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1 January and February 2014 Retail Catalog MARY S GREENHOUSE 202 MEISER LANE McMINNVILLE, TN Hours 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. March through June 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday except last three Saturdays in June 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. July and August September - December 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday & 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Saturday. Call for hours the weeks of July 4 th, Thanksgiving, and the Christmas holidays as we close for extended periods of time. Closed on Sunday. Suggestions for an Enjoyable Visit: 1) Please understand, we are primarily a wholesale grower and the spring months (March, April, and May) are extremely demanding for us. To be open to the general public and to keep our prices reasonable, we find it necessary to be a self-service operation. We do not have the sales staff to walk with each customer individually. We will direct you to the greenhouse(s) that contain the plant material you are looking for and provide a map giving an overview of our operation. If you need assistance and provide us a list of the plants you desire by fax or 72 hours prior to your anticipated visit, we will pull the plants for you. This allows us time to work the order into our pulling schedule. Lengthy orders are difficult to take by phone and there is more opportunity for errors, therefore they are discouraged. We do not offer landscape services, either planning or installation. You may want to consider contacting a landscape professional for this kind of service. 2) Wear comfortable walking shoes. We have several greenhouses spread over a wide area, and in order to see everything, you will need to do a considerable amount of walking in graveled greenhouses and driveways. 3) We have several greenhouses that are propagation areas and restricted to employees only. None of the plants contained in these houses are for sale. We also may have restricted areas in other houses that may be marked by signs, strings, etc. If you are interested in something in a restricted area, please ask one of our salespeople for assistance. 4) We have several pushcarts, wagons, and baskets with which you may shop. These are located around the sales office and greenhouses. Please bring all merchandise to the sales office for check out. If you need assistance getting your plants to the front, please ask and we will be happy to help. 5) Please remember that most of our plant material is very susceptible to windburn and crushing. Covering is strongly recommended if traveling in an open truck. FRONT COVER: Iris pallida Aureo-variegata

2 Useful Information 1 Table of Contents Useful information... inside cover 5 What s new Annuals Cultural information Ferns (hardy) Grasses & grass-like plants Hemerocallis (daylilies) Herbs Hostas Irises Peonies Perennials Roses Tomato varieties Pricing guide for catalog Hardiness zone map... inside back cover Location Located near the center of Tennessee, we are approximately 5 miles north of McMinnville off Highway 56; if you are coming from Smithville, it is approximately 15 miles south. We are within about 2 hours traveling time from Nashville, Chattanooga, Huntsville, and Knoxville. Look for our sign on Highway 56. If you would like a detailed map, you can access a link to that information on our website ( Quantity Discounts Whole unmixed flats of bedding plants, annuals and perennials are discounted at different levels depending on the price. Please see the Pricing Guide at the back of the catalog for full flat pricing. These discounts apply only to unmixed, same VARIETY flats (for example, a whole flat of Vodka begonias not a flat of all kinds of begonias).

3 2 Useful Information Guarantee/Warranty We do our best to ensure that we sell high quality plant material labeled true to name. If there is an error on our part, please contact us as soon as possible. With reasonable evidence of the error, we will gladly replace the plants or refund the original purchase price. However, our liability shall in no case exceed the original purchase price. Many factors affect plant growth and health; therefore, we give NO WARRANTY EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED as to plant performance, bloom times, height, habit, or hardiness after you take possession of the plant material. We strongly recommend that plants break dormancy before they are purchased. We give NO WARRANTY on plants purchased while dormant. Likewise, we try to use good information on our tags and in our catalog. There are many opportunities for human error in the whole process of obtaining that information. Many of our tags come with the liners and the information contained is out of our control. Additionally, many plants may grow differently in different areas of the country. Please keep this in mind when using the information provided to make buying decisions. Pot Sizes In the horticultural industry, pot sizes are many times somewhat smaller than what they are commonly called, much like 2 x 4 lumber is really 1.63 x In an effort to minimize some of the confusion this creates, we want to clarify what you can expect with our most common sizes: Bedding plants are grown in an industry-standard 1020 flat (11 x 22 ). There are 12 cell packs per flat with 3 or 4 plants per pack. 2 ½ pots are 2.5 square by 3.25 to 3.5 deep (depending on the manufacturer) and fit 32 to a flat. 4 pots are 3 to 3.5 wide by 3 to 3.5 deep (depending on the manufacturer) and fit 18 to a flat. They are approximately the same size as a traditional 4 square pot. Square 2 quart (5.5 square deep perennial pots) are 5.25 square by 7 deep and fit 8 pots to a 1020 flat for easy handling. They hold only slightly less soil than a trade gallon. We do use full gallons on some items; however, the majority of our gallon perennials are in trade (short) gallons that are 6 to 6.5 in diameter, 6 to 6.5 deep, and hold approximately 3 quarts or a little less. 3 gallon containers are normally trade 3 gallons which are approximately 10 in diameter, 9 deep, and hold approximately 10 quarts of soil. Christmas Flowers We offer poinsettias in a wide range of colors and sizes. Please check with us in November for current pricing. We work with several churches and other organizations, so please consider us for your poinsettia needs.

