;;;;-i,la,,riipoip urstrnol tprapaj aq1 Jo olceleder!u sotrsj 'u!prjal eql pup uotipiaoa,r aq1 forlsap arpr^aql u! sat?!!?l-?11-+9.:tot lpt{1 pun0j uaeq spq 1l 'a3pu aqt,o1-iub11e1n6aj a.rn1n1-giqtssoa 1J91P ol "s'n aql uf-l-tp!r!jlo r.rrinpdi ta,rp.r1 q1!a PuP s.razl-uebjd' s'peou aql qlli'r piaq uaeq a^pq slipr 'f6oiooa s,elnsuluad aql ro] lueluanuoc s! 1! Jaqlaqlt aas o1 paqo'ld 6u1aq s1 arer srtll '"1nsu1uaj PfPg lsorxujaqlnos o1!tpl!xail uorj ut!'1r'r:?1 PaqEJr"gq raqua^on rjira pi;,r-;i:::l!:!l:t:l_glgl_:l::_:l:l:j :ll :srvrnvr,'rvc u0r '00:BB$?^noqPqnllaUlpallPYuoIl3nPlueJaJrn0'sluPIda^!13 J11Pau si56-5iro,f.ra,ra,tl jeap' ''sulebjpq FuPu.tau.tpb upc.lafnq pmarqs aq1 'raaal^0h ; eql liooq ol suofleuop umo J!eq1 uo 6ulpplq aql cln sraqueu euos.suolleuop 1eq1'lcjdsns-1 1ue1d rnof a?pnip^a aldoed JAqlo M0q eas 01 un+ rii.rri st 'uaui!rads rt aq1 slab paso[3 s! uo.t1]ne.aql uaqadlls aq1 uo ptq 1iaq6.Lq i,arueu 1seI aq1 '1ue1d eq1 o1 Paq3E?1P redpd Jo 0!Ls e uo p!q pup alupu rnort 6u.L1.rrr"r fq uaruloeds e.lo3.6ulpp!q Jo s1s!suol uo!13np aqi 'qntc aq1 o1 s1ue1d snld"lns JIaq1 alpuop o1-a3upq3 p sraqueu qn[3 saa!b uollcnp aqi eatr^pp tnldieq'spaes's6u!11nc'sd1[s'slupid ajpds paja]]0 Ouieq-1n6q1rM uorlca[[oo srpua!j] p pa1!s!^ Ja^a nof areg '191 snorauab e e.rp ia L lqdollpl 1so14 'lua^a 6u 11 roxa up s! uo rlonp lup td IPnuuP aqi 'sa IPs asaql jo %0g 01 %gz uoj! s1a6 qnl3 aqi 'aips Jo] s1ue1d JaJ]o osie upf, sraquau jsacl.ld qnll atpsatoum 1e s1ue1d fnq o1 aiqp ejp am '.salp] 10'l a)t!\ LIes.lar'loil Jo pnq u! sun!ci1e5oulu,{6 pue se1re11iuure6 'relndod?soul pa^ord a^eq pleuel eolsodse pup sr.t!uasnajacoleqdac t. u:::r;:jt:jl;^*fli:uo:lt:lr:lj }o suollnq!j1srp aarj aq1 Jo+ fpd dtarl snql pup '^JnspaJl qnt3 aql ol ppp,taqi (e) 'euoq 1p spuatjj olpun?roj ssei Jtaql ot l3pq puas 01 J0 u0scnl rn+tinej('ul,{e1s.rleql }o sao?uauau 1ab o1 srol!s!^ ralulm pup s1san6 qnlc mo (Z\ 'sec 11e,(eq1 1.rd ls.t Jo L3; pup ajols upq? JoM0 [ 1s03 P.1p suo Il]e l Io] umo J!aq1 puidia pue uaq16ui.r1s o1 sjaqutau qn[3 Jo],fl runl.loddo aq1 aplrrord ^aqr (t) ',t1 l,r l jce qn Ir a!mqljoa p e1n1!1suo3 sbu!1aau qn [3 1P suau]!f,a0s Jaq?o pup sn13p3 jo 'sa 's'reerf lualn33ns 1e5 aql JaAo luaurdo LaAap tenper6 e uaaq e^eq e^plr uoil'n:-1::l!-:11-!::-:1::li-::1:::-ro-arps aqr.s1'1vs!laljpa,(ueur;o s?ualnlcns Lll!M petllj f.rolen;asuo3 pup uep;eb ap!slttq aaisualxa JeLl 1t s la o1 'a [3pr0,ro,(qd.rn61 ao! [V Jo uo L?P1!Au I aq1 paldacce faql uaql.'ump L,f,qIeqS 'uciicri] o0 uo au!qsuns at3pj0 tn]rlnpao aqx u! pa?saj pup q3-uni a1p saitqd01cp3 eiaql'a.r.nsea.r1q5ns joj 6ui66rp.rif+V' :1o1os ipccn,{'elen.lnlar eqlupqd -f.roc a..l1cec IaJJpq s6oqabpaq pejaj]o f1 uno3 [pu!d u I a [3pJ0 Jpau 11,tera -q619 euozljv +o uo!llas ssed-rfq e jo paqpeor 'ujnqlcelg aqi f11ag pup upiv 'i\prlsuah sijuj pup is.t14 -:aram- /6[ Inpd'pJo]J.IiO'C'l 8'.1N'qlsnB pl'sjl,'l n'.11^1'ra6u -uials pluiv ' L raquesa0 u0 slq? 1sn! p!p oqt"1 S B 3 3.I Jo sjaqua1 'slpl!qpq JIaq1 u!.t13p3 euoz!jv aa!1pu lcallo3 upc oqm sal!qdolcec uoscnf ajp pabaltar.j0 pup a1eun1j0l.slvii VH I]]V] ]AII.VN]OV/\NI SU]99IC SNISV ' uprlrj!eql c.l.ucrd'mpqsueh eu!1sljq 'pajp ljasap aa!sualxa pup suapje6 snlcer 6ullsa'la1u.l s,lslnbulv'sj14 qbno;q1 6u t11er'l pa,tof ua sa 11qdo1cec,fupttt qcun 1 6u!1Pa Ja?