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1 5-15 years over 50 yes yes At a minimum a pathway should be built across the land for access from end of Charles Street to the pathway leading to Gargunnock House. >15 years? no yes Wildlife garden with decent path/walkway. Not sure if suitable for allotments, maybe raised beds that could be used by villagers <5 years no yes I would like to see it landscaped with a proper path, trees and shrubs planted, perhaps a pond and picnic tables/bbq years over 50 yes yes A nature reserve years over 50 yes yes would prefer for the field to be left largely as it is perhaps enhancing it as a nature reserve and certainly improving the path which links Charles Street to the Ladies' Walk >15 years house no yes Wildlife garden, all weather pathway and seating area. Maybe some BBQ stands similar to what they have in the safari park <5 years prefer not to say sometimes Community garden that would be attractive to both old and young in the village to use. Good paths with access to Gargunnock house and around the garden. Decked seating area that could also be used be school as an outdoor classroom and possibly a duck pond and chicken run. >15 years over 50 no no Turn into an area of special scientific interest. Link to Gargunnock house then onto Cambusbarron/Gargunnock hills. Could be part of wildlife corridor, long term could include wheelchair accessible paths and signage explain how the habitat supports local wildlife. An alternative and a lot easier would be to plant a mixed woodland which would also provide a habitat for a range of wildlife as well as even if only in a small way absorbing carbon dioxide. If willow was planted we could go back to the old days and have Gargunnock baskets again. 1 >15 years over 50 no sometimes An orchard in a meadow with paths years over 50 no sometimes Wildlife/flower sanctuary for butterflies/bees with possibly an orchard. <5 years over 50 no yes Wild flower meadow to encourage butterflies and bees. Community garden or allotments/orchard. Spring bulbs also <5 years over 50 no no Community garden/orchard. Studio/workshops. Studio/workshops would obviously require funding but would provide funding to the village after it was up and running and encourage local talent to progress with their individual crafts etc >15 years over 50 yes yes I think a wildlife park would be a good idea, there could be a pond, paths and seats. There are some trees already there but more could be planted to add interest also bushes with berries, when the trees mature there could be nest boxes put up. Wild flowers could also be sown. Some of the trees could be rowan, willow, birch and holly.

2 <5 years house no sometimes Community garden (Braehead has one which is very successful) raised veg beds (rented by people) they have chickens and bees, polytunnels, flower beds. They have flower and veg sales etc >15 years over 50 no no Wetlands/nature trail with interpretation boards in conjunction with SNH, primary school, anyone with interest. I hope that the actual survey results are made public via leaflet drop, village noticeboard rather than just online and before final decisions are made. >15 years over 50 no no A duck pond with island and surrounding area with grass and seating so mothers and children and older people can socialise and enjoy the scenery and feed the ducks >15 years no yes Community orchard <5 years no sometimes Community orchard >15 years yes yes I feel the land should be used for the purposes of the whole community. There is an obvious need for a better path for the people who walk across to the woods. Another path around the boundary at the field would also be for a 'nature ' walk. This could be done like the paths at Flanders moss to allow for the marsh like land under foot. A planed mix of natural planting and maybe a pond would attract more wildlife. The paths would cater for wheelchairs and those less steady on there feet. The area should be for the benefit of the whole community. Solar powered lighting would mean that the area could be used at night. And could be self sufficient. A small playground would cater for children at this side of the village. This is a naturally damp area of land and should be treated as so. And should be enhanced for the benefit of all. >15 years no yes Leave as it is, village has enough houses, it's a bog and wildlife should be encouraged 5-15 years over 50 no yes Good pathways across and around area. Native tree planting Wildlife pond with suitable planting and stock Raised walkway, pond dipping & information boards Seating with view to the hills Adult exercise machines - metal Bee hives - depends on finding a bee keeper! 2

3 <5 years no no A protected conservation area should be considered for the village to enjoy. This has various benefits:- 1) No detrimental impact to the residents adjacent to the land. 2) Minimal cost. 3) Would not affect any drainage issues in the local vicinity under control. 4) Continued enjoyment of the countryside for residents. Any development will potentially impact the drainage of the town especially downstream along the main entrance road to the village. A couple of comments to the survey which I hope will not prejudice opinion for this submitted survey. How long you have been a resident of the village should not matter, either resident or not. The last note in the survey "it is necessary to note that some proposals may not be possible [however desirable] due to financial or physical constraints." I get the impression that from this there is a general wish for development of the area from the survey composer. Development is not always progress years yes yes - benches, swinging chair, place to relax, trees... 3