4 Useful Information 3 Clay Pottery We carry clay pottery, including strawberry jars, standard clay pots and other ornamental items. Our clay pot and saucer sizes start at 3 and go up to 20. Bulbs We offer #1 landscape quality bulbs in the fall. These include multiple types of daffodils, tulips, and other bulbs. Please check with us in August or September for price and availability. Plant Hardiness Zones Many of the plants in our main perennial section are listed with two sets of zones. One makes use of the USDA s breakdown of the country into zones based on the average annual minimum temperatures. The other utilizes the American Horticultural Society s heat zone map which divides the country into zones based on the average annual number of days in which the temperature exceeds 86 F. Much of Middle Tennessee is in heat zone 7. Heat zones in this catalog are preceded by an uppercase H. While it might be confusing at first to use the two zone listings in conjunction, it is a useful tool in gauging how a particular plant might do in your area. While a given plant might be quite cold hardy, it might suffer and/or die because the summers are too long and hot. That said, these are just guidelines, albeit useful ones. The zones can sometimes change with the weather, and there are microclimates within zones (and often within individual gardens) in which the rules can be broken. We hope the information is helpful, but please understand that it is not a guarantee of survival. The USDA plant hardiness zone map is on our inside back cover, and you can learn more on the US National Arboretum s website ( More information about heat zones and the heat zone map can be accessed at the website of the American Horticultural Society ( Mary s Greenhouse Online We hope our website serves as a useful resource. You can get directions to our business, check our current hours of operation, see a full list of what s new, and download a PDF version of this catalog. The web address is Our is and you can LIKE us on Facebook at

5 4 Useful Information Frequently Asked Questions Is there a Mary/where is Mary? There was a Mary. Mary Hamby started the business in the mid-1970s as a backyard hobby. She had always enjoyed growing plants and she discovered she had a real knack for growing. The business grew through the years, adding greenhouses as she expanded. Mary semi-retired in 2002 and could be seen working in her garden beside the Sales Office. Mary passed away in August Mary s Greenhouse is still a family-owned business with several family members playing key roles. When is the best time to come for the biggest selection? This is a difficult question to answer because it depends on the weather. If we have an early spring, it is best to visit early- to mid-march for perennials or earlyto mid-april for annuals. If you want to try to get both perennials and annuals in one trip, plan to come early- to mid-april. The perennial selection may not be as good, but if you are only planning one trip this would allow for more annuals to be available. If we have a late spring, you could probably delay your trip two to three weeks. Do you offer landscape design or installation? Unfortunately, we do not. Our expertise lies with growing plants in a greenhouse environment. While we do have a display garden on site and are constantly trialing new plants, we don t have anyone on staff that is a designer or installer to give advice. Because our staff is spread very thin during the spring when most of our customers visit, it is unlikely we will be able to research detailed plant information for you. We find the internet to be a useful tool if you need more information about a specific plant. If you need a garden design, please contact a landscape business in your area. We do not keep a list of landscapers. How many greenhouses do you have? We have 52 full-sized greenhouses plus a few smaller ones that we cover with plastic during the cold months. If you combine all sizes, there are 58 at present. Are you open all year? Yes, we are. Our hours change with the seasons and we do close for extended periods in July and December. To whom do you sell? We sell wholesale and retail, but we are primarily a wholesale operation selling to other greenhouses, landscapers, and independent garden centers. Retail customers are welcome; however, we are a self-service operation. Many of our customers view shopping at Mary s as an adventure. Wear your walking shoes, bring some water, and stay awhile. What is the difference between annuals and perennials? Annuals have to be planted every year. One of the benefits of annuals is their show of colors through the spring or summer. Examples are begonias, marigolds, and petunias. Perennials are plants that come back every year but don t normally bloom as long as annuals. Perennial gardens are very popular today, but some of the best gardens combine both annuals and perennials to get the benefits of both. What is a biennial? Generally a biennial takes 2 years to go through its life cycle. Plants usually grow leaves the first year and bloom and produce seed the next (many of the ones we grow are treated as perennials). Sweet William (Dianthus barbatus) is an example.

6 Useful Information 5 What is a native plant? This question has been debated by gardeners for years and there are different schools of thought. To us at Mary s, a native is a plant that was already here in mainland America when the first Europeans arrived. We tend to be conservative as to whether a plant is still considered a native if the genetics have been tampered with, for instance, as in hybrids. In our catalog, we try to denote a plant as native if it is the species or it is a selection/cultivar of the species. When is it safe to plant in the spring? We wish we knew! Generally, it is safe to plant after any danger of frost for most annuals and garden vegetables like tomatoes and peppers. Depending upon whom you ask, frost free dates here in Middle Tennessee range from mid-april to mid-may. Don t be fooled by early warm temperatures we can still have a killing frost. The first of May is usually safe for tender plants. For perennials, they usually can be planted as early as March if they have adjusted to the outside temperatures. If you want to get a jump start on spring and plant early, be prepared to cover your plants with some type of insulating cloth. Be careful with plastic as it will freeze the plants wherever it touches.

7 6 What s New The season s new plants are shaded throughout the catalog. Here are the highlights this year; a complete list can be found online at Annuals Calibrachoa Superbells Pomegranate Punch is a new addition to the Punch series from Proven Winners. Rich deep red blooms with black eyes cover this plant throughout the growing season. Pomegranate Punch is more vigorous than the rest of the series growing as tall as 14 and 24 wide. Calibrachoa Superbells Spicy is another new Superbells addition from Proven Winners. This early blooming multicolor beauty is a mixture of orangebronze colors all summer. 'Superbells Spicy' is very similar to Dreamsicle but has a mounding habit. Lantana Little Lucky Red is a new compact variety from Ball Flora Plant. It has continuous multicolored red, orange, and yellow blooms through the summer with minimal seed set. Ideal for containers, combo planters, and the landscape. Lantana Landmark Sunrise Rose is a Simply Beautiful selection from Ball Flora Plant. This vigorous variety is ideal for the landscape but behaved enough to be grown in containers as well. Pepper (Ornamental) Medusa is a child-safe (non-pungent fruit) variety that produces many colorful fruits. Peppers start ivory and age to a bright red and a single plant can have as many as 50 fruits at once. Grows Petunia Cha-Ching Cherry is a new multi-colored petunia from Ball Flora Plant. The novel blooms are cherry red with a creamy star pattern. Highly rated in several 2013 trials. Petunia (Petchoa) Supercal Artist Rose, Purple, Terracotta are more colors from this popular cross between petunia and calibrachoa. The Supercals are early to flower, cold and heat tolerant, and bloom nonstop through the summer. Blue and Neon Rose performed very well for us last summer. Sunpatiens Compact Red is a new addition to the Compact series. Expect bright red blooms all summer until frost. Ideal for containers and the landscape. It is fast growing and will grow in full sun or shade. Great substitute for regular impatiens. Edibles & Herbs Actinidia arguta (Kiwi) Ananasnaja (also known as Anna) is one of the best producers of this delicious fruit for home gardeners. Needs a male arguta to pollinate but is easy to grow and hardy in zones 5-9. Fruits in late summer to early fall. Basil (Ocimum basilicum) Crimson King is a new purple Genovese-type basil. The large, lightly cupped leaves have a spicy clove aroma that make it great for cooking as well as being highly ornamental. Blackberry (Rubus) Ouachita PP#17162 (pronounced Wachita) is a thornless blackberry that produces medium sized berries, usually in mid-june. Blooms a little later than some early producing varieties, reducing the danger from late frosts. Hardy in zones 5-9. Blueberry (Vaccinium) Hardy Blue is a Northern variety producing sweet medium sized berries. It can grow to 6 and is hardy in zones 4-7. Supposed to be more tolerant of clay soils.

