Santa Clara Valley Orchid Society Established 1951 Helping You to Become a Better Grower. August 2011 SCVOS Newsletter.

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1 Santa Clara Valley Orchid Society Established 1951 August 2011 SCVOS Newsletter (please note that links in electronic copies are functional) September 7 th Meeting Speaker Our speaker will be T. J. Hartung who lives in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and comes highly recommended by SCVOS President Kristina Bell. T. J. has a degree in Computer Science (back in the days of wind-up computers C. gaskelliana Blue Dragon AM/AOS at the Vallarta Botanical Gardens on orchids and orchid culture. He has written 2 books (available at the Vallarta Botanical Gardens) on orchids. And a Recent article in "Orchids" magazine. (Jan Parting Shot) and spent several years designing computers and related hardware. He switched over to software and spent 30 years designing, writing and installing software for hotel operations. T. J. retired in 1994, and moved to Mexico. He started rescuing* orchids in This renewed his interest in orchids, and prompted him to research and learn more about orchids. He has worked with the Vallarta Botanical Epidendrum pfavii Gardens since it first opened in In 2005 he formed the Vallarta Orchid Society and in 2006 became a member of the board of directors of the Vallarta Botanical Gardens. T. J. Has given many lectures Presidents Corner Upcoming Events for 2011: September: Speaker:T.J. Hartung Orchids of Mexico October: SCVOS Auction November: Ed Nazzal Local Wild Orchids December 4th: SCVOS Holiday Party 1

2 Santa Clara Valley Orchid Society Established 1951 August 2011 SCVOS Newsletter (please note that links in electronic copies are functional) August Meeting In our speaker was Marni Turkel who spoke on Ceologyne, Dendrochilum and related genera. Marni showed a lot of wonderful slides on specimen Ceologyne and Dendrochilum. She also provided a plant table for the opportunity drawing. C. gaskelliana Blue Dragon AM/AOS Show and Tell Marni Turkel Oliver Colmanar 2

3 Santa Clara Valley Orchid Society Established 1951 August 2011 SCVOS Newsletter (please note that links in electronic copies are functional) C. gaskelliana Blue Dragon AM/AOS Mary Ann Tanya Lam Ed Nazzal Marie Lofton 3

4 Santa Clara Valley Orchid Society Established 1951 August 2011 SCVOS Newsletter (please note that links in electronic copies are functional) If you are not getting your newsletter via , please be sure to give your current correct address to Ed Nazzal, C. gaskelliana Blue Dragon AM/AOS All plants brought for sale by members must be properly labeled, disease free, and priced in even, dollar amounts. Ten percent of the sale price goes to the club Treasurer Marvin Bell before you leave. Refreshments Announcement: All members with last names starting A-G please bring in refreshments for September And, you get a free raffle ticket for the Opportunity Table Remember, for much more information about orchids, links, our future schedule, care sheets, contact information, previous newsletters, and lots of pictures of plants and people, visit the website: The SCVOS: Board Meeting T he August board meeting will occur on the 19th of September at 7:30 PM at place CA. If you d like to make an announcement, please contact Kristina by phone at (408) or by at Participating on the board is a very rewarding and infinitely educational experience highly recommended! Please come out and support your society! SCVOS Online S o much online check it out!! We have a Facebook page. Have a look at it on Facebook! Also see Matt Bond s Flickr page, and Eric Hunt s SCVOS Show page, and the Internet Orchid Species Encyclopedia, which the SCVOS helps fund. Member Susan Wiedman also has a new link at Your 2011 Board 4

5 SCVOS Board The Santa Clara Valley Orchid Society is a non-profit organization that meets the first Wednesday of each month at the American Legion Hall, 1504 Minnesota Avenue, in the Willow Glen neighborhood of San Jose, California. The meeting starts at 7:30 PM. The skill session starts at about 7:00 PM. Officers for 2011 Kristina Bell, President (408) Peter Brown, Vice President (510) Sandi Fox (408) Marvin Bell, Treasurer (408) Directors for 2011 Ed Nazzal (408) Eanghak Quach (408) Ann Stuart (408) Marie Lofton (408) Dave Smitt (408) Auction Chair Ed Nazzal (408) Membership Peter Brown (510) Sandi Fox (408) Member Database Ed Nazzal (408) Newsletter Dave Smitt, Editor (408 ) Dave and Ofelia Woodfill, Mailing (408) Publicity Susan Wiedmann (408) Library Marie Lofton (408) Plant Opportunity Tickets Dave and Ofelia Woodfill (408) Kitchen Crew Conrad Kumata 5 Liz Gehrig (408) Greenhouse Tour Doug Pulley (408) Show and Sale Eanghak Quach, Co-Chair, Judging (408) Peter Brown, Co-Chair, Sales (510) Holiday Party Kristina Bell (408) Orchid Sale As you have probably heard, Bud Seagraves, long time member and past President of SCVOS is ill and his family is selling off his extensive orchid collection. The first sale was on Saturday August 20 th at Bud s house in Los Gatos. The next sale will be on September 10 th from 9:00 to 4:00. The address is 115 LuRay Dr. in Los Gatos. This will be an opportunity to help a wonderful SCVOS member and buy some great orchids at great prices. Here a few photos of the last sale. Tania Lam at work