4 >15 years over 50 yes yes The land at present is home to a wide variety of wildlife and many animals can be seen passing through, whether it be deer, hare or birds. Redwings flock in autumn, buzzards perch on the periphery. Kestrels hover (and how many of these do be we see in the village?). Sparrowhawks are regular visitors. We also should be aware that many small birds, finches (green, gold,chaffinch, bull finch), long tailed tits (along with their more common cousins blue, great and coal) yellow hammers, gold crests, wrens are always about. There are also brown owls and the occasional heron - the latter not so common since Dutch elm disease destroyed the heronry on the NE edge of The Glebe in the 1990s. The path through the Glebe has been in common usage since the early 1990s and the school now uses the path as a route for its exercise regime. The problem with drainage is going to be expensive to resolve but it could be used to advantage as it is an ideal wetland habitat and it would be of great benefit to the village to develop this as a wildlife garden. It would be a an amenity for everyone in the village, a cornerstone of the original conditions of transfer, and in particular fits in nicely with the curriculum objectives. In addition, and more importantly, funding is available for such environmental projects, and it is one in which the whole village could participate. Managing it is a wetland/wildlife garden would also have a positive impact on the water table and, thus, ameliorate the flooding experienced in Charles Street and Station Road. >15 years over 50 no sometimes A meadow, encouraging wildlife. Possibly a community garden and/or orchard. >15 years <25 no yes as is >15 years over 50 no sometimes and nature area - e.g. planting of native species of e.g. fruit trees. Would need to be low maintenance or investigations into upkeep required. Like to see it as attractive to families and wider community - a nature play area perhaps with planting to encourage native wildlife and plants. A space where families could be encouraged to appreciate the natural environment. 4

5 >15 years no sometimes Maintain the path cutting through the land as a route into Gargunnock House. But let the land on either side be planted with wild flowers (like the Council do in certain areas in Stirling) to attract butterflies, bees etc. In addition, if funds allow, another path to a simple bench could be cut allowing visitors to that area to rest and admire the view. Also in addition if funds allow, some bird nests on the telegraph pole type things I have seen in the past. Also in addition, if funds allow some bee hives. However they would require looking after, but maybe a local beekeeping organisation would be happy to do this if it encourages the bee numbers to increase. Overall just keeping the wild flower meadow maintained each year - with relevant paths clearly cut into the ground, would be a massive improvement and leave it as a peaceful area for residents to admire. >15 years over 50 yes no How about each house hold donating a tree and planting a woodland walk. >15 years no sometimes The most important thing is access to the Lady Walk. The access via the Manse can be quite muddy, and the Glebe access currently gets waterlogged very easily. Improved drainage or the planting of a few thirsty plants (willow trees, maybe) would make the current path more practical and maintainable. >15 years over 50 no sometimes I believe that the should be landscaped into a woodland area with a water feature or pond and a picnic area. I understand organisations such as the Woodland Trust can advise. I do not believe that the ground is suitable for housing and not large enough to provide for many houses >15 years over 50 no yes Better drainage, if it were drained then the council perhaps be reminded of its responsibilities to maintain as it used to. Planting to encourage wildlife and make the area look more loved. Surface to the path. >15 years over 50 no sometimes Woodland, paths, pond, benches for all villagers to enjoy. >15 years over 50 no sometimes Community woodland of Betula Jacquemontii (white bark) with paths and seating areas. An alternative village green and meeting place. Photo attached. Area for school, brownies, guides etc to use. Bird and bat boxes, wild bee hives etc >15 years over 50 yes yes Community garden with fruit trees as well as flowers, adventure garden for the children. 5 Pond to encourage wildlife, seating and picnic places

6 >15 years over 50 no no Trees, shrubs, paths and benches. dont live no no social housing <5 years no no affordable housing 5-15 years house yes yes This area should be utilised for Affordable. The alleged burdens associated with the land transfer from the GVDIA are not legally enforceable under the Scottish Land Reform Act Secondly, Ogilvie Homes; who own the so called "ransom strip" have stated; when approached by the Gargunnock CC, that they will not prohibit any development of the land; including housing. Thirdly, the alleged statement from SEPA that the land cannot be built on for drainage reasons is a morotorium. Modern housing planning and construction can easily overcome the drainage issues. For the village to keep evolving, additional housing is required. It is the responsibility of the Gargunnock Trust in conjunction with the Community Council to ensure that the young people of the village can grow up and remain in the village; if they wish, in a home that is affordable to them.? over 50 no no We need more houses in the village in order to sustain numbers in the school. Without youngsters in the village the school will go which results in a dying village. There is plenty of greenspace around so the argument for keeping this space does not hold up. No more Nimbyism! <5 years no sometimes The built of affordable housing for young professionals ideally with a scheme that discourages people acquiring a property portfolio. For example only allowed to sell property with a profit of 5% within first 5 years 5-15 years over 50 no sometimes Ideal location for construction of a number of affordable houses for a mixed community of young families and retrial age couples/singles. A housing association such as rural Stirling would have the opportunity to produce a development of high performance - ecological and affordable rental homes. This use of the land would sustain the viability of the school as well as providing for the increasing demand produced as the population of +60 years increases. The potential difficulties of building on this type of poorly drained site can be overcome using techniques successfully used elsewhere and this should no be accepted as a reason for not developing this site. 6