8 What s New 7 Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) Blue River sports intensely purple-blue flowers above neat mounds of silver foliage. Growing only to about 14, it is ideal for small gardens. Can be used fresh or dried. Hardy in zones 5-9. Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) Pink Perfume is an English lavender with rose pink blooms. The fragrant foliage and blooms can reach 24 and is hardy in zones 5-8. Lavender (Lavandula x intermedia) Phenomenal PPAF is a new hybrid with outstanding bloom power boasting deep purple flowers atop fragrant silver foliage. Purported to have a neat mounding habit; tolerance for heat and humidity; and more resistant to root and foliar diseases. Grows to 3 and is hardy in zones 6-9. Mint (Mentha x villosa) Mojito has a warm, mild flavor unlike some of the other more pungent or sweet varieties. Used in the famous cocktail drink, it is easy to grow like other mints. Can be used fresh or dried. Mulberry (Morus nigra) Dwarf Everbearing is an ever-bearer of medium sized black mulberries. Grows to 4 but can be easily pruned and grown in containers. Hardy in zones 5-11 and is self-fertile. Muscadine (Grape/Vitis) Noble is a self-fertile muscadine ideal for making jelly and red wine. Can vine 10 and is hardy in zones Thyme Reiter is a fast growing thyme that has tiny, deep green leaves with rosy pink/lavender blooms in the summer. More tolerant of foot traffic than some varieties, it is ideal between stepping stones. Perennials Agastache Summer Fiesta PP#22086 & Summer Glow PP#20980 are part of a new series from Terra Nova Nurseries. They are low maintenance, bloom all summer, attract hummingbirds, and tolerate heat and drought. Fiesta has orange-red blooms spikes and grows to about 28. Glow has bright yellow blooms and grows to about 20. Both are hardy to zone 6. Canna South Pacific Scarlet is a new seed-grown canna with big 4 orangered blooms above dark green foliage. A 2013 AAS winner, plants can grow to 5 and thrive in the heat and humidity of the summer. Although hardy zones are listed as 8-11, cannas often are winter hardy in our area. Carex siderosticha Banana Boat (Creeping Broad-leaved Sedge) has wide, bright yellow and green striped leaves. Slowly creeps to form a mass of eye catching foliage in shade gardens. Grows 6-12 and is hardy in zones 5-9. Coreopsis Ruby Frost PP#21758 has an abundance of big ruby red blooms edged in frosty white throughout the summer. Hardy in zones 6-10, this is a good red variety with better cold tolerance. Grows to 26. Dianthus Star Double Series Starlette PP#21438 is a new double blooming dianthus. The spicy scented flowers are a bright pink with red eye. The foliage height is about 8 and it is hardy in zones 4-9. Echeverias have become very popular and we now offer them in flats of 18 instead of just quarts. We have several varieties from which to choose; although they are not reliably hardy here, they are worthwhile as a tender perennial or for container planting. Hemerocallis Going Bananas PP#17164 is a fragrant, lemon yellow reblooming daylily from Proven Winners. Labeled to be an improved Happy Returns, it has larger flowers and more bloom power. Grows to 22 and is an early- to mid-season bloomer with reliable re-bloom through the summer.

9 8 What s New Hemerocallis Midnight Raider is a fragrant, dark reddish purple re-blooming daylily. An excellent performer, the blooms have lovely ruffled edges and a bright citron yellow and green throat. Grows to 30 and is a mid-season bloomer. Hemerocallis Mighty Chestnut has wonderful russet red-orange fragrant blooms with a deep burgundy eye and gold throat. A unique color in a daylily, it is sure to stand out in the landscape. Grows to 30, has extended bloom time, and is a mid- to late-season bloomer. Hemerocallis Primal Scream is a tangerine orange daylily from Proven Winners. Huge blooms with narrow twisted petals show out early- to midseason. Grows to 34. Hemerocallis Raspberry Suede has velvet raspberry red blooms that are slow to fade in the summer heat. A beautiful mid-season bloomer that grows to about 28. Hemerocallis South Seas is a unique colored re-blooming daylily with fragrant, ruffled, coral-tangerine blooms that have a reddish-coral band and a yellow throat. Grows to 30 and is a mid-season bloomer. Heuchera Dolce Blackberry Ice PPAF is a new heuchera from Proven Winners. Foliage has an iridescent quality to the heavily veined purple leaves. A vigorous clumper with foliage growing about 12. Hardy in zones 4-9. Heucherella Buttered Rum PPAF is a new introduction from Terra Nova Nurseries with maple-like foliage that starts out caramel in color and as the weather cools in the fall turns a deep wine red. It is a neat compact clumper with foliage reaching only about 10. Hardy in zones 4-9. Heucherella Solar Eclipse PP#22427 has reddish brown leaves scalloped with a lime green edge. Very unusual and eye catching, this cross between heuchera and tiarella is vigorous and gives all-season color. Hosta Little Aurora is a small, brightly colored gold hosta with heavily puckered heart-shaped leaves. Makes a dense clump and foliage grows to about 12. Hosta Mighty Mouse is a delightfully small hosta with mouse ear-shaped leaves. The new foliage is bluish green with light yellow edges. As summer approaches, the foliage turns to grey-green with creamy white edges. Does well in containers and small spots in a shade garden. Foliage grows to about 8. A sport of Blue Mouse Ears. Hosta Victory is the 2015 Hosta of the Year. It forms a vase-shaped mound with large, shiny green leaves with yellow margins. A little slow to mature but worth the wait. Foliage grows to 32. Hydrangea involucrata Blue Bunny PP#21991 has lots of blue flowers beginning in mid-summer lasting into the fall. This vigorous grower blooms on new wood and is a reliable bloomer year after year. Grows to 4 and is hardy to zone 6. Iris germanica Grateful Red (Tall Bearded Iris) is a beautiful dark red variety. Established plants have as many as 4 bloom stems with up to 8 blooms on each stem. Grows to 36 and is hardy in zones 4-9. Kniphofia Echo Rojo PP#22791 is a bright red-orange repeat blooming red hot poker. The first blooms begin early summer and reappear again later in the season. It is long blooming; grows to about 36 ; and hardy in zones 5-9. Monarda didyma Pardon My Pink PPAF is another dwarf monarda from Proven Winners. Large, true pink flowers grace the top of this neat growing clump of aromatic, deep green foliage. Grows to 12 and is hardy in zones 4-9.

