On Wednesday, June 6, at Brookside Gardens,

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1 CIVIC ASSOCIATION NEWS Volume 11, Issue 1 Summer 2018 President s Corner Argh! I thought the election was over in It seems the political ads keep coming and coming. Red vs blue, republican vs democrat, liberal vs conservative, and it s still more than five months until the election (yes, I know, that won t stop the ads either). So what do I do? I go outside. I find a flower that would like to be planted. Dirt; that s it, I ll play in the dirt. I feel the wet grass (there s a break in the rain) on my hands and knees. The dirt is easy to dig, so I use my hands. It is refreshing to get my hands dirty in clean soil. The bugs and worms don t mind. I hear the birds cheering me on as they wait to get at the worms and bugs. The flower has all it needs: sunshine, water, and dirt. Someday, I ll join the flower. But not today. Now it is my job to find people whose viewpoints I share. People I think can really help my community, my county, my state, and my country. And I will vote for them. Ed Wilhelm, President, MH-CK Civic Association StormWater Project Information On Wednesday, June 6, at Brookside Gardens, Sustainable Maryland presented information on Stormwater Resources available in Montgomery County for individual residences. For our area, there are six different types of Rainscapes projects for which the county will provide a rebate. These are a rain garden, a conservation landscape, permeable paving, pavement removal, rain barrels and cisterns, and a green roof. To receive the rebate, you must apply, at rainscapes.org, prior to starting the project. In addition to the rebates, addition of rainscape project(s) can reduce the Water Quality Protection Charge (typically, $104 per year) by up to 80%. In addition, there was a presentation about online stormwater training capabilities by the Municipal Online Stormwater Training Center, mostcenter.org. Our Association is one of three that will be working with Sustainable Maryland to provide information about stormwater projects to our members this year. Mike Hunninghake will be meeting with concerned members to establish a program of outreach to our Association. If you are interested in participating in this effort, please contact Ed Wilhelm at aol.com. Ed Wilhelm, President, MH-CK Civic Association

2 Civic Association s May Meeting Featured Tree-mendous Presentations The May Civic Association meeting provided a wealth of interesting information about the benefits we receive from our local trees. We heard two presentations. First, Holly Sage Green, a McKenney Hills resident, spoke of her project to identify trees in McKenney Hills Park and to determine the value they add to the environment. Holly is responsible for the large, informative tree tags on trees throughout the park. She entered information about each tree she identified into the county s Open Tree Map database. A computer app calculated the benefits the tree provides in terms of gallons of storm water filtered, cost of energy conserved, pounds of carbon dioxide stored, and pounds of air pollution removed. The app also calculated a total dollar value contributed by the tree. Holly then fastened large tags displaying this information on the trees she identified. Holly s project is part of her training to be a Maryland Master Naturalist. The Master Naturalist Program is a course of the University of Maryland Extension to train volunteers who want to learn and share knowledge of the natural world in Maryland. For more information about Master Naturalist training, see extension.umd.edu/masternaturalist. The second presentation was given by Colter Burkes, a Senior Urban Forester with the Montgomery Parks Horticulture, Forestry, and Environmental Education Division s Arboriculture Section. The Section has been inventorying the landscape trees, that is, the planted and specimen trees in developed parks (not trees in forested areas). The inventory provides information about species and size diversity. Diversity is important to reduce the threat from invasive insects and disease, maintain tree canopy cover, and provide diverse wildlife habitat. The inventory also helps the Section to determine the best performing trees and carry out preventive maintenance. Locally, the Section has inventoried Capitol View- Homewood Park, Carroll Knolls Park, and McKenney Hills Park. These parks have 248 landscape trees, of 35 species. The largest percentage of trees are oaks, followed by tulip poplars, maples, sycamores, and other species. Check out the map online, which shows every inventoried landscape tree in the county, and provides information about its species and size: Kathryn Toffenetti, Secretary, MH-CK Civic Association Time Event Location Contact Tues., July 24, 7-9 pm Mark Your Calendars: MHCK Events 2018 Membership Meeting Backyard Beekeeping Flora Singer ES Ed Wilhelm Tues., August 7, 6-8 pm National Night Out TBD Larry Margasak Sat., September 8, 1-5 pm Community Block Party TBD Vince Bradley Tues., September 25, 7-9 pm Membership Meeting Flora Singer ES Ed Wilhelm Sat., October 27, 3-5 pm Halloween Party/Parade TBD Susan Heavey Sat., November 10, 10 am-1 pm McKenney Park Clean-up McKenney Hills Park Julie Ryan-Silva 2

