Suva campaign: "Stop defeating"

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1 Suva campaign: "Stop defeating"

2 Inspector for safety at Suva Markus Schnyder Mechanical engineer & Safety engineer Area of responsibility: 50%: Food and beverage industry 50%: Aviation and aircraft maintenance Suva Department work safety Sector trade und industry 2

3 Suva more than just an insurance company work safety leisure time safety insurance business case management and rehabilitation 3

4 from practice Actuator is disassembled and permanently placed in the monitoring switch 4

5 from practice For maintenance : Spare actuator on the bunch of keys 5

6 Start of the campaign: 2007 In about 50% of the companies inspected we found one or more machines with defeated safeguards [Result of 230 announced inspections in the metal and plastics industry] In many companies defeating is a kind of "standard procedure" if something doesn't work properly without any thoughts about the legal consequences 6

7 Reasons for defeating? Habit, we have always done it like this Better view of the workpiece Remove very small parts Remove waste Problems with the process Unsuitable machine Blind viewing window It is an easy solution for the problem Find program errors etc. 7

8 Legal situation Based on the Swiss criminal code, defeating is illegal Possible penalties: and / or 8

9 Targets Awareness: Management, supervisors and workers know the problem Act: The necessary measures will be taken Culture change: Common statement: "We do not defeat any safety equipment!" 9

10 Benefit Reduction of accidents and costs Company observes legal standards Assumption of ethical responsibility Prevention of legal conflicts 10

11 Action: Pull Letter to the companies Articles in trade journals Articles in our Suva journals Small posters Checklist Internet website by Suva Presentations at various events 11

12 Action: Push Increased controls in all industries Consistent enforcement Warning or Order to rectify situation, with deadline or Order to halt operations or Criminal charge 12

13 Internet website 13

14 Brochures: e.g. Checklist 14

15 Promotional measures 15

16 Movie Black Friday A film that shows the legal consequences after an accident with a defeated machine 16


18 Best Practice - examples... 18

19 Prevent defeating Actuator with non-detachable screws fixed drilled hexagon socket screws 19

20 SN EN ISO (replaced SN EN 1088) Low level coded, mounting in hidden position allowed: Hight level coded interlocking devices: Hinged interlocking device: 20

21 A play: Accident in court 21

22 Learning from accidents 22

23 Modul for practical training Training for safety specialists e.g. at Suva safety courses Demonstrate technical solutions Try out the functionality 23

24 Interlocking Solution with 2 interlocking devices: Hinged interlocking device: start stop reset emergency stop 24

25 Operating modes Enabling button: Mobile three position enabling device: Mode selector: 25

26 Optical sensors Safety camera system: Safety laser scanner: Safety light curtain 26

27 interlocking device with guard Tongue-operated interlock switch: Magnetic-operated interlock switch: 27

28 Maintenance Main switch: Revision switch: => 24 V is still present 28

29 Live presentation: 4 pm Hall: 9.1 / A 84 at "BG RCI" 29

30 Project with "issa" 30

31 The swiss campaign-symbol has been further developed 31

32 Results Reduction in number of defeated machines: => -30% in machine industry (Suva controls) Awareness: => Topic of defeating now talked about in the industry Intensive inspection activities: => 3,500 inspections in 7 years Movie "Black Friday" is a Suva blockbuster Defeating is an international topic: => XX World Congress on Safety and Health at Work

33 Downer - Culture change takes a lot of time! 33

34 Future Continue our industry inspection activities on a high level Publish brochure on our experience of defeating prevention (with focus on industry and manufacturing) Defeating will be a main focus in the recently launched "Maintenance" campaign Market controls regarding CE conformity: e.g. control of compliance with the standard