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1 Round Rock Independent School District Bid Information Contact Information Ship to Information Bid Owner Ms. Erika Clift Buyer Address Great Oaks Dr. Suite 200 Address Various District Locations Phone (512) Round Rock, TX TX Fax (512) Contact Erika Clift Contact Department Purchasing Department Bid Number PE Building Brushy Creek Complex Building Title FIRE ALARM INSPECTIONS, Floor/Room Ste. 200 Floor/Room SERVICE AND INSTALLATION - Telephone (512) Telephone GAMEWELL SYSTEMS Fax (512) Fax Bid Type RFP Issue Date 08/15/2012 Close Date 8/30/2012 2:00:00 PM Supplier Information Company Name Contact Name Address Supplier Notes Telephone Fax Signature Date / / Bid Notes Round Rock Independent School District is accepting bid responses for the following products or services:<b>fire ALARM INSPECTION, SERVICE AND REPAIR - GAMEWELL SYSTEMS</b> in accordance with the instructions, terms and conditions, and requirements/specifications contained in this Solicitation. Note the specific requirements represented by Bid Attachments and Bid Attributes. Although the District is legally required to accept paper bids, we strongly request that bidders submit this bid electronically through eroc. Please feel free to call us at if you require any assistance with this submittal. Electronic bidding will eliminate errors, eliminate unnecessary work, and is more friendly to the environment. Your cooperation is appreciated. Bid Activities Bid Messages Bid Attachments The following attachments are associated with this opportunity and will need to be retrieved separately Line Filename Description Header General Provisions V.3 FINAL General Provisions V.3 FINAL pdf Header RFP Fire Alarm RFP FIRE ALARM INSPECTIONS SERVICE AND REPAIR Inspections Service and Installation.pdf PE Page 1 of 8

2 Header TAB FINAL fire alarm BE TAB FINAL FIRE ALARM INSPECTION, SERVICE AND REPAIR insp.pdf Bid Attributes Please review the following and respond where necessary PE Page 2 of 8

3 # Name Note Response 1 General Solicitation Requirements <b>governing Documents</b><br> (Required) This Solicitation shall be governed by the following documents unless an exception is otherwise taken within this Solicitation. Documents are incorporated by reference only, and are not attached as part of this Solicitation. A copy may be obtained at <a href=" or by contacting the RRISD Buyer listed on the cover.<br> 1. Texas Education Code <br> 2. Purchasing and Acquisition, RRISD <a href=" CH (Legal)</a><br> 3. Purchasing and Acquisition, RRISD <a href=" CH (Local)</a>.<br> 4. <a href=" Provisions for Purchasing Solicitations and Contracts</a>, Version 3, reference Document GP-03, dated November 1, <b>clarifications and Questions of Current Solicitations</b><br> The District has created a web site that is intended for interested Proposers to direct requests for clarification, interpretations, and/or questions of current solicitations offered by Round Rock ISD. All requests must be submitted within seven (7) days prior to the closing of the RFB, and only fully completed requests for valid and current solicitations will receive a response; late or delinquent requests will not be entertained or answered. See the solicitation for the final date a request may be submitted. The web site is: <a href=" Verbal requests for clarification or additional information will not be addressed and will not be binding and will not be made part of the Proposal documents. Each question, clarification or interpretation request must include all pertinent information required to receive a response. Failure to provide all information may delay a response from the District. The District reserves the right to inform the requester that the response to their request will be submitted through an addendum to all interested vendors and not be addressed directly through their request. Once a request is received, a notification of receipt by the District will be forwarded to the contact address. The Proposer is discouraged from contacting the District s Buyer directly unless necessary. <b>contact with Other District Personnel</b><br> No contact shall be made with District personnel during the solicitation process unless specifically authorized by the Buyer. Failure to comply with this requirement may be grounds for rejection of Solicitation Response. <b>disclosure of Certain Relationships with Local Government Officials</B>. <br>any individual or business entity that contracts or seeks to contract for the sale or purchase of property, goods, or services with Round Rock ISD must file a Vendor Conflict of Interest Questionnaire with the RRISD Purchasing Office in accordance with Texas Local PE Page 3 of 8