3 Another Successful Park Cleanup T hanks to the support of several neighbors, the Spring park cleanup at McKenney Hills was a great success. Continued efforts to remove garlic mustard, cutting vines off trees, and picking up trash makes a huge improvement to the health of the woodland and streams. Thanks to the participation of 26 people, 13 adults and 13 kids, we produced 6 bags of trash, 4 bags of recycling, and 22 bags of garlic mustard. Six SSL certificates were issued. A total of 53 hours of volunteer service was reported to the Parks. Please cut English Ivy vines from your trees to save them and prevent the ivy from producing berries which the birds will spread into the woods. For more information on these plants, or to become a Weed Warrior, please visit: caring-for-our-parks/natural-spaces/weed-warriors/ Rochelle Bartolomei, MHCK-CA Parks and Plants Committee 3

4 Treasurer Report Greetings, neighbors! Well, summer is here. It s a joy walking around the neighborhood and seeing the green yards and blooming flowers. After the newsletter is distributed, I ll start the process of sending s reminding neighbors to either renew or start their membership. The annual $12.00 membership dues make a big difference. With regard to our finances, we have approximately $1, After the newsletter printing, our balance will be $1, Stay tuned for information on upcoming events like National Night Out and the Annual Block Party. Our events aren t successful if we don t have active participation (or the money to help pay for some of the events). I encourage you to make your voice heard and get involved. We want to thank you for joining or renewing your membership. Remember, your annual dues and donations allow us to plan the events described in the newsletter and represent your interests. Thanks to all the businesses who advertise in our newsletter. We appreciate your support. By the way, my term will be ending this year. Please consider running as Treasurer. It s a great way to meet your neighbors! To begin or renew your membership that supports the civic association activities, please pay your $12 dues online at html. Checks are also accepted (made out to the Mc- Kenney Hills-Carroll Knolls Civic Association) and may be sent to: McKenney Hills-Carroll Knolls Civic Association P.O. Box 393 Kensington, MD If you have any questions, or would like to check the status of your membership, please mhck-civic.org. Peggy Kavanaugh, Treasurer, MH-CK Civic Association Aging in Place Initiative The Aging in Place Initiative is looking for volunteers to form an informal planning group to discuss the needs of the community, in particular for those who are 65+, have a disability, or could just use some neighborly support. This planning group would come up with activities to support community members (e.g., snow shoveling, transportation to grocery stores, etc.), social activities (e.g., trips to museums, movie nights, group exercise, community service, etc.), and ways to get others involved with the Aging in Place Initiative. It s a great way to get to know some neighbors and lend a hand. We are also looking for a lead coordinator for the initiative. If you re interested, contact Joe Shaffner at And the Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service (MCFRS) offers free home smoke alarm installation and safety checks to residents of Montgomery County. For more information, visit com/mcfrs/firesafety/default.aspx. To schedule an appointment, visit firesafety/default.aspx?requestvisit=yes or call 311. Website for local services, senior living articles, and assisted living facilities: Joe Shaffner and the Aging-In-Place Team Civic Association Elections Our Civic Association will be holding elections for our officers at the membership meeting on Tuesday, September 25. If you are interested, or know of an active member (dues paid currently) who is, you can contact our nominating committee mhckcivic.org), or bring the nomination to the meeting. Of our four current officers, two officers (president and treasurer) cannot run for reelection in their current position. The other two (vice-president and secretary) can. Ed Wilhelm, MHCK-CA President 4