7 >15 years no sometimes priced between 125, ,000 should be built to encourage young families to the village and people age who are priced out of the village. Only 3 streets in the village have houses less than 150,000 and most of the houses are still owned by the council. <5 years over 50 no no It's a bog. It floods, I'm told. Either invest in draining it and build much needed affordable housing or turn it into a proper bog land habitat and / / see if you can encourage some protected species to inhabit it. <5 years no yes Swing park or housing / / 5-15 years no no New affordable housing for the village, albeit there may be issues with flooding, but these may/could be overcome. We need to at least propose a piece of land for the local development plan. Otherwise it could be turned into a recreational park e.g bike park, basketball park?? / / >15 years house no sometimes >15 years no sometimes. We are extremely fortunate to have large areas of community and green space. What we don't have however is enough affordable housing. We can build in the artic, desert and oceans but there are those in the village that seem to think the site at the Glebe is unbuildable. This is folly. Yes. It is in the 1:200 SEPA flood risk area (like other nearby areas) but that does not mean a working solution cannot be found. A proper development appraisal should be completed in conjunction with a local housebuilder and Council. This can be done 'open book' and then put to the village for consideration, so that an informed decision can be made. If it is viable, and the wider community happy, the land could be sold to a developer/housebuiler with overage for any enhanced profits. These funds could be ploughed back into the various groups and services for the village. 7

8 >15 years no sometimes The village does not need more recreational space. We are blessed with lots of great outdoor space. As a parent my children have freedom to play and explore outside in a way that is not so common nowadays. As a dog owner I am spoilt for choice. At the moment we have a spacious and well equipped park, extensive grounds at the school, safe streets to ride bikes, the Beeches, Ladies Walk, waterfall, hills, reservoir, the pot hole. We do not need more recreational space!! What we need is some more houses, where more families can come and join our community. The ageing population and lack of growth at the bottom of the age scale. Our Rainbow, Brownie and Guide groups are so well supported because they attract girls from outwith the village. I see first hand the fall in young population has and is negatively having on the primary school. So in short, this is the only piece of land that could be available for housing. There is no other available land unless David Stirling or Gargunnock House Trust sell or make available some land. But, you will argue that it isn t suitable because it is at risk of flooding. If that argument had followed through in the past then The Glebe and Charles St wouldn't have been built. Really if we are honest, the flood risk is a convenient excuse one for a few Glebe residents who are older and don t want housing bordering their properties. Sell the land to a developer someone like Ogilvie or Barratt, someone who can access the land and build appropriate housing. Some new houses in the village will benefit the school, shop, church and local groups, everyones house prices as investment boosts and desirability boosts value. We as a village have not seen house prices restore to pre 2008 values, possibly one of the few area in Stirling not to have recovered yet, and you never know, we might even like the people that come and buy these houses. They might be like the majority of Gargunnock residents - keen to be involved, support and care. <5 years no yes 8

9 >15 years house yes yes The best use by far would be to build Affordable. The so called GVDIA led people in the village to the wrong belief that the land could not be used for this purpose. This was not the case and indeed showed the GVDIA to be acting in there own interests (whoever they actually were). It is hoped that the Gargunnock Trust will do the right thing and ensure a proper investigation is conduct to ascertain whether the land is suitable for housing. I don't believe for 1 minute that modern building practices could not overcome the drainage issues perpetrated by the GVDIA. An approach to Ogilvie Homes; who I believe own the portion of land between the Glebe area and Charles Street, to discuss why the village badly needs affordable housing should be made. In fact they may be interested in building there in conjunction with Stirling Council. >15 years over 50 no sometimes Open space for kids to play in but try to do something to improve the poor drainage which affects it and a number of adjacent back gardens. Definitely not for housing 5-15 years <25 no yes An all weather sports surface with flood lights should be constructed. This can offer, basketball, net ball, tennis, five aside football. Surrounding the sports surface a floodlit skate park and BMX track - includes a variety of ramps and grind rails could be laid. If space allows a mini traffic cycling area for younger children could also be constructed years house no yes outdoor sports facilities/tennis/basketball with landscaping and good paths that could maybe also be used for toddlers, young children on bikes and scooters 5-15 years prefer not yes landscaping with an enclosed tennis court/basketball court with a path to say around the area that would be suitable for pushing a pram and toddlers/young children learning to cycle 5-15 years over 50 no sometimes Recreation area with a tarmac running track around the outside, particularly suitable for older people to walk around and children to cycle or learn to cycle as well as serious runners 5-15 years yes yes As a facility for the village - a useable space - potentially community food production/orchard and also all weather multi sports pitch (basketball). It has great potential for improvement work years house yes yes Free green walking land 9

