The attached information details the bids, purchases and/or services being recommended as follows:

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1 MEMORANDUM TO: Paul Soma, Superintendent FROM: Christine Thomas-Hill, Executive Director of Finance/Operations DATE: March 4, 2016 RE: APPROVAL OF BIDS, PURCHASES AND/OR SERVICES The attached information details the bids, purchases and/or services being recommended as follows: Operations/Maintenance Blair fire alarm upgrades o Award to SimplexGrinnell o $34, not to exceed; includes a 10% contingency; funded from the bond allocation for capital projects Operations/Transportation Bus purchase (10 conventional 77-passenger buses) o Award to Hoekstra o $968, funded from the bond funds allocated to bus replacement The Board Finance/Operations Committee approved the bids and/or purchases as outlined above and in the attached, and asked that they be placed on the next Board of Education meeting agenda as consent items.

2 Memorandum T C A P S C A P I T A L P R O J E C T S & M A I N T E N A N C E Date: Wednesday March 2, 2016 Distribution: Christine Thomas-Hill; BFOC Subject: Blair Elementary Fire Alarm Upgrades The Blair Elementary addition in 2014 required the expansion of the existing fire alarm system and a new fire alarm panel to operate the additional fire alarm devices. By Code we are required to bring up to current standards the rest of the building. The inspecting Fire Marshall from the Bureau of Fire Services granted TCAPS a two year window to complete the upgrades. The Simplex fire alarm system installed at Blair is a proprietary system including the components and devices used. We are able to purchase SimplexGrinnell s proprietary system utilizing purchasing cooperative, NJPA (National Joint Powers Alliance). Attached is the quote with reference to the NJPA contract. We recommend award of a contract to tyco/simplexgrinnel for a total contract amount not to exceed $34, which includes a ten percent contingency. The work for this contract will be completed during the summer 2016 with substantial completion in August This project will be funded from the Bond Allocation for Capital Projects. Respectfully submitted, Paul Thwing, R.A. Director of Capital Projects T:\00 FACILITIES\BLAIR\BL Fire Alarm Upgrades\CONSTRUCTION ADMIN\CA01 BIDDING\Bid Memo Fire Alarm Upgrades.Docx Page 1 of 1 TCAPS Maintenance Department Mission Statement: As a cohesive goal-oriented team, work to provide a safe, learning environment which supports Student Success and Community Pride.

3 2970 Walkent Dr Nw GRAND RAPIDS, MI (616) FAX: (616) SimplexGrinnell Quotation TO: Site: TCAPS Blair-signal upgrade Traverse City Area Public Scho Project: TCAPS Blair-signal upgrade 412 Webster Street Customer Reference: TCAPS Blair Administration Building SimplexGrinnell Reference: TRAVERSE CITY, MI Proposal #: P Date: 02/02/2016 Attn: Paul Thwing Page 1 of 5 Items cited on this quote are products and services on the SimplexGrinnell NJPA contract. SimplexGrinnell is pleased to offer for your consideration this quotation for the above project. Fire Alarm QTY MODEL NUMBER DESCRIPTION UNIT PRICE EXT. PRICE Fire alarm NAC EXTENDER 120VAC, IDNET BATTERY 12.7AH MANUAL STATION - SINGLE ACTION BACKBOX MANUAL STATION HORN/STROBE MC RED , HORN/STROBE MC RED CEILING STROBE MC RED STROBE MC RED CEILING SKIRT, HORN/STROBE RED ARE 14/2C STR CL3P/FPLP RED 1K EA Engineering 2 DSGN LAB DESIGN LABOR CAD LAB CAD LABOR Technical support 12 TECH LAB TECHNICAL SERVICE , Installation 1 DPIM INSTALLATION MATERIALS 5, , INST LAB INSTALLATION LABOR , THIS QUOTATION AND ANY RESULTING CONTRACT SHALL BE SUBJECT TO THE GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS ATTACHED HERETO. Fire, Security, Communications, Sales & Service Offices & Representatives in Principal Cities throughout North America

4 Project: TCAPS Blair-signal upgrade Customer Reference: TCAPS Blair SimplexGrinnell Reference: Date: 02/02/2016 Page2of5 SimplexGrinnell Quotation QTY MODEL NUMBER DESCRIPTION UNIT PRICE EXT. PRICE Fire Marshal Submittal, fees 1 DPSVC State Fire Marshal Cert Net selling price for Fire Alarm, $31, Total net selling price, $31, Pricing Schedule: National Joint Powers Alliance Comments Quoted price includes equipment, shipping charges, prints, installation, technical assistance, programming and system checkout. State Fire Marshal certification and electrical permit fees are included. TCAPS will be responsible to provide an electrician to install and connect 120 volt power to the 2 NAC signal panels. Fire, Security, Communications, Sales & Service Offices & Representatives in Principal Cities throughout North America

5 MEMORANDUM Cindy Farah Purchasing Coordinator Business Office TO: Christine Thomas-Hill, Executive Director of Finance and Operations FROM: Cindy Farah, Purchasing Coordinator Tim Murray, Transportation Manager DATE: March 2, 2016 RE: FY16 BUS BID RECOMMENDATION Upon review of the bids received from Hoekstra and Holland Bus, it is our recommendation that we proceed with the purchase of ten buses from Hoekstra. Holland Bus does not currently offer the specified heated windshield, stainless steel heating elements or extended engine warranty. Along with Hoekstra providing the most competitive price per bus and meeting all required Transportation specifications, they are also able to supply TCAPS with an extended engine warranty for the quoted buses. In addition, the 77-passenger buses purchased in FY15 were supplied by Hoekstra, which provides an historical advantage for our mechanics and allows for easier in-house repairs and maintenance going forward. Transportation would like to purchase the following buses to maintain a safe and efficient fleet: 10 Conventional 77-Passenger Buses at $96, each for a total purchase of $968, The purchase of the buses is funded out of the bond fund. 412 Webster Street, Traverse City, Michigan t: f: e: Great Community, Great Schools TV190

6 Traverse City Area Public Schools 412 Webster Street Traverse City, MI Bid Recommendation Department: Transportation Date: March 2, 2016 Project: FY16 Conventional School Bus 77 Passenger Items bid: 1. Conventional School Bus 77 Passenger 2. Total Quantity = 10 Date/Advertisement: Friday Sunday, January 29-31, 2016 Date/Bid Opening: Friday, February 15, 2016 Person Coordinating Bid: Tim Murray, Cindy Farah Vendor Yr / Model Amount Hoekstra Holland Bus Company / Blue Bird 2017 Conventional Bus 2017 Conventional Bus $96, / bus $98, / bus Budget: Bond Fund Capital Recommended Contract Award: Hoesktra / Total for 10 Units = $968, Recommended By: Tim Murray, Cindy Farah Comments: Delivery included in the bid price. Delivery time approximately 12 weeks from receipt of Purchase Order. Lowest bid that met all of the requested specifications. Vendor has proved reliable in past awarded bids.