Su5jecf: StatusRepor. t Projec ts. t Capital Improvemen. ISSUE: Shallthe City Councilreceivea statusreportof its adopted Capital

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1 To: BY: CITY OF WOODINVILLE, WA RE,PORT TO THE CITY COUNCIL rd Avenue NE, Woodinville, WA Honorable City Council Rick Roberts,P.E.,PublicWorksDirec tor6 Su5jecf: StatusRepor t Projec ts t Capital Improvemen Date: October 17, 2017 ISSUE: Shallthe City Councilreceivea statusreportof its adopted Capital ImprovementProgram? RECOMMENDATION:To receivethe report. BACKGROUND/DISCUSSION: The approved CapitalImprovementBudgetincluded $23 millionfor 31 projects. Staffwillbepresentingto thecitycouncilinformationonstatus,recentdevelopments, andissues relatedto the20"l7-2018capitalimprovementprogram.theattachedspreadsheetsummarizes theoverallstatusof theprogram,tncludingcompletedpro3ects, soonto be completedpro3ects, and projectsto be desrgned/constructed in Staffis recommendingthatfour pro3ectsbe addedto the CapitalImprovementProgram.The prolectsaddressimmediateneeds thatwerenotknownto staffwhenthe Budgetwasprepared.Theyare: Emergency Slope Repair Emergency Road Repair Pavement Management Inventory Drainage Study $ 57,000 $125,000 $ 50,000 $IO0,000 Ten projectshave been completed,one eliminated,and one deferredto the next biennium. Two of the rematntngprojectsareantrcipatedto goto adin Novemberțhe restwill begindesignwith theexpectationthatwewillbeableto comp!etedesignandbeginor completeconstructionduring the remainder of the biennium. Staffis askingfor a budgetamendmentat thistimeto coverthe additional funds requiredfor the four newpro3ects, aswellasadditronal fundsrequiredfor costincreases(to beexplainedin detail rn the staff presentauon)ẉith the additionof the pro3ects,the City's CapitalImprovement Programprojectswill haveplannedexpendituresof $27,031,000for 33separatepro3ects. ALTERNATIVES: 1. To receive andfile the report. 2. Provide direction to staff. 3. Request additional information. RECOMMENDED MOTION: Thisis a discussionitem and no formal action is necessary, AttachmentI : CapitalProjectStatusReport 1

2 d 2POre1p7a -2reO d18 byca Rpi l.t CaklPRrOobjeecntsSt PaEtusReport I i_ Date:October17,2017 $ DPro OIJl.aercs tinna$mle,000_ j 4- B-dg-t Bid/Proposal Date Complet ed Project sasof Oct ober2017 ] Streets Woodinville- Duvall Road Widening( CIP) 5aoi- -!530' NA Streets I ArterialStreetOverlay Program(2015/16-175th) 5io 910 NA Streets ResidentialStreetOverlayProgram(2015/16ChateauWoods) t NA Parks Wilmot Park - PlayStructureReplacemen Parks I Woodinville Heights - PlaceStructureReplacement ' -' NA Parks West Slope Bike/PedestrianParkand Trail 6100 S50 NA Surface Water NE171st DrainageSystemUpsizing- City Share 5250 SO NA Facilities PublicWorksShopRoofReplacement(2015/2016CIP) Added Projects (Completed) I Streets EmergencySlopeRepair SO!>57 NA Streets Emergency RoadRepair _ a NA Projectsto becompleted in2017 currentl y underway I -'-" I Streets Trestle Replacement/Widening on SR202 Corridor - Study 5iool!,100 NA Streets SR522/NE195th St Intersection Interim Improvements - Study!> NA Projectsin to beconstructed/ completed in2018 ' Street s i NE171st Street UrbanParkwaylmprovements/133rdRoundabout S5,000!>8,160 4Q 2017 Streets Wayfinding Signs S24!>24 2Q 2018 Streets SammamishBridge Replacement( CIP) 56,400 S7,300 4Q 2017 Streets Center Curb Replacement- Trip Roundabouts!>60 S60 2Q 2018 Streets NENorth WoodinvilleWay -Wood/Snoto NEWood/DuvallRd Sl,110!>1,110 3Q 2018 Streets 195th & 164th Overlay and Walkways - ResidentialOverlay 91,500 51,500 3Q 2018 Streets 124th Ave NE Sidewalk - 156th to 160th 5i,oio Sl,010 3Q 2018 Streets Eastside Rail Cooridor - Design Q 2018 Parks DeYoung Park Restoration S750!'750 4Q 2018 Parks NE145th Street Pedestrian Path - Study i S , TBD SurfaceWater Alb ert sonponds endi mentv ault I!>270 TBD Facilities CivicCent erdesign/study [ l' - S225 NA Facilities Facilities CityHall HVACSyst emreplacemen t ---!'120 4Q 2018 l CityHall FireCont rol SprinklerReplacemen t [ - SIIO 4Q 2018 t [-!;125 2Q 2018 Facilities City Hall Carpet Replacemen Facilities CityHall Int eriorpaint J J - 5asI 2Q2018 Facilities I Inclemen t WeatherMaterialsShelter j saso 9sso 3Q 2018 Facilities Fire PanelReplacement(CEC) Facilities Shop Expansion e"" F- - :oo i 4Q2018 i N/!I Added Projects L Streets Pavemen t Conditi oninvent ory -" Q 2017 Surf acewat er l8D rainagestudy [- 7-SIOC. 2Q ;_ois I Proper ty Acquisiti on l I -Property Little-Bearereek-Proper ty-acquisition i S-8Ċ C i Q 201E Property Mi scellaneousproper tyacquisiti on q,-ooc J - S4,00 li TB[ l TOTAL 3 ] SIO NA NA