10 What s New 9 Nepeta faassenii Cat s Meow PPAF is a new catmint from Proven Winners. A dwarf variety growing only to 20, it keeps a tidy appearance needing less maintenance. Sky blue flowers cover the aromatic foliage from summer until fall. Hardy in zones 3-8. Panicum virgatum Cheyenne Sky PP#23209 is a dwarf red switch grass growing to 3 introduced by Proven Winners. The blue-green foliage begins to turn red in early summer and it is ideal for containers or smaller gardens. Does well in sunny locations and is hardy in zones 4-9. Pennisetum alopecuroides Desert Plains PP#20751 is a fountain grass introduced by Proven Winners. Lots of 5 smoky purple plumes emerge from a neatly shaped clump during summer. Grows 3-4 and is hardy in zones 5-9. Perovskia atriplicifolia Peek-a-Blue PPAF is a lovely dwarf Russian sage growing only about 28. The lacy grey foliage supports lavender blue flowers from summer to fall. Ideal for small gardens. Hardy in zones 4-9. Rose (Rosa) Thrive! PP#23549 is a descendent of the original Knock Out. It has bright red blooms throughout the summer and fall. The new shrub rose is supposed to have better resistance to black spot, rust and mildew than the previous family members. Grows to 4½ and is hardy to zone 6. Sedum Pure Joy PPAF is a new compact sedum from Proven Winners. Forming a semi-upright clump, this sedum is covered in bubblegum pink flowers in mid-summer. Grows to about 12 and is a prolific, heavy bloomer. Hardy in zones 3-9. Syringa (Lilac) Bloomerang Dark Purple PPAF from Proven Winners is similar to the original Bloomerang Purple, but grows up to 6. Larger, fragrant blooms put on a show in the spring and then off and on again until frost. Hardy to zone 3. Weigela Sonic Bloom Pink is a re-blooming weigela from Proven Winners. Lots of hot pink buds open to rich pink blooms in the spring followed by periodic re-bloom until frost. Grows 4-5 and is hardy to zone 4.

11 10 Annuals For full (unmixed/same variety) flat pricing and discounts, please refer to the Pricing Guide at the back of the catalog. Plant Name Price Pot Size 10 Basket Other Abutilon (Flowering Maple) Apricot, Red, Variegated Acalypha pendula (Trailing Chenile/Firetails) Acalypha wilkesiana Copper Plant, Louisiana Red Ageratum Artist Blue (PW) Ageratum Blue Danube, Hawaii Blue pack Airplane Plant (Spider Plant) Alocasia (Upright Elephant Ears) / Calidora ; plumbea Nigra ; macrorrhiza sq. 2 quart 10 Patio pot each when available Aloe vera (Burn Plant) / 4.5 round Aloysia (White Almond Bush) Alternanthera (Joseph s Coat) Brazilian Red Hots, Little Ruby, Red Carpet, True Yellow Alyssum Clear Crystals varieties pack Angelonia Angelface varieties (PW): Blue, Dark Violet, Pink, Wedgewood Blue, White ; Serena Blue, Serena White, Serenita Raspberry Argyranthemum (Cobbity Daisies) Butterfly, Molimba Pink, Vanilla Butterfly (PW); Madeira Crested Merlot Artemisia Silver Cascade Asparagus Fern Sprengeri Bacopa (Sutera) Giant Snowflake (PW) Bacopa (Sutera) Snowstorm Blue, Snowstorm Pink (PW) Banana (Musa) Basjoo, Zebrina Rojo /full gallon Banana (Musa) Little Prince PP# /sq. 2 quart Banana (Musa) Siam Ruby /full gallon Banana (Musa) Super Dwarf /quart Begonia Angel Falls Soft Pink, Belleconia Rose, Encanto Orange, Encanto Red, Summerwings Rose, Summerwings Vanilla Begonia Dragon Wing Pink Begonia Dragon Wing Red Begonia Gryphon Begonia (Angel Wing type) Dancing Girl, Lois Burke, Pink Cane, White Angel Begonia (Bedding) Ambassador Scarlet, pack Cocktail & Super Olympia varieties 10 Strawberry basket Strawberry basket Shaded new plant PW Proven Winner plant