+V 'qo!1p loerdde 1o ral1ai ojaou.r.s p S B 3 ] luas J01f,aJl0 aqi 'f1red s,uajpllqc fep!loq s1\,jo] aur? u.r. raluaj aq1 o1 pajea![ap aram asaql 'qsec u! 00'9t$ pue sa01 Paq0 r& f1.le6,tueur'^uptx Ll11m papuodsaj sjaqulaul Jn0 'leaf s,tq1 6utn16 seuls!jvl.rno Jo slualdgoer eql ajaa'uosrnl ut luauriedul lecl6olornan pue fsipd-[ejqeja] _,o+ ea1ua3,(.ro1ero1dxg looqcs-ard ag1 1e 'sjeaf,7/ L-l ol Z/L-1 pa!9-6uno.7f i:1911 0t ueql a.rour a{1 -'iazdarq,ff sn6 auos puas p!p eq qbnoql Le 'palpjado0c upujaqleam aq1 uaal 'smoq Par ql lm f 11e6 pa!1 'spod pccn,( 1o s61t'11 para^ -[Ls r]lojj oppu aja!uu01noq p paa!af,aj uoslad qcel 'sagpoob,tuelu q1!m Pape0[ arau lood aq1 punoje dn 1as satqpl 'auoq In]!lnPaq s,lslnbulv IoJp]'sJ14 ]9 o11ed 5q1 uo reb,{ s!q1 raqlpb o1 pa1!au! eq o1 ajam am alpunljo} r4oh 'l!ucjd sprxls ljul 1cn 1'1od Usl.p-peJa^0f, [PnuuP aql spm 0NI1]l!'l UlBN33l0 S B 3 I lhi a U]IIVH3 'IVlI dv3 SNIJV3

4 4. CACTUS CAPITAL CHATTER SecondCurtai tt WAS A magnificent spring show. Early in February, blue ribbons of lupine appeared along the roadways, putting th sky to shame. Soon the chilly shoulders of all the highways were wrapped in colorful scented scarves - yellow and purple, pink, white, lavender. Bv March. hillsides were a-shimmer with the s;illed treasure of golden poppies. Each spring-loaded day expos d yet another vein. Every gulch ran riot with the unpannable gold. Incredibly, after six reticent years, the Joshua tree made blossom-promises as fragile and translucent as ftne painted china; and', in the following weeks, they fulfilled their word, sending bold flowers out to capture the heart of every trespasser in the desert. Act One stretched into May, into June' Palo Verde foamed and frothed across the desert as buds burst like bath bubbles, obscuring the lower vegetation beneath qreat golden clouds. The scratchy dishpan [ands-of the ocotillo raked the tender underbelly of the sky with crimson nails. It was all there. The plastic perfection of the clear-eyed pricklepoppy. Fiery globules of orange mallow: Roasting marshmallows on a stick bursting into sudden flame. Vehet antlers of the staghorn cholla, maroon to cherry red to cerise. Yellow staves of the barrel cactus. Belated Eastbr bonnets, glossy white, jaunty on every saguato head. Citrine cups waiting to frll with the fruit of the prickly pear that in a few months will produce the life-saving nectar so dear to the resourceful Papago. Agaves: green, orange and yellow pincushions mounted on a recycled wrought iroh stand, like a dreamer's dream of old junk refashioned into art and sold at mind-clotting prices. Creamy yuccas, heady with their own graceful beauty. When, the old-timers ask, was there ever such a show as this? Yet I remember a September, not so long ago, when the Coconino forest floor was carpeted in butter-soft yellow. As we drove north, bluebell skies flattened to steel, as if over the open range they could no longer sustain the rich color they had bled from the blue-green needles of the pine forests. I remember gentle valleys and high terraces of coral and moonstone and silver, of faded turquoise, opal and gold, with splashes of ltre where a shower of amethyst had magically transformed weeds into asters and thistles into magenta flames. The forest thinned. black road torn from a ragged yellow cloih of sunfiowers, black eyes as bright as a cricket's chirp joined by a chorus of rainbow colors. Beyond the Coconino, a desolate kind ofgrandeur: sage and red dirt and stunted evergreens, squatting defiantly like fat dwarfs as we dropped towards Winslow's lower elevation White-faced