Planning Commission Staff Report Project Plan Approval Hearing Date: June 14, 2017

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1 Planning Commission Staff Report Project Plan Approval Hearing Date: June 14, 2017 ITEM 3 Peter Matson requests Project Plan Approval for an 80-acre mixed-use plan that includes 220 residential units and 3.84 acres of Neighborhood Commercial Shopping Center (SC-1) Zoning. The proposed zoning is R1.8(PD) and SC-1. The property is located at approximately 1560 South 1100 West. Sunset and Lakewood Neighborhoods PPA, Brian Maxfield, Applicant: Peter Matson Staff Coordinator: Brian Maxfield Property Owners: SRG Investment LC; Echo Ridge LC; J L C; John Roberts. Parcel ID#: ; ; ; Current Zone: Proposed Zone: R1.8PD; SC-1 General Plan Designation: Residential Acreage: Number of Properties: 5 Number of Lots/Units: 220 Council Action Required: No ALTERNATIVE ACTIONS 1. Approve the proposed Project Plan. This action would not follow the recommendation of the staff report and the Planning Commission should state new findings. Current Legal Use: Uses allowed in the A1.5 Zone Relevant History: None Associated Request(s): Accompanying Rezoning Request ( R) Neighborhood Issues: Comments from the Sunset Neighborhood Chair regarding the most recent neighborhood meeting (February 7, 2017) are attached. Answers to the proposed questions will be addressed at the Planning Commission meeting. Summary of Key Issues: 1. Availability of sewer. 2. Appropriateness of requested zones. 3. Required and desirable changes to associated project plan. Staff Recommendation: Deny the requested Project Plan based on the findings in the Staff Report. This action would be consistent with the recommendations of the Staff Report. 2. Continue to a future date to obtain additional information or to further consider information presented. The next available meeting date is June 28, 2017, 5:30 p.m.

2 June 14, 2017 Page 2 OVERVIEW The originally-proposed project plan included acres, with 3.84 acres proposed to be designated as SC-1 Neighborhood Shopping Center, and acres proposed as R1.8PD Single-family Residential Performance Development. The residential portion included a proposal for 220 residential units, which equaled just over 2.8 units per acre, and included five, 5-acre lots (26.89 acres) on the south side of the Lakeview Parkway. The most recent revision excludes the acreage on the south side of the parkway, resulting in a total area of acres. A reconfiguration of the commercial area was also made so that it now includes 4.46 acres and fully extends through the area between 1560 South and the Lakeview Parkway. The remaining residential area now totals acres and has a unit count of 213 units, or just under 4.2 units per acre. The submitted project plan includes only the residential portion of the project. It is proposed to be developed under the allowances of Chapter PD Performance Development Overlay Zone. The Performance Development Overlay allows three major variations to the standards of the underlying zone. First, besides single-family detached units, the overlay allows single-family attached units. Second, residential units can be clustered, allowing for variations in the minimum lot sizes. Third, the PD allows a bonus density on top of the general base density. As stated in the Chapter 14.31, a Performance Development (PD) is: a residential development planned as a whole, single complex. It incorporates a definite development theme which includes the elements of usable open spaces, diversity of lot design or residential use, amenities, a well planned circulation system, and attractive entrances as part of the design. The incorporation of one (1) or two (2) of these elements into a development does not make a PD. The combination of all of these elements is necessary for the development of a PD. (Section (2)) Additionally, the Chapter gives the stated purpose of the Performance development Overlay zone as: to encourage imaginative and efficient utilization of land, to develop a sense of community, and to insure compatibility with the surrounding neighborhoods and environment. (Section (1)) The proposed PD portion of the development is divided into three residential areas: A singlelevel living area (17.18 acres and 72 units); a standard lot area (20.00 acres and 67 units); and an attached living area (8.05 acres and 74 units). The single-level living area and the attached living area are intended to be marketed to empty-nesters and seniors. The letter of intent included with the rezoning (and referencing the initial site plan), includes the following paragraphs related to the development of the property:

3 June 14, 2017 Page 3 STAFF ANALYSIS The follow is the staff analysis of the project to date. At this time, staff does not believe the applicant complies with the listed requirements of Chapter (PD Overlay Zone), nor with all requirements of Title 15 regarding Land Use and Development. Critical concerns include the following: Ability to Provide Sewer: In the Wastewater Collection System 2010 Master Plan, a lift station was identified in the Southwest portion of Provo (W4.2 on the attached drawing). This lift station was not included in the CIP for the next 5 years. The lift station north of the airport (W1.5) had been budgeted for and was scheduled to be constructed this coming year. In addition, portions of the Geneva Outfall had been budgeted for (W2.1-W2.5). However, as the design proceeded with the Geneva Outfall, several issues were identified that affected the feasibility of the mainline. Alternatives were considered, and moving the outfall to the Lakeview Parkway emerged as the most feasible. This alternative is anticipated to consolidate five lift stations into one regional lift station and allow the southwest portion of Provo to develop sooner than it would have under the previous master plan scenario. Several items need to be worked out to ensure the feasibility and timing of the Lakeview Parkway alignment alternative including finalizing the alignment, pipe sizing, and locating the regional lift station. Provo has hired Horrocks Engineers to perform the design for the Westside Sewer Outfall Project along the Lakeview Parkway and update the master plan on the Westside to reflect the new plan. Horrocks was put under contract with Provo City in May In order to assure viability and timing of this project, we need to get to 30% design drawings. Horrocks sent Provo a letter that states when the 30% milestone is expected to be attained (See Attached). Until

4 June 14, 2017 Page 4 then, Provo cannot guarantee the alignment, lift station location or assure the timing for completion of the aforementioned improvements. Associated Project Plan: Several items related to the layout of the proposed development have not yet been resolved with the City s Coordinator s Review Committee (CRC). These principally include, but are not limited to: 1. The re-location of the access point on Lakeview Parkway, closer to the mid-point between 1100 and 1600 North; 2. The development of the Big Dry Creek area along the western boundary of the project as a linear park, to provide a natural connection between this project and other properties within the larger block area (between 1100 and 1600 West, and between 1150 South and Lakeview Parkway). This requirement is based on subsection (1)(h) in Section Minimum Performance Standards, and is further supported by Subsections 2b, 2c, and 2e of the Westside Development Policies: (1) General Standards: (h) Natural Features. Developments shall be designed to preserve and incorporate the natural features of the land into the development. Natural features include drainage swales, wetlands, rock outcroppings, steams, and concentrated native stands of large shrubs or trees. Westside Development Policies 2. Preserve and Create Quality Usable Open Space a. Update and utilize the Parks and Recreation Master Plan to provide developed parks and open space that satisfy a range of leisure and recreational needs. b. Preserve and develop natural amenities for sustained enjoyment by the community. Examples include the Provo River and banks, the Provo River Delta, Utah Lake shoreline, and wetlands. c. Provide parks and trails of different uses and sizes. d. Encourage agri-tourism as a means to provide agriculturally themed open space. e. Useable neighborhood open space should be an integral part of neighborhood design or combined to serve larger areas than the immediate development. 3. More efficient road connections to the properties to the west as represented in the local road concept plan for the larger block area. These connections are also emphasized in Section (5) regarding Minimum Performance Standards for Streets within a PD Overlay Zone. 4. Details of meeting requirements for Compatibility Standards (Section (2)), including (c) Curb Appeal.

5 June 14, 2017 Page 5 5. Details of meeting requirements for Design Theme (Section (3)), including (b) Visual Relief; and (c) Unified Design. Details of an entry way have been submitted are included in the attachments. 6. The prosed open space does not appear to staff to be adequate or usable. Details of meeting requirements for Open Space (Section (4)). The most recent CRC Project Analysis is attached to this report. The attached CRC staff comments include a more extended list of necessary revisions. However, even given the applicant s ability to address those listed comments, it needs to be understood that the comments only address the project with the proposed PD Overlay zoning. If the requested zoning designations are modified, additional review and revisions may need to be made to reflect the adopted zoning. CONCLUSIONS Due to the outstanding issues regarding the utilities, the appropriate zoning, and the requested redesign of portions of the proposed subdivision, staff believes it would be premature to approve the project plan in its existing configuration and detail. STAFF RECOMMENDATION Deny the requested Project Plan for the following reasons: 1. The necessary and appropriate sewer facilities for the project cannot be provided at this time. 2. The proposed plan does not meet all requirements of Chapter regarding the PD Overlay Zone. 3. The proposed plan does not include or otherwise adequately address the revisions called out the by the City s Coordinator s Review Committee.

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