12 11 Annuals For full (unmixed/same variety) flat pricing and discounts, please refer to the Pricing Guide at the back of the catalog. Plant Name Price Pot Size 10 Basket Other Begonia Doublet series Begonia (Double) Lady Francis Begonia boliviensis Santa Cruz Sunset Begonia rex Escargot, Plum Paisley PPAF Begonia tuberous Nonstop & Nonstop Mocca varieties, On Top Sunset Shades Bidens Goldilocks Rocks (PW) Bougainvillea Bengal Orange, Juanita / Hatten, Mauna Kea White, Orange, 5.5 pot Raspberry Ice, Royal Purple, Vera Deep Purple PP# Patio pot each when available Brachyscome (Swan River Daisy) Blue Zephyr, Radiant Magenta, Toucan Tango PP#10343 Bracteantha (Strawflower) Basket Bon Bon, Dreamtime Jumbo Red Ember Brugmansia (Angel Trumpet) asst colors [hardy to zone 7] Caladium Aaron, Candidum, Carolyn Whorton, Fannie Munson, Florida Cardinal, Florida Red Ruffles, Freida Hemple, Pink Beauty, White Queen Calibrachoa MiniFamous Double varieties: Amethyst, Blue, Deep Yellow, Lemon, Magenta, Orange, Pink, Red, Rose Chai Calibrachoa - asst. Superbells varieties (PW) Carex Amazon Mist, Red Rooster See Grasses Section Cat Whiskers (Orthosiphon) Lavender, White Celosia (Cock s Comb) Amigo pack Mahogany Red, Amigo Yellow, Armor Mix, Fresh Look Mix, Smart Look Red Cestrum f. v. newellii Red Cestrum nocturnum See Jasmine, Night Blooming Chenile See Acalypha Citrosa (Mosquito Plant) See Herbs Section Cleome Queen Mix pack Cleome Spirit series (PW): Frost, Violetta Clerodendrum (Red & White Bleeding Heart Vine) Coleus Black Dragon, Carefree Mix, pack Wizard varieties Coleus - asst. varieties Colocasia (Elephant Ears) Black Beauty, Black Magic, Golden Elena, Ruffles (MARGINAL) / sq. 2 quart

13 12 Annuals For full (unmixed/same variety) flat pricing and discounts, please refer to the Pricing Guide at the back of the catalog. Plant Name Price Pot Size 10 Basket Other Colocasia (Elephant Ears) - Black Coral / PPAF, Dragon Heart Gigante ; gigantea Quart Thailand Giant, Jack s Giant, Noble Gigante Colocasia (Elephant Ears) - Madeira (black leaves, 3, Z6 10), Pink China (red/pink stems, Z6 10) Combo Planters 10 basket 12 pot/basket 14 pot/basket 10 Patio pot each when available / gallon Cordyline Red Sensation, Red Star Cordyline Electra, Miss Andrea / 4.5 round Cosmos Cosmic varieties pack Cuphea (Mexican Heather) Allyson, Cuphoric Pink, White Cuphea (Cigar Plant) Cyperus Baby Tut, King Tut (PW), Little Giant Papyrus (MARGINAL) Dahlberg Daisy pack Dahlia - Dalina & Starsister varieties Dahlia Figaro Mix, Harlequin Mix pack Dianthus Super Parfait & Telstar pack varieties Diascia Flirtation Orange, Flying Colors Trailing Antique Rose (PW) Dichondra Silver Falls Dipladenia Red Riding Hood, Rio series: Deep Red, Hot Pink, Pink / 10 pot Dorotheanthus Mezoo Trailing Red Dracena indivisa (Spikes) Dusty Miller Silver Dust pack Elephant Ears See Alocasia and Colocasia Ensete (Red Abyssinian Banana) / full gallon Euphorbia Diamond Frost (PW) Euphorbia Star Dust White Sparkle Evolvulus - Blue Daze, Blue My Mind (PW) Fern (Cyathea) Australian Tree / sq. 2 quart Fern (Davallia) Rabbit s Foot / sq. 2 quart Fern (Nephrolepis) Boston, Macho, Petticoat Fern (Nephrolepis) Emerald Queen / 10 pot Fern (Rumohra) Leatherleaf Fiber Optic Grass (Isolepis) See Grasses Section Shaded new plant PW Proven Winner plant

14 13 Annuals For full (unmixed/same variety) flat pricing and discounts, please refer to the Pricing Guide at the back of the catalog. Plant Name Price Pot Size 10 Basket Other Fuchsia Dark Eyes, Swingtime, Shadow Dancers series: Marcia, Rosella, Violette All varieties not available in baskets Fuchsia Lena, Pink Marshmallow Gardenia, Miniature Gazania Kiss & New Day varieties pack Geranium, Hybrid Calliope & Cumbanita varieties / 4.5 square Geranium, Ivy-leaf asst. varieties / 4.5 round Geranium, Scented See Herbs Section Geranium, Zonal asst. varieties / 4.5 square Gerbera Daisies / 4.5 square Gomphrena Pinball Purple Gomphrena Buddy Purple, Buddy pack Rose, QIS Red Grape Leaf & Oak Leaf Ivy (Cissus) Grasses See Carex, Millet, Pennisetum Hamelia patens (Mexican Fire Bush) Hedera (Ivy) Glacier, Gold Child, Shamrock, Yellow Ripple Helichrysum Icicles, Lemon Licorice, White Licorice Heliotrope Atlantis Hibiscus, Tropical asst. varieties / 10 pot Hyacinth Bean Vine (Lablab purpureus) Hypoestes (Polka-Dot Plant) Splash pack varieties Impatiens (Bedding) Super Elfin varieties pack Impatiens (Double) Rockapulco varieties (PW) Impatiens (New Guinea) Infinity, Sonic & Super Sonic varieties Impatiens (Spreading) Fanfare varieties Impatiens (Sunpatiens) Compact & Spreading varieties / 4.5 round Iresine Blazin Rose, Blood Leaf, Chicken Gizzard Jacobinia Pink Jasmine, Arabian (Jasminum sambac) Jasmine, Night Blooming (Cestrum nocturnum) Joseph s Coat See Alternanthera Lantana asst. varieties Not all varieties available in baskets Leonotis leonurus (Lion s Ear) Lobelia Laguna series (PW) Lobelia Regatta & Riviera varieties pack -- --