cows as stolid and contented as cans of milk. A single whitc cloud, sailing on the horizon like the silvered negative of Shiorock. A freeway blur from Winslow to Flagstaff, and then the welcome swapplng for a gentler pace. From Flagstaff to the Sunset Crater road, we thrilled to a floral tapestry Minerva herself might have woven' with thread of sunlight and jade, hoarfrost and champagne.' Bonita campground: the perfume of crackling pine logs in a blaze of orange and blue-tonsued flame while Sunset Crat r slept in -darkness somewhere beyond, as it had slept 905 years of nights. The lonely baying of nighttime predators, the confused OUTDOORARIZONA / AUGUST 1973

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6 CACTUS CAPITAL CHATTER "THE AUSTRALIAN ill^londer PLANT'' 0n the second Program of "Meet the Artists" Series sponsored by the University Hospital Auxiliary, 'l I was honored to be the speaker and show part of my cacti 4nd succu'l ents co'l ection. The interest was keen and ouestions on caretakinq were prevailils..i also made some "by the way" advertising for TCBS and hop6 some new people wil l show up at our meetings. 0ne n'little-o1d 1ady" from Giobe got ne all worked up about a plant she had from Austra'lja. "0h, no, it's not a. cactus," she.said. "It's a succulent with large-bell-shaped f1owers.,, Well, she was very nice and sent some cuttings. very excited, I bpened the package with the "Austral'ian l'londer Plants". There they werel l l l ----Three Echinopsis. H'i l degard Nase REPORT ON MEN'S GARDEN CLUB SHOt.l*******CHRISTOPHER CITY*****NOVEMBER I7,'I8,I973 TCBS was a guest exhibitor at the annua'l 'l 973 Men's Garden C'l ub Show. Alan Blackburn brought 25 plants and Hi ldegard Nase 32 plants to represent our Society. The plants were set up in the lobby on two large tab'les, the first thing for visitors to seel We grouped the plants to species: A1oe, Stapelia, Faucaria, Astrop'hytum, Turbinocarpus, Cereus, Echinocactus, Parodia, Creits and Grafts, and Mami liaria. A ye'l'low ribbon Special Award was given to TCBS f or thi s exhi bi t. Membershowi ng p'l ants f or judg 'l ing i n the mai n ha'l were: Helen Houseman B Plants. Louise Hi'llgert 2 Plants, Alan Blackburn I Plant. Hildegard Nase 2 Plants. Members Awards: First Prize: Louise Hillqert: Euphorb i a spl endens. Hi l degard Nase: Euohorbi a obesa., Second Pri Ze: Alan Blackburn: Aonium haworthia. Helen Housman: Agave unavatata. Third Prize: Helen Housman 3 Aloe brevifolia. THE LAND PLANNING COMMITTEE OF THE ADVISORY COMMISSION ON ARIZONA ENVIRONMENT recommended on January 19, I 973 "That the Advi sory Commi ssi on on Ari zona Environment support the existing Native Plant Law as revised by the 'l 972 session of the Arizona State Legislature. It'is the opinion of the Commission that the law is adequate and serves its intent to protect various native plants as listed in the law. Furthermore, recoqnizinq that, by law, the Arizona Commission of Agriculture and Horticultuie must irota a!ub1 ii hearing each year to establ ish reguiations to implementl the Native Plant Law, and in this manner any Arizona citizen may give testimony concerning h.i.s beliefs and opinions, the Advisory Commission on Arizona Environment finds -that the above law anq procedures are adequate and shoul d not be rev i se0 until thoroughly tested and revi ehed. " 0n January. 