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2 PENDANT DIRECT/INDIRECT Spec Guide up to 128 lm/w performance Performance based on 4 luminaire at 25 o C Calculated L80 at 80,000 hours Lumens per foot are delivered lumens 1000 UP 1000 DOWN Page 2 of

3 PENDANT DIRECT/INDIRECT Spec Guide SPECIFICATION Lux Illuminaire pairs long life name brand LED chips and boards to ensure the highest of quality while providing even and smooth illumination throughout our luminaries. Our luminaires are available in 3000K, 3500K and 4000K color temperature with a minimum 80CRI with 90CRI available upon request. Lux Illuminaire utilizes name brand mid-powered LED s on their boards. Boards are projected to maintain 80% (L80) of their initial output for +80,000 hours. Lux Illuminaire utilizes an integral factory installed IOTA CP-12 emergency battery pack. Emergency circuit and Night Light options are available. : 9C : 15C : SC (j-box by others): HC Lux Illuminaire housings are constructed of (6063T5) extruded aluminum. Our internal joiner system is designed to the highest of standards to ensure our precision cut housings aline and fit tightly without light leak. Our precision fitting end caps are constructed out of die cast aluminum and our steel reflectors are painted white. All luminaires are UL Listed for both US and Canada. Our LUX Direct/Indirect luminaire series are available in 2', 3', 4', 5', 6, 7 and 8' individual lengths or continuous row configurations. Continuous row configurations are joined together onsite utilizing the joiner kits provided. Product is fully designed and manufactured in the United States. Polyester powder, low gloss textured paint finish applied after a multi-stage pre-treatment. Canopies are finished in standard white. Standard luminaire finishes include white, silver, and black. Lux Illuminaire will warrant defective LEDs, boards, and Drivers for 5 years from date of purchase. Warranty is valid if luminaire is Installed and used according to specifications. If defective, Lux Illuminaire will send replacement boards or drivers at no cost along with replacement instructions and information on how to return defective components. Snap in extruded frosted acrylic lens (Direct) and lay-in Batwing distribution acrylic lens. The approximate weight of a four foot luminaire is 16.8 lbs Including end caps assembled. All of our luminaires come standard with 1% dimming and THD <20% utilizing 0-10v constant current protocol. 120v/277v is standard with the option of 347v. LDE1 - EcoSystem H-Series (1%) LDE5 - EcoSystem 5-Series (5%) Dexal Optronic (1% dimming v) SOLOdrive (0.1% dim-to-dark) Page 3 of


5 PENDANT DIRECT/INDIRECT Spec Guide CONTINUOUS RUN ORDER GUIDE Please use the following guide for fixture ordering. If your project will require a submittal, our in-house Applications Engineer will work closely with you on your project. MOUNTING DIMENSIONS Total Fixture Length (24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 84, or 96 ) * Mounting dimensions shown Page 5 of

6 PENDANT DIRECT/INDIRECT Spec Guide CONTROLS PARTNERS Lutron Vive provides a simple wireless lighting control solution for new and existing commercial buildings. Utilizing the Clear Connect wireless technology, the Lutron Vive controls operate in an uncongested radio frequency resulting in ultra-reliable communication and smooth dimming performance with no flicker or delay. Osram s Connected Lighting Module (CLM) is a fixture-integrated component in a Light Management System (LMS). It enables luminaires to be connected to the LMS that are based on ZigBee communication protocols. Individually addressable, the CLM enables each luminaire to be independently controlled and configured to best meet the needs of the facility. Legrand Wattstopper's daylight sensor is a low voltage controller that works with standard 0-10v electric dimming ballasts to control electric lighting in response to daylight. This sensor can provide automatic dimming based on ambient light levels. The occupancy sensor turns lights on and off based on the occupancy and ambient light levels. The Enlighted two-wire fixture mount sensor features digital PIR occupancy, ambient light sensing, daylight harvesting, and environment monitoring. Simple to mount within a fixture, the sensor operates seamlessly to create a comfortable space and communicates wirelessly with the Enlighted control network. Page 6 of

7 PENDANT DIRECT/INDIRECT Spec Guide DRIVERS DRIVER BRAND DRIVER SERIES DIMMING LEVEL CONTROL METHOD SPECIFICATION CONTROL OPTIONS ORDERING GUIDE Optronic 1 % dimming (0-10v) 0-10V OPTRONIC 0-10 v, 1% Dim to Off Osram connected lighting Module (CLM) S1 Hi-Lume 1% with Soft-on, Fade-to-black Ecosystem digital EcoSystem, LED driver With Soft-on, Fade-to-black Lutron VIVE (RF with daylight/occ) LDE1 5-Series 5% EcoSystem digital EcoSystem, LED driver Lutron VIVE (RF with daylight/occ) LDE5 Solo 0.1% 0-10v SOLOdrive 0-10v, 0.1%, Dim to Dark EL0 Dexal 1% DEXAL/DALI DEXAL, 1%, Dim to Off CLM DEXAL Lutron VIVE (RF With daylight/occ) DXL Enlighted FS-D22 (Two wire fixture mount sensor) CONTROLS OPTIONS Description Manufacturers LUX Ordering Code Code Lutron VIVE (RF with Daylight/Occupancy) VDO VDO Lutron VIVE RF Fixture Control VRF VRF Osram SensiLUM WHITE COLOR TUNING With Lux Illuminaire s Tunable White Solutions, powered by Lux-Enabled technology, your in control. Enhance your space by customizing your luminaire color temperature from 2700K to 5000K. Standard 1% 0-10v dimming. Page 7 of