10 5-15 years <25 no yes If it could have better drainage then there is absolutely no doubt it would be used more. Myself and my family use it regularly for HIT training, and runs. If a little section was made more conducive to doing this in all weather conditions, and be lighted for safety in the winter it would make for. a safe and attractive fitness area. Please please please with the obesity crisis as it is, encourage our youth to engage in meaningful exercise. Please. >15 years no yes Prefer recreational use of some form, and regardless of use for access to be maintained through from Charles St and The Glebe to Ladies Walk & Gargunnock House, (and also retain the possibility of access to the show field from that side). >15 years over 50 no yes At the moment I only use it for dog-walking. If it could be properly drained I would suggest it could become a state-of-the-art football and games field years over 50 no no Tennis court, bowling green, solar panel field, allotments >15 years yes yes Childrens adventure playground and bike tracks similar to Beechwood park in Stirling >15 years no yes How about a dog free park for children? >15 years no no Community vegetable / fruit garden Outside exercise equipment >15 years no sometimes Any of the following: Play area Bike park (like the one that used to be in town) Skate park Tennis court/hard court area that could be used for a number of different sports (basketball/netball) Astro turf pitch suitable for hockey >15 years no no I would love to see it used to encourage people to be outdoors particularly the kids. Beechwood park in Stirling has a great cycle track the kids love. There are two but the one they love best is do simple it's just a dirt track with different height bumps on it and they love going round on it. A track for bikes and scooters would be brilliant. Another idea I had although I think it's too small to put a running track around the outside isn't it but if it's big enough then creating A natural looking but usable (thinking Richmond park on smaller scale) open space people can walk, run, cycle around would be great probably too small I'm not sure but the beechwood idea needs very little space for the kids. Neither would really need maintenance 10

11 >15 years house no sometimes Multi-use, all weather sports/recreation area. Astro turf for tennis, soccer, short cricket, netball, bowls...whatever. Need to be floodlit to ensure maximum use, but they don't need to be on massive pylons - lower level horizontal lighting works equally well. Somewhere that all the village could make use of throughout the year...might make Gargunnock FC more competitive if they had somewhere to train over the winter too (sorry entering fantasy land there!). >15 years over 50 no no I would suggest a tennis court/club. Kippen has a successful tennis club so there is no reason why it would not work in Gargunnock. >15 years over 50 no no This ground was looked at many years ago to use as cricket ground or bowling green. It was unsuitable for either of them due to it being a bog and stones in it. I m sure it will not have changed over the years. >15 years no yes I currently use the land as a 'cut through' to Gargunnock House but appreciate that there are other routes. I would be pleased to see the land developed to benefit the community, so long as it is developed in line with the views of residents of Charles Street, Station Road and the Glebe. Access to the land is an obvious issue and so is the quality of the land. Not sure if this is an appropriate site for the much needed affordable housing in the village. It could perhaps be a better managed 'green site' - a play area, allotments, an orchard, a community garden? 5-15 years no yes Although we have good facilities for younger children in the village we do not have this for older children in the village. I watch some children over the spring/summer months visit the Murchison house with their tennis racquets however not all families feel they would be welcome to ask for use of the tennis courts. It would be great to have some outdoor sports facility at the Glebe ground for use to young and old. >15 years no sometimes if the land was able to be built upon. Else, either an outdoor garden for the primary school, wildlife garden or community garden, herbs, vegetables etc used by local groups e.g. brownies, guides, playgroup, pensioners, GASC >15 years no sometimes. The school needs more kids, the shop needs more customers, the church needs more parishioners. With regards to it being a flood risk - did you know that in Dubai they are building on the sea! / / 11