5 Update on the Forest Glen/Montgomery Hills Sector Plan On June 4, the Montgomery County Planning Department, part of the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission, invited the public to participate in a community meeting on the progress of the Forest Glen/Montgomery Hills Sector Plan. The Sector Plan reevaluates land uses, transportation strategies, and redevelopment opportunities along the Georgia Avenue corridor, and offers recommendations to improve the area s pedestrian and bicycle accessibility, connectivity, and safety. The Plan also looks to protect and enhance existing residential neighborhoods while balancing the region s evolving traffic demands. County Planner Melissa Williams had presented on the Sector Plan and how it may affect our neighborhood at our March 27th Civic Association meeting. Although most of the association s area is not within the Sector Plan area itself, the changes called for will undoubtedly affect our community in the future. The Sector Plan area extends just a block or two east and west of Georgia Avenue, from Spring Street to Dennis on the east side of Georgia and to Dexter on the west side. The boundary includes the Forest Glen Metro Station and parking lot, the townhouses north of the parking lot, the Americana Finnmark condominiums, and the apartments along Georgia up to Dexter, including two blocks of our civic association area between McKenney and Greeley Streets. The standing room-only meeting on June 4 drew more than 80 people to the Planning Department auditorium in downtown Silver Spring. Planners shared a draft of the Concept Framework Plan, which includes suggestions from residents, business owners, land-owners, and county and state agencies. Among those attending were County Councilmember Tom Hucker, and members of his staff; Reemberto Rodriguez, Director of the Silver Spring Regional Services Center; representatives of the Montgomery County Department of Transportation, and the Maryland State Highway Administration; and several business owners and civic leaders. The Planning Department unveiled its online mapping platform to host conversations about the plan area: Using hashtags #LoveIt, #FixIt, #NeedIt, residents can text their concerns and comments in real time about existing conditions and preferred improvements. Look for signs spread throughout the sector area in the weeks and months ahead asking for your input, and visit the website to upload your comments instantaneously. Planners will collect that information from the community, and use it to help refine the Concept Framework Plan and develop preliminary recommendations for areas along the corridor. The mapping tool went live on June 11, 2018: The plan includes huge improvements for pedestrians, bikes, wheelchairs, and strollers to cross Georgia Avenue, particularly at the now perilous Forest Glen/ Georgia Avenue corner by means of a tunnel. The tunnel will connect the east and west sides of Georgia Avenue, allowing for safe and continuous passage across the state highway, and improve opportunities for parks and trails access, and, of course, the Forest Glen Metro Station, itself. The updated schedule for the sector plan s approval process includes delivering draft recommendations to the Planning Board in February 2019, and then sending the Planning Board draft to the County Council and the County Executive in the fall of Read more about the plan here: Karen Nozik, Vice President, MH-CK Civic Association 5

