LBC 3210/00 Line Array Indoor/Outdoor Loudspeaker

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1 Commnications Systems LBC 3210/00 Line Array Indoor/Otdoor Lodspeaker LBC 3210/00 Line Array Indoor/Otdoor Lodspeaker Extended listening area Excellent intelligibility of speech and msic Uniform distribtion of natral sond throghot the room Provision for inside monting the optional line/ lodspeaker spervision board EN certified This lodspeaker, with its excellent directivity and high power otpt, can handle large (reverberant) indoor environments like airport departre longes, train stations and congress venes. It is also sitable for otdoor se, for instance in railway stations or sports stadims. Its fll freqency range makes it ideal for speech as well as msic reprodction. System overview A time- and labor-saving monting method has been developed for the LBC 3210/00. A chart is spplied with the lodspeaker, which shows the ideal installation height for the area the lodspeaker has to cover. Once the appropriate height has been determined for a given area, the lodspeaker is monted at an angle marked on the monting bracket. This simple procedre is very mch simpler and more accrate than traditional trial and error installation methods. The LBC 3210/00 can be monted on a wall or directly onto a floor stand LBC 1259/01 with an M10 threaded bolt withot additional accessories. Monting bracket (inclded) with marked angle. Dimensions in mm

2 2 LBC 3210/00 Line Array Indoor/Otdoor Lodspeaker Detail monting bracket Monted on optional lodspeaker stand (LBC 1259/01) Fnctions Range of Application The LBC 3210/00 is part of the XLA 3200 (extended Listening Area) range of line array lodspeakers. Advanced filtering and positioning of the lodspeaker drivers has reslted in greatly improved adio directivity. Each speaker driver prodces a dedicated freqency range. The difference between a conventional colmn lodspeaker and this line array is noticeable in several ways. There is niform sond distribtion throghot the whole listening area: not too lod at the front, not too qiet at the back. All relevant freqencies are present everywhere in the listening area. Greater coverage is achieved, so more people can be reached with speech and msic with a higher intelligibility level. All these important featres will give the experience of a very natral sond qality in the whole listening area. Dimensions in mm

3 3 LBC 3210/00 Line Array Indoor/Otdoor Lodspeaker Easy Installation The advanced filtering generates larger vertical opening angles for high freqencies, so there is less narrow 'beaming' of higher tones. Compared to conventional colmn lodspeakers, this line array has a more constant opening angle for all relevant freqencies. As an example, at 4 khz the vertical opening angle is still 18. Having more constant vertical opening angles makes installation easier, as the positioning of the lodspeakers is less critical becase they cover a wider area. An excellent horizontal opening angle of 90 at 4 khz means that a single lodspeaker can provide natral sond reprodction over an extensive listening area. Sppressed Side Lobes All conventional colmn lodspeakers prodce a main lobe of sond, which is directed at listeners, and a nmber of nwanted side lobes. The LBC 3210/00 has highly sppressed side lobes in the vertical plane, typically at least 10 db from the 250 Hz octave band at 90, reslting in a mch clearer, less 'colored' sond, even when close to the lodspeakers. This gives the line array lodspeaker sperb intelligibility of both speech and msic. Sond Reprodction The positioning and very high qality of the 4-inch drivers contribte significantly in making the LBC 3210/00 a very efficient line array. With a sond pressre level of 115 db at 1 m at 60 W, lod and clear sond reprodction is possible even at considerable distances from the lodspeaker. The high-qality lodspeaker drivers sed in the LBC 3210/00 give excellent, natral sond reprodction of freqencies ranging from 190 Hz to 20 khz. Together with the constant directivity this ensres that all important freqencies are heard in the listening area. Emergency Compliant The lodspeakers ceramic terminal block, thermal fse and heat-resistant, high-temperatre wiring, ensre that, in the event of a fire, damage to the lodspeaker does not reslt in failre of the circit to which it is connected. In this way, system integrity is maintained, ensring lodspeakers in other areas within the same lodspeaker zone can still be sed to inform people of the sitation. The line arrays have provision for monting the optional line/lodspeaker spervision board. A three-way ceramic terminal block with screw connections sitable for loop-throgh wiring is located in a compartment at the base of the lodspeaker colmn. There is also a switch which allows the selection of nominal fll power (60 W), half power (30 W) or qarter power (15 W). The compartment has knock-ot slots for accommodating cables. Certifications and approvals All Bosch lodspeakers are designed to withstand operation at their rated power for 100 hors in accordance with IEC Power Handling Capacity (PHC) standards. These lodspeakers also comply with the Simlated Acostical Feedback Exposre (SAFE) test, which demonstrates that they can withstand acostical feedback at fll power for short drations. This ensres extra reliability nder extreme conditions, leading to higher cstomer satisfaction, longer operating life and mch less chance of failre or performance deterioration. Safety acc. to EN and CE Emergency acc. to EN / BS / EN Water and dst protection acc. to IEC 60529, IP 66 Impact acc. to EN 50102, IK 07 Wind-force acc. to NEN 6702 : A1 :2008, Bft 11 Region Erope Poland Certification CE CPD CNBOP Installation/configration notes ~ Ø Circit diagram Freqency response