6 As you can see, Bud has two intermediate greenhouses full of plants. Tanya Lam has worked tireously to price everything and has been aided by many SCVOS members. Cudos A big hand should go to Eric Hunt, frequent SCVOS speaker and photographer extraodinaire for having a photo published in the beautiful AOS 2012 calendar. 6

7 !"#$%&'()*!&+%&). Orchid Facts Neofinetia (Neof.) is a monopodial growing genus with three species: falcata, richardsiana and xichangnensis. Neof. falcata is the most common, popular and known of the three among orchid hobbyists, growers and breeders. It was the only member of the Neofinetia genus until The members of this genus are found in China, Korea, Japan and the Ryukyu Islands. These countries of origin indicate that the genus requires intermediate growing conditions. This genus is generally epiphytic, but may also be lithophytic. Neof. falcata is the type species. It was discovered by Carl Thunberg, putting it in the genus Orchis. He described it in his book, Flora Japonica, in The genus was named after the French botanist, Achille Finet ( ). Falcata refers to the scythe-like-shaped leaves. Finet did work on Chinese and Japanese orchids. In 1925, it was moved to the present genus by H. H. Hu. Plants are small, compact and freely branching. The flowers are white to pink borne on short spikes. A plant could have one or two inflorescences. The flower has the characteristic spur, which may vary in length depending on the species or the variety. Leaves also vary in length and color. Regardless of its relatively small stature, Neof. falcata can be impressive specimen plants with innumerable fragrant blooms. Many internet sources recommend mounting these plants on tree fern or cork. Many also added that they enjoy frequent watering when in active growth, but requires good drainage, which explains the cork or tree fern. In nature, this genus grows epiphytically at an angle on small branches of deciduous trees. That means the plants receive strong light during winter and spring. The angle helps drain water from the base of the plants. As early as 1728, Neof. falcata had been described in Japanese literature. There is a long history of its cultivations in Japan starting in the Edo Period (1603 to 1868). The Japanese call this orchid Fu-ran, "The Wind Orchid." or Fukiran which means "Rich and Noble Orchid". Samurai warriors of ancient Japan would go through great lengths to find an exceptional plant, thus a sign of bravery. There was a time when only the elite Samurai class could own this orchid. There was a story I heard from someone or read somewhere that Japanese slaves could earn their freedom and/or be given a house on a tract of land if they could bring a plant of outstanding physical properties. The rich and noble Japanese people of old, according to the Seed Engei webswite, covered their precious Fuki-ran with either gold or silver net to protect them from admirers. The website also added these admirers needed to cover their mouths with kaishi (calligraphy paper) to prevent directly breathing on the esteemed Fuki-ran. The kind of respect they afforded the Fuki-ran was the same respect the Japanese people gave a great sword. This orchid got established in Japanese culture in the Edo Period. However, after the Meiji restoration in 1868, the introduction of Western culture brought in the influx of exotic orchids. The fascination of the Japanese people with the introduced orchid species signified the decline of Fuki-ran s popularity until the 1900's. Neof. falcata has been used to create intergeneric hybrids with other vandaceous orchid genera. The following are some of intergeneric hybrids using Neof. falcata: 7

8 Aerasconetia - Neofinetia x Aerides x Ascocentrum Aeridofinetia - Neofinetia x Aerides Ascocleinetia - Neofinetia x Ascocentrum x Cleisocentron Ascofinetia - Neofinetia x Ascocentrum Cleisofinetia - Neofinetia x Cleisocentron Darwinara - Neofinetia x Ascocentrum x Rhynchostylis x Vanda Dominyara - Neofinetia x Ascocentrum x Luisia x Rhynchostylis Dorifinetia - Neofinetia x Doritis Hanesara - Neofinetia x Aerides x Arachnis Hueylihara - Neofinetia x Renanthera x Rhynchostylis Knudsonara - Neofinetia x Ascocentrum x Renanthera x Rhynchostylis x Vanda Luascotia - Neofinetia x Ascocentrum x Luisia Luinetia - Neofinetia x Luisia Luivanetia - Neofinetia x Luisia x Vanda Micholitzara - Neofinetia x Aerides x Ascocentrum x Vanda Moonara - Neofinetia x Aerides x Ascocentrum x Rhynchostylis Nakamotoara - Neofinetia x Ascocentrum x Vanda Neoglossum - Neofinetia x Ascoglossum Neograecum - Neofinetia x Angraecum Neostylis - Neofinetia x Rhynchostylis Phalanetia - Neofinetia x Phalaenopsis Renafinanda - Neofinetia x Renanthera x Vanda Renanetia - Neofinetia x Renanthera Robifinetia - Neofinetia x Robiquetia Rosakirschara - Neofinetia x Ascocentrum x Renanthera Rumrillara - Neofinetia x Ascocentrum x Rhynchostylis Sanjumeara - Neofinetia x Aerides x Rhynchostylis x Vanda Vandofinetia - Neofinetia x Vanda Vandofinides - Neofinetia x Aerides x Vanda Yonezawaara - Neofinetia x Rhynchostylis x Vanda 8