15 14 Annuals For full (unmixed/same variety) flat pricing and discounts, please refer to the Pricing Guide at the back of the catalog. Plant Name Price Pot Size 10 Basket Other Lobularia Blushing Princess, Snow Princess, White Knight (PW) Lofos TM Lophospermum Compact Rose, Wine Red Mandevilla Alice DuPont (pink), Sun / Parasol varieties: Crimson, White, gallon Giant Crimson, Giant White, Pretty Deep Red, Pretty Pink, Red Emperor 16 Patio pot each when available Mandevilla Fury Fire & Ice PP# Marigold (African) Antigua & Inca II pack varieties, Vanilla Marigold (French) Janie & Safari pack varieties Mecardonia GoldDust Melampodium paludosum - Derby, pack Million Gold Millet Jester Moonflower (Ipomoea alba) Musa See Banana Nemesia Bluebird, Innocence Compact, Innocence Opal, Sunsatia Lemon (PW) Nicotiana Saratoga varieties pack Oregano, Cuban (Plectranthus) Osteospermum Proven Winners varieties, Voltage Yellow Oxalis (Shamrock) regnellii (Green); triangularis (Purple) Pansy Delta & Majestic Giants II pack varieties 4 Pot 1.00 each when available in fall Pansy Cool Wave varieties Pennisteum setaceum Rubrum (Purple / Fountain Grass) 3 5 [Z9 10/H12 7] ½ gallon Pennisetum - Fireworks PP#18504, / Cherry Sparkler PPAF sq. 2 quart Pentas Cranberry Punch, Graffiti varieties Pepper (Ornamental) Medusa Perilla Tricolor Persian Shield (Strobilanthes) Petunia Easy Wave varieties, Purple Wave, Sophistica Blackberry, Sophistica Lime Green Only Easy Wave Blue & Easy Wave Pink available in both sizes Petunia Potunia Plus Papaya Petunia (Bedding) Double Madness, pack Dreams, Hurrah, Madness, Merlin, Supercascade varieties Petunia (Petchoa) Supercal varieties: Artist Rose, Blue, Neon Rose, Purple, Terracotta Shaded new plant PW Proven Winner plant

16 15 Annuals For full (unmixed/same variety) flat pricing and discounts, please refer to the Pricing Guide at the back of the catalog. Plant Name Price Pot Size 10 Basket Other Petunia (Vegetative) - Black Velvet, Cha Ching Cherry, Phantom, Pinstripe, Rose & Shine, Suncatcher Pink Lemonade Petunia (Vegetative) Double Wave varieties: Blue Velvet, Blue Vein, Pink, Purple, Red, White Petunia (Vegetative) - asst. Supertunia varieties (PW) Phlox Intensia series: Blueberry, Cabernet, Pink, White (PW) Available in April Pilea (Creeping Charlie) Plectranthus - Mona Lavender, Variegata (Iboza) Plumbago auriculata Imperial Blue " Poinsettias Please call in November for pricing Portulaca (Moss Rose) Sundial varieties pack Portulaca (Purslane) Mojave varieties (PW), asst. other varieties Salvia Evolution Blue, Lighthouse, pack Maestro, Victoria Blue, Vista varieties Salvia x hybrida Wendy s Wish PP#21889 Sanvitalia speciosa Sunbini (Spreading Zinnia) (PW) Scaevola (Fan Flower) Fairy Pink, Suntastic Yellow, Whirlwind Blue, Whirlwind White (PW) Setcreasea Purple Queen, Variegata Shrimp Plant (Beloperone, Justicia, Pachystachys) Fruit Cocktail, Red, Yellow Snapdragon Crown Mix, Montego & pack Rocket varieties Society Garlic (Tulbaghia) See Society Garlic in Herbs Section Solanum (Variegated Potato Vine) Spider Plant See Airplane Plant Streptocarpella Concord Blue Strobilanthes See Persian Shield Succulents Mary s collection Sunpatiens See Impatiens Sutera See Bacopa Swedish Ivy (Plectranthus) Sweet Potato Vine (Ipomoea batatas) Ace of Spades, Blackie, Bronze, Goldfinger, Marguerite, Tricolor Thunbergia (Black-Eyed Susan Vine) / Lemon A Peel, Orange A Peel (PW) 10 pot Torenia Catalina & Summer Wave varieties (PW), Magenta Moon, Yellow Moon Torenia Summer Wave Blue

17 16 Annuals For full (unmixed/same variety) flat pricing and discounts, please refer to the Pricing Guide at the back of the catalog. Plant Name Price Pot Size 10 Basket Other Torenia Kauai varieties pack Vegetables cucumbers, melons, okra, pack squash, some peppers Vegetables broccoli, Brussels sprouts, pack cabbage, cauliflower, eggplant, some peppers, tomatoes Verbena Babylon & Superbena varieties (PW), Lanai & Tukana varieties Verbena speciosa Imagination pack Vinca (Periwinkle) Mediterranean & pack Pacifica varieties, Titan Lavender Blue Halo Vinca (Periwinkle) Cora Red, Cora White, Jams N Jellies Blackberry Vinca (Periwinkle) Cora Cascade Polka Dot, Mediterranean Dark Red Vinca major Variegata Vinca major Wojo s Jem PP# Viola Penny & Sorbet varieties pack Wandering Jew (Tradescantia) Bolivian, Black, Bridal Veil, Green/White, Purple Not all varieties available in baskets Wax Leaf Ivy (Senecio) Zinnia Dreamland Mix, Magellan Mix, Swizzle Scarlet/Yellow, Uproar Rose Zinnia Profusion & Zahara varieties pack Shaded new plant PW Proven Winner plant

