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1 Information for File # ARC Applicant Corps Contact Will Bomier-Carlton County Transportation Department Andrew R Chambers Address 600 South Lake Avenue, Suite 211, Duluth, MN Phone Primary County Carlton County Section 18 Township Range 49N 17W Information Complete On January 19, 2017 Posting Expires On February 12, 2017 Authorization Type LOP-10-FDL This application is being reviewed in accordance with current practices for documenting Corps jurisdiction under Section 404 of the Clean Water Act. We have made a preliminary determination that the aquatic resources that would be impacted by the proposed project are subject to Corps of Engineers jurisdiction under Section 404 of the Clean Water Act. If an approved jurisdictional determination is completed as part of the review process for this application, a copy will be posted on the St. Paul District web page at the following link: Project: Carlton County Transportation Department is proposing to replace a structurally deficient culvert within the exterior boundaries of the Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Reservation located on County Road 114 (Jarvi Road) 0.6 miles east of Brookston Road. This work is needed to maintain the integrity of the roadway, and provide a safe roadway crossing of an unnamed tributary. The project would result in the permanent discharge of dredged and fill materials into approximately 1,495 square feet of an unnamed tributary to Fond du Lac Creek and into 8,926 square feet (0.205 acre) of adjacent shrub-carr wetlands. PROJECT DESCRIPTION AND PURPOSE: Access to the repair location would be from County Road 114, staying within the road right-ofway (ROW). Carlton County proposes to utilize Best Management Practices during construction to avoid erosion of sediment into the tributary or adjacent wetlands. A soon as construction commences, all disturbed areas would be seeded and protected with biodegradable erosion control blanket. 1

2 The existing culvert is a 30-inch by 56-foot corrugated metal pipe that is structurally deficient. The deficient culvert is at a high risk of failing and is undersized, causing the roadway to be impassible after rain events due to runoff flowing over the roadway. The replacement structure would be 115-inch by 48-foot reinforced concrete pipe culvert with 9.8 foot aprons on both sides. The side slopes of the roadway and culvert approach would be built at 4:1 slopes to meet current safety standards. This involves the toe slope of the roadway to extend into shrub-carr wetlands on either side of the road. Also, rip rap would be installed below the OHWM of the tributary on either end of the culvert to maintain stability and prevent high velocity water from eroding the embankment. NAME, AREA AND TYPES OF WATERS (INCLUDING WETLANDS) SUBJECT TO LOSS: The project would result in the permanent discharge of dredged and fill material into approximately 1,495 square feet of an unnamed tributary to Fond du Lac Creek and into 8,926 square feet (0.205 acre) of adjacent shrub-carr wetlands. The work for this project would include the replacement of the culvert and installation of the aprons within the tributary, accounting for 666 square feet of permanent stream impact, and the installation of rip rap below the OHWM of the tributary, accounting for 829 square feet of stream impacts. The work would also include creating 4:1 side slopes on the roadway embankment to meet current safety standards, accounting for 8,926 square feet of shrub-car wetland impact. ALTERNATIVES CONSIDERED: The no replacement alternative was abandoned due to the need to provide a safe road crossing of the unnamed tributary for the public. The replacement project would occur on this specific culvert, no off-site alternatives exist. COMPENSATORY MITIGATION: The applicant has proposed to meet the Fond du Lac Reservations requirement of 1.25:1 compensatory mitigation for permanent wetland loss through the MN Local Government Road Wetland Replacement Program. This project would occur in a >80% pre-settlement county, and the proposed wetland impacts would not exceed 10,000 square feet. Therefore, the applicant has proposed that no compensatory mitigation be required from the Army Corps of Engineers. Drawings See attached. 2

3 County Road 114 Culvert Replacement Legend Cloquet Carlton County Airport Cloquet Public Library Fire Dept Lost Tavern Inc University of Minnesota Extension Cloquet Regional Office Washington Elementary School Wear-A-Knit Corporation 2016 Google 2 mi N

4 Project Location and Wetland Impact Map S.A.P Carlton County Transportation Department 7 ") 114 Jarvi Rd 18 Pictometry, Carlton County GIS Rock Rip/Rap ft2 Each Side of Structure (In Stream Placement) Total of ft 1 in = 50 ft Carlton County Minnesota Structure Stream Impact (Structure + Aprons) 666 ft2 Total Stream Impact (Structure + Rock= 1,495.6 ft2) Map Created By: Will Bomier Date: 1/17 Legal Description: T49N-R17W Sec. 18 City of Cloquet Not for Survey Purposes This data is provided on an "AS-IS" basis, without warranty of any type, expressed or implied, including but not limited to any warranty as to their performance, merchantability, or fitness for any particular purpose.