4 Government Code Chapter 176, not later than the 7th business day after the recipient becomes aware of facts that require filing. This requirement applies to a person who is an agent of a Vendor in the Vendor's business with the District. Forms and additional information are available at <a href=" Forms are also posted at the Texas Ethics commission's website at: <a href=" <P> <I>District Employees</i>. <br>in reference of RRISD Policies CH (Local) <i>purchasing and Acquisition</i>, and DBD (Local) <i>employment Requirements and Restrictions</i>, all Respondents must disclose the name of any RRISD employee who owns, directly or indirectly, an interest in the Respondent s firm or any of its branches. Failure to provide such information may be grounds for disqualification of the response or cancellation of a contract resulting from this request. Purchase of services or equipment from a business owned in whole or in part by a District employee shall be permitted only when approved by the Superintendent and executed through a documented competitive process. Services that might be provided by the employee as an extension of the employee's regular job responsibilities shall not be considered. <b>term of Contract / Quantities</b><br> The contract created by this solicitation will be a term contract to be in effect for the period indicated within the Solicitation. Any quantities listed within the Solicitation are a close approximation based on requirements and available funds, but the District reserves the right to purchase more or less than the estimated quantities, at the current Contract price, for the term of the agreement. <b>pricing</b><br> Pricing shall be based on the specification requirements and the unit of measure indicated. <b>proposer is to type in the per unit price in the box under the word PRICE. The system will automatically extend pricing out, as applicable, after the bid is submitted.</b> All costs associated with providing the service to the District (e.g. delivery, shipping, etc.) shall be included in the price bid. PE Page 4 of 8

5 2 Fire Alarm Services Best Value And Award <b>evaluation and Contract Award</b> (Optional) RRISD will use the Best Value method to determine the awarded Proposer(s).<br> <b>1. Evaluation.</b> In determining Best Value, the District may consider any or all of the following. Order does not represent priority:<br> 1.1. Price;<br> 1.2. Reputation of the Proposer;<br> 1.3. Quality of the Proposer s products or services;<br> 1.4. Extent to which the products or services meet the needs of the District;<br> 1.5. Proposer s past relationship with the District;<br> 1.6. Total long-term cost to the District to acquire the product or service;<br> 1.7. Warranty;<br> 1.8. Service levels as outlined in the Solicitation; and/or<br> 1.9. Other areas indicated and identified within the Solicitation.<br> <b>2. Best Value Points Assignment.</b> The District will use the best value method to determine the awarded Proposers. The evaluation criteria below indicate the points that are assigned for each section. The District will determine the score individually for each system on a scale starting with zero (0), with the best score being the assigned number, with a best possible score of 100. Best value means that the District will consider the Proposer s: <br> 2.1. Price - 60 points per system<br> 2.2. Business History and Experience 40 points overall<br> 2.3. References Pass/Fail <br> <b>3. Contract Award.</b> <br> 3.1. The District anticipates making multiple awards due to multiple proprietary systems based on what is considered in the best interest of the District related to the factors above. <br> 3.2. Award shall be made to the Proposer whose Proposal is deemed to be in the best interest of the District per this solicitation. 3 Supplier Diversity Program The District s <a (Required) href=" Diversity Program</a> ( SDP or Program ) was developed to allow the District to provide a good faith effort in assisting small, women-owned and minority businesses in learning how to do business with the District, to inform these types of businesses of current and future purchasing activities, and to promote and encourage their participation in purchasing of all types of goods and services. For more information on the Program, go to <a href=" Valid Responses: [Please Select], No, we will not be subcontracting., Yes, we will be subcontracting. PE Page 5 of 8