12 5-15 years prefer not to say yes First preference would be to leave the land as is but improve walkway through to the ladies walk. It would also be great if we could have some native planting. I am not against housing but I would not like to see any houses or the garages in Charles Street need to be demolished in order for new housing to be built, this was mentioned a few years back. I think it is worth researching with Gargunnock House Trust and new owners at Leckie to see if they would release land for a more substantial housing development. I believe Gargunnock House Trust have released a piece of land for a house to be built on Manse Brae and when Leckie was advertised for sale it did say some of the land was suitable for development. Is it not not a house builder that has bought Leckie? 5-15 years yes yes Improved walkways and a large treehouse that could be used by the school as an outdoor classroom or other village groups like Playgroup, GASC, Beavers, Rainbows, Brownies and Guides. <5 years no sometimes A park would be great with picnic tables and seating area. It would also be good to have some kind of enclosed ball court so that it can be used by the older kids in the village. Something similar to the park in Causewayhead. >15 years house yes yes Create recreational facilities for older children/teens e.g. all weather football / basketball pitch, or small skate / scooter park. Even a simple half pipe would be wonderful! These are understandably expensive options, however, with so much income due to come in via the wind turbine scheme, we could afford it. There is nothing for teens in the village. This would create a social area for them, while increasing their activity levels. This is important for this age group, who can be particularly sedentary. Access to Gargunnock House should be maintained, and improvement to the access, making it a distinct all weather path, would be beneficial. Please do not simply "pretty up" the area by planting and benches - Gargunnock has enough of these areas. We need to be forward thinking in creating open spaces that will be used by all ages. The is large enough to accommodate several options years <25 yes sometimes I think that a leisure centre with a swimming pool or a climbing wall, ice rink or a multi-purpose floor would be very good idea for the village, similar to Fintry. It is also something for everybody and is inclusive. 12

13 >15 years over 50 no sometimes Social/affordable housing may be something attractive to the village. Community solar farm, clean energy bringing income to the village. AD plant utilising food waste/green wast from village to generate energy to bring in income. >15 years over 50 yes yes All weather tennis courts for the young, bowling green, skate boarding area >15 years house yes yes is already used to provide access to Ladies Walk around Gargunnock House. There are a number of small oak trees growing on it. The area is fairly boggy. I believe that the best use of the would be to develop as wildlife area, while maintaining and improving the path to Gargunnock House. Given the boggy nature perhaps part of it could be turned into a pond for amphibians, dragonflies etc. and a range of damp-tolerant trees planted e.g. willow and alder. The pathway could be raised to prevent it from becoming muddy as happens now. It may be possible to involve bodies such as Scottish Wildlife Trust to offer advice on such a development - they already have experience developing community wildlife areas. >15 years over 50 no sometimes A new site for the football pitch or a tennis court >15 years over 50 no sometimes Put in a woodland path, which would make it more accessible in wet weather as it gets very muddy. Plant some wild flowers. Please keep it a peaceful area years over 50 yes sometimes Affordable housing, the village requires additional houses to allow the village to keep evolving, the sound people of the village need to know that there is housing for them thats affordable when they wish to set up home for themselves. The SEPA issue I am sure can be overcome by employing the latest building techniques. I am also sure the owner of the so called Ransom slip would not object if engaged in the discussions >15 years over 50 yes sometimes All weather tennis courts 5-15 years over 50 no yes A nice walking area with wildflowers a pathway and maybe fruit trees 5-15 years over 50 no yes Wildflowers, trees, walking area (drain the area) >15 years over 50 no no Tennis court(s), bike track, bowling green. I hope we get a chance to vote on a list of everyones suggestions. >15 years over 50 no sometimes Plant a mixed wood, it will fit in with the area, help the environment and provide habitat for wildlife 13

14 >15 years over 50 yes yes Wildlife garden for all, construct pond with bridge/viewing platform and maintain and improve existing path - extend path layout. Provide planting to encourage wild life, shelters/nesting and breeding structures. Provide play area and if possible link with woodland to north/east. Climbing frames, ropes etc please provide benches etc for picnics, speak with the school and village experts. For further ideas visit Jupiter centre in Grangemouth years yes yes I really think it should be an outside exercise area for children and adults (see Kings Park) along with walkway (see Flanders Moss) some people have started to plant trees over the years, fruit etc so please take that into consideration, a couple of benches, family friendly please >15 years over 50 no sometimes Affordable housing - badly needed in the village and will provide a boost for the shop, pub and hopefully school too >15 years over 50 no no There is a need for more social housing in the village so I would support a modest development on the northern quadrant, the remainder could / / be a mix of recreational uses (tennis courts, all weather multi-use play area) and landscaped open space. <5 years over 50 no no Wildlife area with wildlife pond and bee and bird and insect friendly planting. Benches, paths, interpretation panels for the wildlife >15 years over 50 no sometimes Children play park, car park >15 years over 50 no sometimes As drainage seems to be a problem not sure what to suggest, Christmas tree plantation? 5-15 years over 50 no no Possible housing (affordable) for an initial suggestion, this could have the impact of increasing school roll. >15 years over 50 no no This should be retained as open space with no building on it, make it semi-wild open space 5-15 years over 50 no sometimes Sensory garden, wild meadow, paths and benches, interactive area with Gargunnock museum - items left for village by Miss Stirling, Miss Miller and others could be interactive and up to date with info from school, village clubs, Gargunnock show and Flower show 5-15 years yes yes Small nature reserve and pond for ducks and other wildlife >15 years over 50 no no Wild garden area, no buildings 5-15 years yes yes I think the best thing would be to tidy it up with proper paths as it is really mucky down there, plenty of bins for rubbish. Apple trees and other trees have been planted down there for the last few years so maybe more fruit trees would be nice. A wild pond maybe, plenty of water to be found I am sure. Fitness area but no dogs allowed in this part of the park. 14

