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1 1 Home Improvement Application for Water Efficient Landscape Note: This application needs to be submitted a minimum of 30 days before any planned activity. Name: : Home/Cell # Work # Proposed Start Date: Proposed Completion Date Type of Home Improvement Work to be performed: Front Yard Landscape Hardscape/Concrete Wall/Wall Addition Driveway/Walkway Lighting Other (Please Explain): Artificial Turf Installation Fence/Fence Addition Decorative Rock Trellis/Arbor Drainage Materials To Be Used Wood Stucco Brick Stone Concrete Metal Other (Please Explain) Are You Hiring a Contractor Yes No Name of Contractor Phone# of Contractor

2 2 1Neighbor Notification Form Using the Neighborhood Location Form, please show and explain your plans to all affected neighbors. Please have them sign this form to verify they have been notified of your improvement. By signing this form, your neighbors are NOT agreeing with your proposed improvement. This form is just a notification tool. A B C D E F G H I J NOTIFIED NEIGHBORS If you have questions or concerns regarding this proposed home improvement application or feel that the improvement may not be in compliance, please sign this form and contact NPMA Management using the information below and let us know your concerns. APPLICANT Please use the extra spaces on this form to list the addresses of the un-notified Neighbors as well as the reason you were unable to acquire their notification.

3 3 Neighborhood Location Diagram Form _ - Use this form to determine which neighbors need notified. Please CIRCLE your scenario below. Fill in the corresponding Lot letters using Neighborhood Notification Form. - You will need to notify all adjacent neighbors that can see your improvement from their lot. If improvement is visible from across the street, you need to notify those neighbors as well.

4 4 o CHECKLIST Photos: Entire front yard and or side yard if applicable. Include all neighboring yards that are affected or attached to your yard (more photos is better). Detailed Drawing/Plan: Proposed landscape changes: All drawings are to include the following: Show accurate position of all plants and trees Show location and general size and shape of all hardscape Show (accurately) that your plan will meet the minimum requirement of 60% plant coverage at maturity overall. (60%-plants/40%-ground cover/hard scape) Show (accurately) a drip irrigation plan. All Drawings must be to an accurate scale and dimensions. Please note: Removal of your lawn may create a different drainage scenario, please factor this into your landscape plan and show all drainage directions on drawing. Plant List: Must include the following information: Botanical name and the common name of each plant Dimensions of all plants AT MATURITY. o Height and spread (to be depicted on drawing/plan) Color Photos of all Plants need to be printed or submitted via /thumb drive. o Must provide seasonal photos of each plant Color Photos or Samples: All Hardscape Materials to be used: Brick, stone, rocks, mulch, concrete, etc. Note: Thriving water efficient landscape may require more maintenance than caring for your existing lawn. Maintenance includes: Weed control, pruning, replenish mulch, prevent water runoff, maintain irrigation system, and thriving plants. Application Condition for Approval It is the Owner s responsibility to supply any and all details required, as stated in the Home Improvement Request Application. This gives the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) the needed information to determine compliance with the CC&Rs and the Architectural Control Guidelines regarding this proposed Home Improvement Application. The ACC reserves the right to request additional information when necessary. o The Owner is responsible for the accuracy of the information supplied within this Home Improvement Request Application and it s compliance with any and all CC&R and Architectural Guidelines. If the construction or installation of any Home Improvement item(s) is deemed noncompliant with the CC&Rs or Architectural Standards after being constructed or installed, even with an approved Home Improve Application, the Owner will be required to correct the non-compliant item. SIGNATURE DATE

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6 6 Botanical Plant Name Plant List and Hard Scape List Common Plant Name Photo# Hard Scape List Evergreen Deciduous Annual Perennial Mature Height Item Name Photo# Size Color Please provide each photo with its corresponding photo # above. In addition, you must use the above photo # within your detailed drawing. Mature Spread