6 4 Interlocal Agreements with other School Districts RRISD is a member of the <a (Required) href=" Texas Purchasing Alliance</a> ("CTPA"), an alliance of school districts in the central Texas area who share in information, services and contractual opportunities. <br>in support of this collaborative effort, a response of Yes to CTPA indicates that the Bidder is interested in extending services to other CTPA member districts. However, there is no obligation on either party to participate unless both parties agree. Services would be provided under the same contract pricing and purchasing terms established by this Solicitation. <br>a negative reply by the Bidder will not adversely affect consideration of the Bidder s Solicitation Response. <br>the information will be provided to the CTPA member listing and in the event that this Proposal and subsequent contract may be used by the CTPA districts. <br>if a member district chooses to utilize this solicitation and subsequent contract, contracts will be awarded individually by those districts. ONLY IF ALLOWING OTHER DISTRICTS the district would contact the vendor to discuss extension of services. Valid Responses: [Please Select], Yes to CTPA, No to CTPA, Yes, but with exceptions 5 Felony Conviction Notice State of Texas Education Code, <a (Required) href=" </a>, Notification of Criminal History, Subsection (a), states a person or business entity that enters into a contract with a school district must give advance notice to the district if the person or an owner or operator of the business entity has been convicted of a felony. The notice must include a general description of the conduct resulting in the conviction of a felony. Subsection (b) states a school district may terminate a contract with a person or business entity if the district determines that the person or business entity failed to give notice as required by Subsection (a) or misrepresented the conduct resulting in the conviction. The district must compensate the person or business entity for services performed before the termination of the contract. THIS NOTICE IS NOT REQUIRED OF A PUBLICLY-HELD CORPORATION The vendor is to certify that the information concerning notification of felony convictions has been reviewed and the information furnished is true to the best of my knowledge. Valid Responses: [Please Select], The company is a Publically Held Corporation, Owner/operator has not been convicted of felony, Owner/operator has been convicted of a felony 6 Acceptance of Attachments The Proposer, by checking this box and submitting a bid (Required) response, hereby affirms that they have read and agree to the terms and conditions as outlined in documents attached to this solicitation. 7 References: Number 1 The Proposer is to submit three (3) references that have (Required) contracted with their company to provide like products and/or services. Include the company name, address, phone number, contact person and address. It is recommended that the Proposer show school districts or other local government organizations equal to RRISD in size and structure, if possible. To expedite the evaluation process, is the preferred method of contact. Note: Failure to supply complete reference information may be grounds for bid disqualification. PE Page 6 of 8

7 8 References: Number 2 Reference Number 2 company name, address, phone (Required) number, contact person and address. 9 References: Number 3 Reference Number 3 company name, address, phone (Required) number, contact person and address. 10 Business History / Experience - Years Proposer is to indicate the number of years the company (Required) has been in the business providing product/service indicated in the Solicitation. 11 Company Certification / License Number List the Company s certification / license number as (Required) indicated within the Solicitation. (Company Name / License #) 12 Certification / Licensing Requirements - Number 1 List the individual staff name and certification / license (Required) number as indicated within the Solicitation. (Individual Name, Certification / License #) 13 Certification / Licensing Requirements - Number 2 List the individual staff name and certification / license (Required) number as indicated within the Solicitation. (Individual Name, Certification / License #) 14 Certification / Licensing Requirements - Number 3 List the individual staff name and certification / license (Required) number as indicated within the Solicitation. (Individual Name, Certification / License #) 15 Locations(s) of aailable supply source(s) List location(s) of available supply sources. (Required) 16 Technician Certificate(s) Attach a copy of Technician Certificate(s) to bid.<br><br> (Required) Click "New" under Response Attachments to upload a copy or copies of Technician Certificate(s). 17 Proof of Insurance Attach Proof of Insurance to bid.<br><br> (Required) Click "New" under Response Attachments to upload a copy of document(s). PE Page 7 of 8

8 Line Items # Qty UOM Description Response 1 1 PKG Gamewell Fire Alarm System $ Manufacturer: Gamewell Manufacturer #: Item Notes: You must be an authorized Gamewell Distributor to bid on this package. Supplier Notes: Item Attributes: Please review the following and respond where necessary # Name Note Response 1 Is your company an authorized distributor Indicate by checking the box that you are an authorized (Required) for Gamewell? distributor for Gamewell. 2 Attach Current, Valid Gamewell Authorized Indicate by checking the box that you have attached your (Required) Distributor Letter. Gamewell Distributor Letter of Authorization. <b>failure to attach letter may be grounds for disqualification from the bid.</b> 3 Manufacturer's Authorized Technician. $ Inspect, install and repair Gamewell fire (Required) alarms. Certification/License required. 4 Manufacturer's Authorized Technician. $ After hours; inspect, install and repair (Required) Gamewell fire alarms. Certification/License required. 5 Laborer. Basic work functions as assigned. $ Certification/License not required. (Required) 6 Mark-up for materials purchased for Mark up percentage (not discount). % Gamewell parts. (Required) PE Page 8 of 8