18 Cultural Information 17 Update on Downy Mildew of Impatiens Downy mildew of impatiens continues to be a problem throughout the US. The confirmed cases were down in spring 2013; nevertheless, the disease does continue to threaten Impatiens walleriana in the landscape. There is also evidence that Impatiens balsamina (Touch-me-not) is also affected by the disease, so there is another carrier in the landscape with which to contend. Therefore, we have decided to keep our production for all double impatiens and seedling impatiens varieties at the reduced levels we did in Downy mildew causes the plants to defoliate rapidly. It can spread quickly in wet and cloudy weather and the spores can overwinter in the landscape. A regular spray regimen is best to ensure a healthy crop but is difficult to maintain after the plants are in the landscape. We are still advocating the use of other plants such as Sunpatiens, New Guinea impatiens, begonias, caladiums, coleus, torenia and annual vinca (in partial sun areas) in place of impatiens. To find out more, ask for our downy mildew information sheet or go to our website, An Old Trick to Control Spider Mites Spider mites can be very difficult to control, especially on tropical plants with dense foliage. Here s an easy and inexpensive method to keep the spider mites under control using only a water hose. Blast the foliage of plants that the mites like once or twice a week with a fairly strong stream of water. Spray the plants from 2 or 3 different angles so as to hit all the foliage. While it may not eradicate the problem, it knocks the mites off and will keep the population below damaging levels. It is quick and easy to do while watering and is a great way to deal with the problem without needing pesticides. Do this on sunny days so the foliage can dry before dark to avoid causing foliage problems.

19 18 Ferns (Hardy) 2½ pots not listed will be $2.00 each, as stock and availability allow. Square 2 quart pots not listed will be $4.25. Key Plant Name Price/Flat Sq. 2 Qt. Zone N American Royal Fern (Osmunda regalis) Applecourt Crested Painted Fern (Athyrium niponicum pictum Applecourt ) E Arborvitae Fern (Selaginella braunii) H12 8 E Brilliance Autumn Fern (Dryopteris erythrosora Brilliance ) (2 ½ ) H9 5 N/E Christmas Fern (Polystichum acrostichoides) N Cinnamon Fern (Osmunda cinnamomea) N Five-Finger Maidenhair Fern (Adiantum pedatum) H8-1 Ghost Painted Fern (Athyrium x Ghost ) Japanese Painted Fern (Athyrium niponicum Pictum ) 8 20 (2004 PPA Plant of the Year) 2.00 (2 ½ ) E Korean Rock Fern (Polystichum tsus-simense) H9 5 N Lady Fern (Athyrium filix-femina) N Lady in Red Fern (Athyrium angustum forma rubellum Lady in Red ) N Male Fern (Dryopteris filix-mas) H8-6 N/E Marginal/Easternwood Fern (Dryopteris marginalis) N Ostrich Fern (Matteuccia struthiopteris) Regal Red Painted Fern (Athyrium niponicum Regal Red ) N Sensitive Fern (Onoclea sensibilis) E Shaggy Shield Fern (Dryopteris cycadina) H9 6 N Southern River (Wood) Fern (Thelypteris kunthii) H9 5 N Southern Shield Fern (Dryopteris ludoviciana) E Tassel Fern (Polystichum polyblepharum) H9 5 Shaded new plant E Semi-evergreen/Evergreen MA marginal N Native

20 Grasses and Grass-like Plants (Ornamental) 2 ½ pots not listed will be $2.00 each unless noted otherwise. 19 Key Plant Name 4 /etc. Quart Gallon 3 Gallon Zone MA Acorus calamus Variegatus (Variegated Sweet Flag) to 3 H12 3 MA Acorus gramineus Minimus Aureus (Dwarf Golden 2.00 (2 ½ ) H12 2 Japanese Sweet Flag) - 3 to 5 MA MA N Acorus gramineus Ogon (Golden Japanese Sweet Flag) to 12 Acorus gramineus Variegatus (Variegated Japanese Sweet Flag) to 12 Arundo donax Variegata (Giant Variegated Reed) 9 12 Calamagrostis acutiflora Avalanche (Variegated Feather Reed Grass) to 3 Calamagrostis acutiflora Karl Foerster (Feather Reed Grass) (2001 PPA Plant of the Year) 3 to (2 ½ ) (2 ½ ) H H H H (2 ½ ) H9 5 Calamagrostis acutiflora Overdam (Variegated Feather (2 ½ ) H9 5 Reed Grass) 3 to 4 Carex buchananii (Leatherleaf Sedge) H9 5 Carex buchananii (Leatherleaf Sedge) Red Rooster upright bronze foliage to 24 Carex comans Amazon Mist cascading variegated foliage to 12 Carex glauca Blue Zinger steel blue clumps to (2 ½ ) Carex morrowii Ice Dance variegated; spreads to make good groundcover; to (2 ½ ) Carex morrowii Silver Sceptre 8 to (2 ½ ) H9 5 Carex oshimensis Evergold (Variegated Japanese Sedge) (2 ½ ) H to 15 Carex siderosticha (Creeping / Broad-leaved Sedge) Banana Boat to 12 sq. 2 quart Carex siderosticha (Creeping Broad-leaved Sedge) Snow Cap to / sq. 2 quart Chasmanthium latifolium (Northern Sea Oats) 3 to 4 H9 5 Chasmanthium latifolium / River Mist PP#20643 sq. 2 quart (Variegated Northern Sea Oats) 2 to 3

21 20 Grasses and Grass-like Plants (Ornamental) 2 ½ pots not listed will be $2.00 each unless noted otherwise. Key Plant Name 4 /etc. Quart Gallon 3 Gallon Zone Cortaderia selloana (Pampas Grass) Rosea, White 8 to H Cortaderia selloana Pumila (Dwarf Pampas Grass) to 6 H12 7 Our dwarf pampas is tissue culture or division not from seed Cymbopogon citratus (Lemon Grass) culinary herb; 4 to 5 H12 1 Erianthus ravennae (Plume Grass) resembles pampas grass but hardier; to 14 Festuca glauca (Blue Fescue) Boulder Blue reportedly holds up better in summer; to 10 Festuca glauca (Blue Fescue) Elijah Blue to 12 Fiber Optic Grass Hakonechloa macra (Japanese Forest Grass) All Gold (14 20 ); Aureola (14 18 ; 2009 PPA Plant of the Year); Sunny Delight (14 22 ; reverse form of Aureola ) Isolepis cernua (Fiber Optic Grass) to 12 MA Juncus effusus (Soft Rush) - to 3 MA Juncus effusus (Corkscrew Rush) Spiralis, Variegata (to 12 ) MA Juncus inflexus Blue Arrows to 14 GC Liriope muscari (Monkey Grass) Variegata to 18 GC Liriope muscari Christmas Tree (to 18 ), Monroe s White (to 18 ) GC Liriope muscari Royal Purple to 18 GC Liriope spicata (Creeping Monkey Grass) to 18 GC Liriope spicata Silver Dragon to 18 Miscanthus sinensis Adagio 3 to 5 Miscanthus sinensis Cabaret 7 to 9 Miscanthus sinensis Cosmopolitan to 10 Miscanthus sinensis Gracillimus 5 to 7 Miscanthus sinensis Little Zebra PP# to H (2 ½ ) See Isolepis / sq. 2 quart (2 ½ ) (2 ½ ) H H (2 ½ ) H (2 ½ ) H (2 ½ ) H (2 ½ ) H H (2 ½ ) Shaded new plant GC groundcover MA marginal N native PW Proven Winner plant