6 MNCPP Commission Seeks Community Feedback for Carroll Knolls Park Development Ideas Planning for the development of Carroll Knolls Local Park, at Evans and Georgia, continues. On June 5, the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission (M-NCPPC) held its second community meeting on the project at the Capitol View-Homewood Park activity building. Project Manager Lucas Bonney presented three conceptual plans for the community's consideration, though he explained that the final plan may have features from two or more concept plans. The plans are based on feedback from the first community meeting held on December 5, 2017, M-NCPPC staff feedback, and other considerations. For all three concepts, the wooded area would be kept intact, with improved drainage, a path around and through it, native trees added, and invasives removed. Outside the wooded area, all three concept plans would: retain the fence along Georgia Avenue, but with access from the north end of the park to the Georgia Avenue sidewalk reduce the parking area from 50 to 30 spaces remove trees recently planted on the south half of the open field to other sites in the park remove the short extension of Douglas Avenue extending north from Evans Drive and improve drainage in that area include a children's playground include a small pavilion (not to be reserved through a permitting system) include stormwater drainage likely, rain gardens. Concept Plan One would have the largest open field (roughly the size of the field now, without the recently planted trees), subject to permit for youth sports, but usable by everyone when it is not reserved. Concept Plan Two would have a smaller field, but would have an area for teen activities (such as features on which to practice skateboard maneuvers, or a pump track or other such activities). Concept Plan Three would feature a community garden, with about 23 plots. It would have a slightly smaller open field than Concept Plan Two. The attendees at the June 5 meeting favored Concept Plan Two. While M-NCPPC will consider this feedback, it will also seek broader public input. It plans to post the concept plans on the project website, and the community will be invited to discuss the plans online, through an open forum. The project website is at: carroll-knolls-local-park-facility-plan/. The budget to develop the park is approximately $1.5 million. The preferred draft is scheduled to be available in Fall The Planning Board meeting to approve the plan would be Spring 2019, and final facility design would be Summer The park, dedicated in April 2014, is slightly under 4 acres. In 2012, the M-NCPPC purchased about 2.5 acres from Montgomery College Foundation. A landowner of an adjoining property donated 1.3 acres. Kathryn Toffenetti, Secretary, MH-CK Civic Association Neighborhood Watch Update The crime rate in our neighborhood is usually low, but you can t be better than perfect. The police report no crime incidents in our patrol area in April and May. As I stated many times, the best prevention strategy is to make sure vehicle doors are locked, no valuables are left visible and to observe your street for any suspicious activity, such as people going down the block looking into vehicles. Let s hope this neighborhood safety continues. Larry Margasak, Chairman, Neighborhood Watch 6

7 Bienvenido a Noticias de MH-CK en Español! Rincón del Presidente Pensé que las elecciones habían terminado en Parece que los anuncios políticos siguen apareciendo. Rojo contra azul, republicano contra demócrata, liberal contra conservador, y aún faltan más de cinco meses para la elección (sí, lo sé, eso tampoco detendrá los anuncios). Entonces qué hago? Voy afuera. Encuentro una flor que me gustaría sembrar. Tierra, eso es todo, jugaré en la tierra. Siento la hierba mojada (hay un rato sin lluvia) sobre mis manos y rodillas. La tierra es fácil de excavar, entonces uso mis manos. Es refrescante ensuciarme las manos en tierra limpia. A los insectos y gusanos no les importa. Escucho a los pájaros animándome mientras esperan que encuentre a los gusanos y los insectos. La flor tiene todo lo que necesita, luz del sol, agua y tierra. Algún día me uniré a la flor. Pero no hoy. Ahora es mi trabajo encontrar personas cuyos puntos de vista comparto. Las personas que creo que realmente pueden ayudar a mi comunidad, mi condado, mi estado y mi país y votaré por ellos. Subscribe for E-Delivery! Residents may sign up to receive e-delivery of future issues to help trim publishing costs. Remember, you can see photos in color in the electronic version. To receive e-delivery only, please send the following information to Name Address, with closest cross-street address Telephone number Ed Wilhelm, Presidente de la Asociación Cívica de MH-CK Información Sobre Proyectos de Aguas Lluvias El miércoles 6 de junio, Maryland Ecológicamente Sostenible presentó información sobre los recursos de control de aguas lluvias disponibles en el condado de Montgomery para las residencias individuales. Para nuestra área, hay seis tipos de proyectos para controlar las aguas lluvias, por los cuales el condado proporcionará un reembolso. Estos son, un jardín que ayuda a retener aguas lluvias, un paisaje que ayuda a mitigar las aguas lluvias, pavimento permeable, eliminación de pavimento, barriles de lluvia y cisternas, y un techo verde. Para recibir el reembolso, debe inscribirse, en rainscapes.org, antes de comenzar el proyecto. Además de los reembolsos, la adición de los proyectos para controlar aguas lluvias puede reducir el cargo por protección de la calidad del agua (por lo general, $ 104 por año) hasta en un 80%. Además, se realizó una presentación sobre la capacidad de entrenamiento en esta materia que tiene el Centro de Capacitación Municipal de aguas lluvias en linea, mostcenter.org Nuestra Asociación es una de las tres que trabajará con Maryland Ecológicamente Sostenible para proporcionar información sobre proyectos de aguas lluvias a nuestros miembros este año. Mike Hunninghake se reunirá con los encargados del programa para establecer un enlace con nuestra Asociación. Si está interesado en participar en este esfuerzo, comuníquese con Ed Wilhelm en Ed Wilhelm, Presidente de la Asociación Cívica de MH-CK 7

