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2 Strong and decisive, sits at the head of the table. Defying the conventions of the typical boardroom chair or executive lounge, its linear profile and aerodynamic lines are engineered for comfort and performance. With mechanics sheathed in its sleek form, is ergonomic yet light, making it perfect for both home and work. Especially designed for work environments and applications, is available in three different back heights Conference, Office and Direction covered in leather or fabric in a wide range of colors. All models are available in four-way base with swivel mechanism, automatic seat repositioning mechanism and tilt adjustment or fiveway base with castors and height-adjustment mechanism. The Conference model is available in four-leg base or cantilever chrome base. The Conference, Office and Direction models are offered with a synchronized adjustment. The Lounge features a four-way base with a swivel mechanism or an automatic seat repositioning mechanism. Designed especially for waiting and lounge areas, the Lounge has an upholstered footrest and side table. Designer Jean-Marie Massaud, 2006 Since the beginning of his career (as 1990 graduate of Paris ENSCI-Les Ateliers, Paris Design Institute), Jean- Marie Massaud has been working on an extensive range of works, stretching from architecture to objects, from one-off project to serial ones, from macro environment down to micro contexts. Major brands (Arper, Axor, Christofle, Air France, Toyota) have solicited his ability to mix comfort and elegance, zeitgeist and heritage, generosity and distinction. Beyond these elegant designs (from stadium, flying hotel, concept-car to art table and furniture collections) his quest for lightness in matters of essence synthesize three broader stakes: individual and collective fulfillment, economic and industrial efficiency, and environmental concerns. His creations, whether speculative or pragmatic, explore this imperative paradigm: reconciling pleasure with responsibility, the individual with the collective. Awards Interior Innovation Award 2011, Germany ( Syncro) Applications Home Office Library Boardroom Lounge


4 Case Studies 1 1 Seminarhaus Netzwerk Töging am Inn, Germany Art Direction 2 Piquadro Showroom Milan, Italy Art Conference 3 Orona IDeO, San Sebastián, Spain Art Office 2 3

5 Case Studies 1 1 DSM Research Centre Geleen, The Netherlands Art Office 2 Private Residence Art Lounge,

6 Case Studies AMB Generali, Köln, Germany Art Conference 2 Torre de Cristal, Madrid, Spain Art Direction

7 Type Armchair 1 Cantilever 2 4 way swivel 3 4 way swivel 4 4 way swivel 5 5 ways 6 5 ways 7 5 ways ways syncro 9 5 ways syncro 10 5 ways syncro 11 Lounge 12 Footrest 13 Table

8 Finishes CRO LU1 V12 V39 M03 M29 CRO Chrome finish steel LU1 Polished aluminum V12 Matt White powdercoated V39 Matt Black powdercoated Top table M03 MDF M29 MDF Options and accessories Syncro mechanism 2 Chrome spring 3 Red spring 4 Polished aluminum seat support 5 Painted aluminum seat support 6 Glide for wooden floor 7 Glide for carpets 8 Glide for other type of floor

9 Materials and finishes Carded In Flexibility and versatility are values which we express through a broad range of customization options made available at the design stage. Each product collection can be upholstered with any of the finishes included in our catalog: an extensive choice of different solutions that can be adapted to the needs of any project. We provide samples, tests and certifications, to support our customers throughout the decision process. Availability: USA Availability: USA Soft leather Graded In The customization options become virtually limitless thanks to the collaboration of internationally renowned partners. Each product collection available in our catalog can now be upholstered with any of the selected upholsteries offered by the manufacturers who have included their fabric and leather products in our collections. Nearly 100 upholstery collections available make countless combinations possible in terms of fabrics, colors, technical specifications and prices Availability: USA Availability: USA

10 Certifications Environmental product certification PRODUCT CERTIFIED FOR LOW CHEMICAL EMISSIONS: UL.COM/GG UL 2818