15 >15 years no sometimes All weather football/ basketball court years no sometimes I would like something imaginative, we have lots of natural interest areas around the village. Maybe part could be kept garden - bees, chickens, goats, interactive garden. The other part could be something for older children and an outdoor exercise area for all ages. I don't disagree that the village would benefit from more housing but this is not the place to put it. Successful developments such as The Glebe, Drummond Place and Millbrae were created when land was released from the church or one of the estates. Why don't we research this properly, if this was possible almost 30 years ago why not now. I am tired listening to some in the village who preach on about the need for affordable/social housing so that when their children grow up they will be able to buy. Be honest, when their children grow up they will be gone to university and then a job in a city and maybe return to Gargunnock when ready to settle but at that point they will have a profession and be able to purchase a house. We are still affordable for majority of working couples/families. This is how it should be. I do feel for some who will not be this fortunate but these are not the people banging on about putting affordable housing in this small area, if you believe it get it in the local development plan for the village and speak with land owners. I am a parent with children at the school, to increase numbers we need a larger development of housing to encourage families, lots for young children but I do not see very much for older children around the village, I believe there used to be a youth group, what happened? 5-15 years over 50 no no There is a need in the village for new houses, smaller homes for younger familes so I think it should be used for this... as long as there will not be a problem there with flooding and the new properties do not cause any problems for the people who already live in The Glebe and Charles Street i.e. access to the land should not be through either of these 15

16 >15 years over 50 no yes There should probably still be some kind of public access available, but the land should be used for some sort of community project and probably one that most people could benefit from. Given the generally wet nature of the land, I suggest that it would make an ideal location for some kind of community orchard. In addition to the Orchard, it could be used for raised planting beds to educate children about growing and using vegetables. A low cost option, but with far reaching potential. The produce from the land could be open for free use - but would obviously need to be managed in some way years house yes no I would like for this land to stay a quiet area for the families who live round about. I would not like for anything to be done to the land to encourage it to be any busier than it is now. I am all in agreement to developing the village but would like everyone involved to realise that the families who live next to this piece of land do not want their peaceful street to be changed. A flower garden with benches or something similar. <5 years no sometimes Affordable 3 and 4 bedroom housing. prefer not to say prefer not prefer not yes Wildlife garden and wetland area to encourage flora and fauna which to say to say could be enjoyed and researched by individuals and community groups, including school group learning years over 50 yes yes The land should be used for affordable housing. The village needs additional housing for the young of the village to be able to live here in the future. The school also needs a future and additional family homes are required to maintain the levels of pupils to allow the school to remain viable. >15 years over 50 no sometimes At a recent rural talk, we found out that the Smith museum hold items from Miss Stirling until such time as Gargunnock has a place/museum to hold them. If we had a building to hold these items in the village we could add to it with other items people are currently holding, old copies of village magazines to the Bugle, history of the school and the village including things like Gala days. It could also have up to date information on what is happening now <5 years <25 no yes A nice garden with beautiful flowers, plants and fairies years <25 yes sometimes Small leisure centre or a swimming pool. <5 years <25 no sometimes Leisure centre 5-15 years <25 yes sometimes Fitness area or park dont live no sometimes affordable housing 16

