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1 Welcome to INTERPRINT

2 INTERPRINT International 1969 founded by Paul Wrede today owned by Wrede Industrieholding in Arnsberg


4 INTERPRINT International 2012 one of the market leaders in Printed Décor Paper

5 INTERPRINT International Our philosophy: With our decorative surfaces we would like to make a design-oriented home possible for multiple population segments worldwide.

6 INTERPRINT Germany 1969: Foundation in Arnsberg

7 INTERPRINT USA 1983: Foundation of the first subsidiary in Pittsfield (MA)

8 INTERPRINT Malaysia 1995: Foundation of the subsidiary in Nilai

9 INTERPRINT Poland 1998: Foundation of the subsidiary in Ozorków

10 INTERPRINT China 2000: Opening of a Sales Office in Shanghai

11 INTERPRINT China 2003: Start of production in Changzhou

12 INTERPRINT USA 2006: New company site in Pittsfield (MA)

13 INTERPRINT Germany 2006: New Engraving and Design Centre at the Arnsberg site

14 INTERPRINT Russia 1990: Opening of a Sales Office in Moscow 2008: Start of production in Egorievsk (Moscow region)

15 INTERPRINT Russia 2010: Interprint in Samara Start of Melamine Film Production

16 INTERPRINT Italy 1997: Opening of a Sales Office in Italy 2000: Extension to a Service Centre with 2 lab machines in Affi

17 INTERPRINT Sales Offices 2010: Sales Offices in Spain and Turkey Madrid Istanbul

18 INTERPRINT Sales Offices 2011: Sales Office in Brazil Curitiba


20 INTERPRINT International Number of employees: > 950 worldwide (from 32 nations) Turnover 2011: 236 Mio. EUR

21 Our Approach Bring our products and services to all markets of the world Be jointly successful with our customers A sustainable growth strategy based on four strong pillars: customer orientation innovative designs technical expertise international presence

22 Our Customers Market requirements of our customers = measure of our product and service quality Proximity to customers through international presence Individual solutions for our customers Target: to strengthen our customers competitiveness

23 Our Products High-quality décor papers for furniture surfaces, laminate flooring, interior design Superior reproductions of natural material and creative designs

24 Our Products High-quality décor papers and finishfoils for furniture surfaces, laminate flooring, interior design Superior reproductions of natural material and creative designs Concentration on Research and Development Targets: Design leadership Technological leadership

25 Our Design Development The Repro Studio Digital Design Development

26 Our Design Development The Technology: Scanner Camera Flat Bed Scanner

27 Our Pre-Press Own printing cylinder engraving at the locations in Germany, USA, Malaysia Equipment: electromechanical as well as Laser Engraving System

28 Our Pre-Press In 2006 Interprint was the first décor printer worldwide with its own laser engraving capacities.

29 Our Digital Décor Sample Production since 2011: digital décor sample production at the locations in Germany, Italy and Malaysia Interprint is the first décor printer with a digital décor sample production using gravure ink pigments and gravure paper

30 Our Production Production machines worldwide: 24 (printing width: up to 2.70 m) Germany: 8 (printing width: up to 2.20 m)

31 Our Production Production capacity worldwide: t Germany: t

32 Our Production since 1996: ISO-certified (as the first German decor printer )

33 Our Employees Corporate culture: worldwide shaped by motivated employees Forward looking approach: special importance is assigned to training Individual creativity - achievement within the team Daily applied principles: responsibility, respect and fairness

34 Our Responsibility Economic acting conforming to ecological criteria and social responsibility Orientation by the principles of a sustainable economy

35 Our Responsibility We support the targets of the Forest Stewardship Council.

36 The Way to Interprint ENTRANCE Verwaltung M12 M10 M11 LM 3 M8 M5 LM 2 LM 1 M6 LM 5 M9 M7 LM 4 Verpackung Designzentrum P

37 Thank you for your attention.