4 4 LBC 3210/00 Line Array Indoor/Otdoor Lodspeaker 250 Hz 500 Hz 1 khz 2 khz 4 khz 8 khz SPL SPL max Q-factor H. angle (deg) V. angle (deg) Acostical performance specified per octave

5 5 LBC 3210/00 Line Array Indoor/Otdoor Lodspeaker

6 6 LBC 3210/00 Line Array Indoor/Otdoor Lodspeaker

7 7 LBC 3210/00 Line Array Indoor/Otdoor Lodspeaker Mechanical Dimensions (H x W x D) Weight 1200 x 160 x 90 mm (47.24 x 6.3 x 3.54 in) 9 kg (19,8 lb) Color Light gray (matches RAL 9022) Environmental Operating temperatre Storage temperatre -25 ºC to +55ºC (-13 ºF to +131 ºF) -40 ºC to +70 ºC (-40 ºF to +158 ºF) Relative hmidity <95% 1438 Bosch Secrity Systems BV Torenallee 49, 5617BA Eindhoven, The Netherlands CPD-0254 Parts inclded Qantity Components 1 LBC 3210/00 Line Array Lodspeaker 1 Wall monting bracket 1 Attachment piece 1 Installation chart Technical specifications Electrical* Maximm Power Rated Power Sond pressre level at 60 W / 1 W (1 khz, 1 m) Effective freqency range (-10 db) Opening angle 90 W 60 / 30 / 15 W 115 db / 97 db (SPL) 190 Hz to 20 khz 1 khz / 4 khz (-6 db) EN 54-24:2008 Lodspeaker for voice alarm systems for fire detection and fire alarm systems for bildings Ordering information Line Array 60W LBC 3210/00 Type B LBC 3210/00 Line Array Indoor/Otdoor Lodspeaker for large (reverberant) environments, 60 W Order nmber LBC3210/00 Accessories LBC 1259/00 Universal Floorstand Lightweight alminm constrction, foldable, M10 x 12 redcer flange. Order nmber LBC1259/00 LBC 1259/01 Universal Floorstand Lightweight alminm constrction, foldable, M10 x 12 redcer flange. Order nmber LBC1259/01 horizontal 170 / 90 vertical 55 / 18 Rated inpt voltage Rated impedance 100 V 167 ohm Connector Screw terminal block * Technical performance data acc. to IEC

8 8 LBC 3210/00 Line Array Indoor/Otdoor Lodspeaker Represented by: Americas: Erope, Middle East, Africa: Asia-Pacific: China: America Latina: Bosch Secrity Systems, Inc. Bosch Secrity Systems B.V. Robert Bosch (SEA) Pte Ltd, Secrity Bosch (Shanghai) Secrity Systems Ltd. Robert Bosch Ltda Secrity Systems Division Portland Avene Soth Brnsville MN 55337, USA Phone: Fax: P.O. Box BA Eindhoven, The Netherlands Phone: Fax: Systems 11 Bishan Street 21 Singapore Phone: Fax: Bilding, No. 333 Fqan Road North IBP Changning District, Shanghai China Phone Fax: Via Anhangera, Km 98 CEP Campinas, Sao Palo, Brazil Phone: Fax: Bosch Secrity Systems 2012 Data sbject to change withot notice en, V3, 24. Nov 2012