17 5-15 years <25 no sometimes Art gallery <5 years <25 no sometimes Tree house 5-15 years <25 yes sometimes Library or bookshop <5 years no no Either housing or recreational space Iike a bike park or community garden which encourages growing fruit/veg etc. It could encorporate a / / bigger park for the kids or move the football pitch to there. >15 years over 50 no no Just leave it alone so it can be accessed by walkers and dogs <5 years house no sometimes New affordable housing to boost the village population and school roll. >15 years no no Something for adults and children alike. All weather sports ground, play area, maybe exercise machines like Kings Park years yes yes Something that accommodates its "wetness" would probably work best, such as a pond/wildlife garden. However, we have lots of wildlife areas around us, and also lots of park space. What about an "urban" playground with an all-weather surface. It could have a basketball court, skate park, climbing stuff for the kids to pracitce their parcour. But could the climbing stuff be made of wood? There could be a row of trees to block the sights and sounds for the houses at the bottom of the Glebe. If there's space then a combination of the pond and the other stuff. >15 years no no Growing up in Gargunnock there was always a lack of recreational facilities for teenagers other than the football park, so I think it would be good to address this. Some low maintenace sports or exercise based installation, like a skateboard park, bouldering wall, or bodyweight exercise gym. Being situated close to trails up to gargunnock house and on up to the gargunnock hill run, I'd think it's a particularly good spot for outdoor gym equipment (bars, rings, etc.), creating a focal point for exercise that would benefit the full age range of the village. >15 years over 50 no no Bike trail for kids, Nature trails, Tennis court, Bowling green >15 years <25 yes yes The best use of the land in my opinion would be making the land look a little neater and possibly a proper path put from one end to the other. It's a great bit of land for exercising dogs etc. >15 years house no no Part of space used as car park, to ease congestion in Charles Street (fire risk). Rest of space Bowling or tennis court <5 years yes yes Some sort of nature garden or educational resource. Would still very much like access though with my dog to Gargunnock house and gardens. 17

18 <5 years no yes <5 years over 50 no no Nature area - pond and walk/path 5-15 years <25 yes yes From pupils at primary school - Small play park with swings, seesaw, trampoline etc Picnic benches and trees. Place to play basketball/football etc all weather court 5-15 years over 50 yes yes Please think out the box and don't just think about grabbing this piece of land for housing, when is it time to review the local development plan. When will the school be renewed, I think it is over 40 years old, at that time could the school be relocated here or to the field at the community centre and then the current school area could you used for a larger housing development, more beneficial to the village, school, pub and shop. Please leave this area as is with improved walkways years house yes yes Would like to see the land developed as a functional recreational area for the village. Would like to maintain the walkways to Gargunnock House and make them permanent and solid walkways to avoid the muddy paths as they are. Would also be interested in looking at altering the rest of the land area as either an all weather sports pitch (tennis, football?) or cycle path (for kids in the village to safely learn to cycle) and potentially an area with tables/benches where families or groups could meet and sit (picnics / outside social events)? 5-15 years no yes All weather running track, school and playgroup could also make use of it as could parents/grandparents use it to walk babies in prams, toddlers and young ones could utilise it for learning to ride bikes years <25 no no I think a community garden lot should be provided where villagers can pay to use an allotment. Any vegetables or fruit that folks have grown but won't use all of could be placed in the shop and picked up free of charge or bags could be made for the elderly in the village to be able to make a pot of soup with or add to their meal for extra nutrition. Or i think it should be made just a nice area to walk through with lovely planted areas and a marked footpath with a couple of areas for seats. 18

19 >15 years no yes It would be lovely to have a community garden with plenty of good paths for walking on, wide enough to let young ones go around safely on their bikes independently and with hand rails that allow older ones in the village to walk, it is not easy for elderly in the village to safely walk as some roads don't have pavements and others quite hilly, this is such a shame as many of them enjoyed all the beautiful country walks we have around the village in years past. Maybe it could have a car park which would help congestion on Charles Street and allow older ones to drive there but get out have some exercise and sit at a nice table and watch the day go by. <5 years house no no I would favour using it as an area for physical activity. My top choice would be a cycle track (e.g like beechwood park near Stirling high school or Aberfoyle or Wallace high). Alternatively a multi activity sports court (e.g. Five a side / basketball / tennis) would be another option years <25 no no could it be a skate/bike park. That would be cool prefer not to say <25 yes yes Arcade centre with computers and games consoles. Technology centre. >15 years over 50 no sometimes Light wood land and pond or water feature with paths and benches for ages to enjoy >15 years over 50 no yes The area of ground is large enough to extend the affordable housing along the show field edge, possible about 12 houses. Also, the area needs drained so there could be a pond to the south east of the area to drain the surplus water and to create an environment for wild life. There should be good paths across the area suitable for all weather walking and access to the Gargunnock Estate. The remainder of the are could be used for a community orchard. >15 years house no no wetland/wildlife 19