3,.l974, Mr. Don Baine from the 0ffice of the State Commission of Agriculture and.horticulture,.spoke to the TC & BS on the subject of Native Plant Preservation Laws in Arizona. THE Y.t^l.C.A.'S 974 TRAVEL THR0UGH PIpf0GRAPHY SERIES _ includes programs preng t,o TC &'BS; Lillian s. flsner, Lura and Lee Fuller, and Mr. and Mrs. B. N. Smith. The are thei r programs: Jan. 23. Last year, fol'lowing on the heels of heavy winter rains, desert wi ldf'lowers -produced a historically showy display. Lil'lian Fisher captured the fl owers on fi lm. Feb. 6. Desert birds and animals in their desert homes, envlronment, and cactus in bloom are all a part of Mr. and Mrs. B. N. smtthts slife on the B l oomi n' Desert. " Feb. 27. Thg-p'icturesque.lake_ region of northern Italy and t,he Austrian Tyrol make up the "Romantic Roads of Europe", by photographeis Lura and Lee Fu'l'lLr.

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8 B. CACTUS CAP ITAL CHATTER MEET HILDEGARD NASE Mrs. Hildegard Nase specia'lizes in growing cacti and many of the other succulents. She has a total of about 400 vari eti es now. She regular'l y exhibits her plants in recurri ng annual garden c l ubs' flower shows in the Tucson area. See "The Australian Wonder Plant". She won an award of Merit for her ent i re cactus col I ecti on of 34 pl ants exhi bi ted at one Fal'l F lower Garden Show of the Tucson Men's Garden Club. In this same Show she won First and Second Pri zes for her other succu'l ents. La5t spri ng she entered the cactus competi ti on 'i n the 0l d Pueb lo Counci l of Garden Cl ubs ' F l ower Show. She won 5 Firsts, 3 Seconds, I Third. HiIdegard i s an ex-presi dent of Tucson Cactus & Botanical Societv. a narrow, wi ndi nq pathwav to reach the platform. (QIoted trirm The Ari zona Da i ly Star, HILDEGARD NASE (Courtesy of Tucson Daiiy Citizen) THE NATURAL VEGETATION OF TAT MOMOLI rrty, was not disturbed by construction crews bujlding the 2-1/2 niie 1ong, 60-foot h i gh earth fi 1 l Momol i ki t Dam. l'lhen completed, it wi l1 be the 6th largest of th i s type i n the U. S. Roads whi ch wgre diverted around natural vegetation on the site, wiii be replanted after the Dam is completed. Construction crews have had to fol Iow strict environnfental procedures, outl ined by the U. S. Env i ronmenta l Protecti on Aqencv. As an example of the painstakin! measures to avoi d di sturbing the envi ronment, the U. S. Corps of Engineers built an open-air observation bui'lding with materials either hand-carrieo up the 400-foot peak on which the olatform stands or hauled up in a cabl e-drawn cart mounted on a narrow track. No roads were bui i t on thi s spot. 0bservers wil l have to hike up DID Y0U KN0tl? At Helen Roubicek's TFaTflegafwith a few p'l ants in Now, after 20 years, she has a count l ess number of large beautiful specimen cactus pl ants. He l en has created an arti sti c p1 anti ng usi ng her 1 arge and smal 'I 1 p1 ants i n rai sed, rock-outined bedq. She also adds to her col I ecti on by grafti ng and growi ng seedl i ngs. A vi si t to her garden 'i 'l s a mus t. P lease ca'l her f i rst. -Betty Bl ackburn Note: I am -i nterested in suggestions f or thi s co:l umn i f members are i n- terested in hearing 'l about eachother's cactus co'l ecti ons and gardens. P'l ease cali me. --Betty Bl ackburn. PEG AND C0L0NtL Y0UNG added to their ffiingtheir summer trip to Canada, a tiny, "insignificant" prickly pear from Fraser Ri ver country. She says that 'i ts only merit is that it is irom British Columbia.