7 7 Please use these resources to gain more knowledge of water efficient landscape Regional Water Authority. Click on Water Wise Gardening. Click on Garden Gallery at top of screen to see excellent gallery of photos of 60 water-efficient Front Yards, showing a vast range of designs and appearance of lawn-free front yards. Additional galleries include photos of Hillside gardens, Low Maintenance Gardens and Shrub Borders. Click on Plants at top of screen for groupings of photos of Ornamental Grasses, California Native Plants and Lawn Substitutes plus 3 other categories. Click on Resources for basic information on how to design, install, irrigate and maintain a water-wise landscape. U.C. Davis Arboretum. Click on Arboretum All Stars on right side of home page for 100 plants, many of them low-water proven to thrive in our Valley. Includes searchable database to help you choose plants, a list of the 100 plants, plus an audio slide-show. Website also includes plans and plant suggestions for a California Native Garden, Low Maintenance Garden, and Wildlife Attracting Garden. EcoLandscape California. Excellent source for basic ideas and specific information. Includes four complete plans free of charge for water efficient front, back & side yards (both large and small,) plus very useful plant lists with photos of the plants as they will look during all 4 seasons of the year. US Integrated Pest Management Website. Provides a wealth of information about home landscapes, including pests and diseases of turf, trees, and other plants, plus links to Pest Notes and other resources. Information about a demonstration project that studied water-efficient, low-maintenance alternatives to traditional lawns. (Project directed by Chuck Ingels) Offers several recommendations. Do keep in mind that most of them require an adjustment to winter dormancy (brown lawns for the few months of winter.) U.C. Cooperative Extension, Sacramento County. This is the website for the Sacramento County Master Gardeners. Click on Water-Efficient Plants for a list as well as links to many different resources regarding Water-Efficient Landscaping, plus a description and specific information about the Water Efficient Landscape (WEL) garden at the Fair Oaks Horticulture Center near the corner of Madison & Fair Oaks Blvd. This website offers information about environmentally friendly gardening. In their words: River-Friendly Landscaping practices are designed to help you create a healthy, beautiful, vibrant yard while conserving water, reducing yard waste, and preventing pollution of our air and local rivers. Click on Garden Tours. Great photos, descriptions, and several plans, of Water Efficient Landscapes included in the recent annual Elk Grove Greener Gardens Tours.

8 8 Water efficient landscape gardens to visit: Ruth Risdon Storer Garden at UC Davis Arboretum Fair Oaks Horticulture Center at Fair Oaks Blvd in Fair Oaks. UC Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners maintain this garden and offer plant demonstrations, open garden days and workshops. WEL Garden is free and open to the public all week. The rest of the gardens are open only on specific workshops & open garden days. WPA Rock Garden in William Land Park Hamilton Square Perennial Garden in the Old City Cemetery (Broadway & Riverside in Sacramento.) Perennial garden is joint project of the Perennial Plant Club and the Old City Cemetery Committee. Garden has lots of color (both blooming & foliage) in all seasons. Ruth Bancroft Garden in Walnut Creek Water District Gardens Northridge Water District Antelope Garden Antelope North Road in Antelope, CA. Generally open May through October. Visitors can stroll through gardens, view plants and learn about designs and irrigation systems. Elk Grove Greener Gardens Annual Tour 2014 tour was held on April 26. Miwok Park Village Tree Drive in Elk Grove. Roseville Greener Gardens 2014 Tour 2014 Tour was held on May 17 Sacramento Master Gardener Workshops and Open Garden Days at Fair Oaks Horticulture Center: Go to o Click on Fair Oaks Horticulture Center from Horticulture Center Drop Down Menu o Click on FOHC Gardening Events on the right side of the screen for information and calendar of Open Garden Days and Workshops.

9 Architectural Control Committee 9 Notice of Completion Form This form needs to be submitted no more than 10 days following completion of the improvement. Natomas Park Association Architectural Control Guidelines state: 4.2 The Owner shall notify the Association Manager that the improvement has been completed no more than 10 days following completion. This form must be used to notify the association that the improvement listed below has been completed as approved. Homeowner s Name: Property : Type of Home Improvement: Painting House Repaint Same Color Repaint Approved Color Scheme from NPMA Book Remodeling/Addition Exterior Doors Garage Doors Driveway/Walkway Greenhouse Surveillance Cameras Gazebo Storage Shed (Painted to match House) Water Efficient Landscaping Other (Please Explain): Play Equipment/Sports Apparatus Swimming Pool/Spa Solar Panels Decks/Patios Patio Cover/Arbor/Overhang Fence/Fence Addition Front Yard Landscaping (Visible From Street) Side Yard Landscaping (Visible From Street) Date of ACC approval: Completion Date: Adequate photos of the completed work must be submitted with this Notice of Completion. If you have questions, please contact the Management office at SIGNATURE DATE Please mail form with original signature to: P. O. Box , Sacramento, CA (916)