20 >15 years no sometimes A few ideas :- A community orchard. A recreational area for skateboarding/bikes/toddler bike area including a sheltered lit area for young people to meet out of the elements but away from adult supervision. Some tennis courts. Not sure if you are going to or have gathered younger people's ideas but my primary age child thinks allotments would be a good use of the land. However, ideally I think some rural, affordable housing would be the best use of the land as long as it is in keeping with the number of houses already in Charles Street and a lot of traffic calming was incorporated. / / <5 years no yes Bike park or skate park <5 years <25 no yes Football pitch Astro turf for sports <5 years over 50 no yes Multi purpose Astro turf for running track, football or tennis <5 years no sometimes Improved paths that are still walkable in wet weather, exercise area would be nice >15 years over 50 no yes There are so many dog owners in the village what about creating a purpose built building that could be used for dog training and let dogs run around 5-15 years house no yes Multi court, bike track, bike lanes (like Beachwood) tennis courts, trampoline park, painting shop and other considerations; need to compliment not duplicate other resources in the village, not turn into another area plagued by dog poo - e.g. Beeches. Need to maintain access to Gargunnock House, be the best place to whatever goes in e.g. are there more suitable locations elsewhere in the village >15 years over 50 no yes 1. Drainage - the land and gardens adjoining (SEPA style) 2. Paths - Charles St to Ladies Walk 3. Pond - to collect drainage 4. (affordable) would require raising levels to solve SEPA problems - say 1/4-1/3 of site. Also as a temp measure get community payback people to help with a rough path over the swamp >15 years over 50 no sometimes a) leisure - though Gargunnock is in the countryside it is poorly equipped with flat walking areas suitable for people with prams, pushchairs, people with disabilities etc which are off-roads and provide circular paths/routes. Tennis courts would be good too if the ground is suitable. There could be allotment provision somewhere in the village too. b) social housing is also in short supply / / 20

21 >15 years over 50 no sometimes Develop as a recreational area with decent paths, planting shrubs and trees. Make it pram/buggy friendly and good for young children learning to cycle >15 years over 50 no sometimes Not sure what you can do with such wet ground! but whatever you decide please leave the access path to Gargunnock House >15 years over 50 yes yes Decked raised walkway with handrail, raised beds for flowers and herb garden. Community orchard with different fruit trees to benefit community and some benches, so it can be enjoyed by everyone. Trees will help with drainage and be good for environment 5-15 years over 50 no sometimes Flower gardens for people to sit in and enjoy, to work in also, allotments, tennis courts 5-15 years over 50 no sometimes Open space/park, allotments >15 years over 50 no sometimes Would a bowling green not be a very big advantage for village residents? A sport which is of interest to all age groups >15 years over 50 yes sometimes please see mindmap at bottom of survery results 5-15 years no yes Leave it as is or use it for wildlife and bog garden, ask the school what they want for the children, pond dipping? >15 years over 50 yes yes Wetland/wildlife garden are with pond. This would take account of SEPA considerations of danger of flooding nearby properties if houses were built on the land. This use would benefit the whole community and would be an excellent resource for the school and other groups to access a bespoke outdoor learning opportunity. We have nothing of this nature in the village and would benefit generations to come years no no A skate /bike rink area for kids of all ages, there is not a lot around the village for kids (especially teenagers) so this would be an area well used for skaters/scooters and bikes 5-15 years house yes sometimes A pleasant garden area with good paths leading on to access to Gargunnock House. Not very imaginative, we know but presumably a low-cost option. We know others will have more creative suggestions and we look forward to seeing the process develop >15 years prefer not no sometimes Country garden with seats and a proper tarred path to the Ladies to say Walk/Gargunnock Estate >15 years over 50 no no Since I don t live near the I don t feel I should be having a strong view on what happens. Play area for hockey, tennis, football would be good though. >15 years over 50 no sometimes Wooded garden area with paths and bench seats. A place for peace and tranquility, nothing specifically for children as the park is adequate but seldom used 21

22 >15 years over 50 yes sometimes Due to the wetness of the ground around the Station Road, Charles Street and Glebe area caused by poor drainage, we would like an environmental pond to be developed. This would help the drainage, enhance the wildlife and could act as an outdoor classroom for the school. Seating to be included so all can experience nature in a quiet still environment >15 years no no Astro turf area for kids - boys and girls, this area could be great for football, basketball, tennis, hockey. The kids in Gargunnock use Murdo s tennis court each summer <5 years no sometimes A skate park for skating, looters, bikes and mixed abilities and/or tennis court(s). An orchard could go behind the drop-in centre instead. >15 years over 50 no sometimes Something similar to Flanders Moss where people in wheelchairs, can be easily pushed around a nice garden area. Also good to have handrails for those who need a little extra support, good for parents with babies and young children too >15 years over 50 no sometimes Turn it into a Community Wild Land and Pathway with a boardwalk similar to Flanders Moss. Encourage the natural habitat (bog) provide a short, circular walkway and links to the Lady's Walk which could also be upgraded to provide better access. 22

23 Age Live near 23