22 Grasses and Grass-like Plants (Ornamental) 2 ½ pots not listed will be $2.00 each unless noted otherwise. 21 Key Plant Name 4 /etc. Quart Gallon 3 Gallon Zone Miscanthus sinensis Morning Light 3 to 5 H9-1 Miscanthus sinensis Strictus (Porcupine) 6 to (2 ½ ) H9-1 Miscanthus sinensis Super / Stripe PP# to 5 sq. 2 quart Miscanthus sinensis Variegatus 5 to (2 ½ ) Miscanthus sinensis Zebrinus (Zebra) 6 to (2 ½ ) H9-1 N Muhlenbergia capillaris (Pink Muhly Grass) to (2 ½ ) H12 7 Nassella tenuissima (Mexican / Feather Grass) 1.5 to 2 sq. 2 quart H12 7 GC Ophiopogon japonicas (Mondo Grass) to (2 ½ ) H12-1 GC Ophiopogon japonicas Nana (Dwarf Mondo Grass) 3 to (2 ½ ) H12-1 GC Ophiopogon japonicas Silver Mist (Variegated Mondo Grass) 1.35 (2 ½ ) H12-1 to 15 GC Ophiopogon planiscapus Nigrescens (Black Mondo) to 12 Panicum virgatum (Switch Grass) Cheyenne Sky PP#23209 to 3 (PW) Panicum virgatum (Switch Grass) Heavy Metal 4 to 5 Panicum virgatum (Switch Grass) Northwind to 7 (2014 PPA Plant of the Year) Panicum virgatum (Switch Grass) Shenandoah 3 to 4 Pennisetum Cherry Sparkler PPAF, Fireworks PP#18504, Rubrum Pennisetum alopecuroides (Fountain Grass) to 4 Pennisetum alopecuroides (Fountain Grass) Desert Plains PP# to 4 (PW) Pennisetum alopecuroides (Fountain Grass) Hameln to 3 Pennisetum alopecuroides (Fountain Grass) Little Bunny 10 to 12 Pennisetum alopecuroides Moudry (Black Fountain Grass) 2 to 3 Pennisteum orientale (Oriental Fountain Grass) Karley Rose PP#12909 to (2 ½ ) H H H H9 5 See Annuals Section H (2 ½ ) (2 ½ ) (2 ½ ) H H H H10-4

23 22 Grasses and Grass-like Plants (Ornamental) 2 ½ pots not listed will be $2.00 each unless noted otherwise. Key Plant Name 4 /etc. Quart Gallon 3 Gallon Zone MA Phalaris arundinacea Strawberries and Cream 2 to 3 N Schizachyrium scoparium (Little Blue Stem) 2 to (2 ½ ) N N Schizachyrium scoparium (Little Blue Stem) The Blues 2 to 4 Sisyrinchium angustifolium (Blue-Eyed Grass) Lucerne 10 to 12 Sisyrinchium californicum (Golden Eyed Grass) to / sq. 2 quart Available Summer H Shaded new plant N native PW Proven Winner plant RE rebloomer

24 23 Hemerocallis (Daylilies) Cold hardiness zones for most daylilies are ½ pots not listed will be $0.50 less than the 4 pots. Heights listed indicate bloom height. Key Plant Name Color 4 /etc. Gallon Addie Branch Smith Lavender/purple with eye ; mid-season RE Always Afternoon 20 ; Rose with plum eye early/mid-season RE Barbara Mitchell 20 ; Large, soft peachy pink early/mid-season RE Barbary Corsair 16 ; Violet plum with green mid-season throat Bela Lugosi 33 ; 6 dark purple blooms; mid-season one of the best purples RE Buttered Popcorn ( gold blooms; one of All American Daylily) the best large rebloomers 32 ; mid/late season Catherine Woodbury Pastel orchid pink ; mid/late season Cherry Cheeks 29 ; Bright cherry pink mid/late season Chicago Apache 30 ; Intense scarlet red mid/late season Chicago Knobby 18 to 24 ; early/midseason RE Earlybird Cardinal PP# ; early season RE Eenie Weenie 10 ; early/mid-season RE Elegant Candy 25 ; early/mid-season RE Fairy Tale Pink 24 ; mid-season Gentle Shepherd 29 ; early/mid-season RE Going Bananas PP#17164 improved Happy Returns ; 19 to 22 ; early/mid-season (PW) Grape Ripples 24 ; mid-season Grape Velvet 20 to 24 ; mid/late season RE Happy Returns 18 ; early season Hyperion 36 to 40 ; mid-season Joan Senior 30 ; early/mid-season RE Little Business 15 to 18 ; early/midseason Large, light purple with yellow throat Watermelon red; ever-bloomer (full gal.) Short yellow Ruffled, fragrant medium pink with eye Ruffled, pale pink with yellow throat Ivory Lemon yellow; prolific re-bloomer Purple with yellow throat Deep purple with yellow throat Clear yellow; great re-bloomer 1.60 (2 ½ ) Lemon yellow Creamy white Carmine red