8 Informe de La Vigilancia del Vecindario La tasa de criminalidad en nuestro vecindario es generalmente baja, pero no se puede ser mejor que perfecto. La policía informa que no hubo incidentes criminales en nuestra área en abril y mayo. Como he dicho muchas veces, la mejor estrategia de prevención es asegurarse de que las puertas de los vehículos estén cerradas, que no queden objetos de valor visibles y que observen su calle para detectar cualquier actividad sospechosa, como personas que van por la cuadra mirando vehículos. Esperemos que este sector continúe seguro como hasta ahora. Larry Margasak Presidente, Vigilancia del Vecindario, MH-CK CA midday walks pet sitting boarding Silver Spring Chevy Chase Kensington Garrett Park Takoma Park F O R E S T G L E N Pet Solutions pamela gallo since 2003 bonded & insured excellent references experienced animal-loving staff we ve got animal wagmatism 4th Annual A Wider Circle Community Service Day On April 14, neighborhood volunteers participated in our 4th annual Community Service Day at A Wider Circle. We moved furniture and household items from the warehouse to the showroom, sorted items, tested lamps and small appliances, and worked with children s toys. I believe that everyone who participated felt a great deal of pleasure helping the less fortunate. Our neighborhood students received community service credit. Let s plan on a 5th annual service day next spring. Larry Margasak Sign Up for MH-CK s Yahoo Groups Listserv To join, go to: mckenneyhills/info?showjoinpopup=true 8

9 Become a Foster Parent! FOR ALL YOUR QUALITY PRINTING NEEDS Detrick Avenue Kensington, Maryland TEL: (301) FAX: (301) Hours: 9:00am - 5:00pm Monday - Friday Can you be flexible in providing support to a young survivor? Are you looking for a rewarding experience? Be the Change. Letterhead Envelopes Brochures Business Cards Desktop Publishing Invitations NCR Carbonless Forms Rolodex Cards Catalogues Letterpress Offset Printing Short Run 4 Color Graphic Design Reports Are you ready to change a life? Our foster parents are a team of emotionally strong individuals who will advocate for a young person in need. They are patient, comfortable with a changing environment, and willing to accommodate to meet the needs of the young people in their care. Are you ready to be the change? Visit us at heartsandhomes.org/foster-care for more information about foster parenting Newsletters Flyers Computer Forms Pocket Folders Labels 9

10 McKenney Hills Carroll Knolls 2018 Spring Market Statistics Quickest under contract: 2 days The Spring market started early and has not slowed down! Homes Sold since March 1st: 7 Inventory is low, and interest rates are climbing, prompting buyers to take action. Contact me today to Seize the Market! Top Dollar: $ 500,000 Most Affordable: $ 378,000 Highest % over List Price: 104% Longest to get under contract: 56 days and counting (202) Bruce Cotting; GRI, ABR, SRS, MRP Certifications Real Living At Home, Senior Partner 4600 N Park Avenue #100 Chevy Chase, MD My Broker's # is (301)

11 11

12 The Key Difference Who we are We are a full service public accounting firm located in the heart of Silver Spring. We provide tax and accounting services to individuals and businesses. We are dedicated to meeting your expectations and earning your confidence for all your tax and accounting needs. We are hands-on and involved in every aspect of our responsibilities to our clients. From the President to every staff, we all play a role in making each engagement a success. Please contact Donna Hunter or Beatrice Key, CPA at Key & Associates, PC 8720 Georgia Avenue, Suite 800 Silver Spring, MD