3 CAPITAL PROJECTS STATUS REPORT Presentation to City Council October 17, 2017

4 Capital Projects Status Report Original Budget Number of Projects 31 Total Planned Expenditures ( Budget ) Proposed Budget Adjustment Add 4, delete 1 defer 1 Revised Total $23,019,000 $4,012,000 $27,031,000 33

5 Capital Projects Completed Projects Woodinville-Duvall Road Widening NE 175 th Street Overlay (2016 Arterial Street Overlay Program) Chateau Woods Overlay (2016 Residential Street Overlay Program) Wilmot Park Play Structure Replacement Woodinville Heights Play Structure Replacement West Slope Bike/Pedestrian Park and Trail (Study) NE 171 st Drainage System Upsizing Public Works Shop Roof Replacement Emergency Slope Repair * Emergency Road Repair * * Added Project

6 Projects Completed in 2017

7 Woodinville-Duvall Road Widening $30,000

8 Woodinville Heights Play Structure Replacement $131,000 Wilmot Park Play Structure Replacement $309,000

9 Emergency Road Repair $125,000 Emergency Slope Repair $57,000

10 Projects Added, Deferred or Cancelled Projects to be Cancelled Fire Panel Replacement (CEC) ( $ 35,000 ) Projects to be Deferred Shop Expansion ( $ 135,000 ) Projects Added Emergency Slope Repair $ 57,000 Emergency Road Repair $ 125,000 Pavement Condition Inventory $ 50,000 Drainage Study $100,000

11 Projects Added /Deferred/ Canceled

12 Pavement Condition Inventory (Study) $50,000 Drainage Study $100,000

13 Projects to be Constructed 2018 Arterial Overlay - NE North Woodinville Way, Wood-Sno to Wood-Duvall Residential Overlay th & 164 th Overlay and Walkways 124th Ave NE Sidewalk 156th to 160th NE 171st Street Urban Parkway Sammamish Bridge Replacement Project DeYoung Park Restoration Center Curb Replacement Trip Roundabouts Wayfinding Signs

14 Projects to be Constructed 2018 (Cont.) Eastside Rail Corridor Design NE 145 th Street Pedestrian Path Study Albertson Pond Sediment Vault Civic Center Design/Study City Hall HVAC System Replacement City Hall Fire Control Sprinkler Replacement City Hall Carpet Replacement City Hall Interior Paint Inclement Weather Materials Shelter Pavement Condition Inventory Drainage Study

15 Projects to be Constructed in 2018

16 Arterial Overlay NE North Woodinville Way Wood-Sno to Wood-Duvall Residential Overlay 195th and 164th Overlay and Walkways

17 Sammamish River Bridge Widening Project Currently - Designed - Permits Acquired - Getting WSDOT bid approval Ad Date: November 2017 NE 171 st Urban Parkway Improvements Currently - Design Modifications - Permit Revisions - Utility Coordination Ad Date: November/December 2017

18 DeYoung Park Restoration Preferred Design Alternative

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