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3 HEPA 3

4 DA NO SV FI EN TY FR NL ES PT IT EL TR ET LV LT PL CS SL SK HU RU Brugsanvisning... 5 Bruksanvisning Driftsinstruks Käyttöohje Instructions for use Bedienungsanleitung Mode d emploi Gebruiksaanwijzing Instrucciones de utilización Instruções de utilização Istruzioni per l uso Οδηγίες χρήσης işletme kılavuzu Kasutusjuhised Lietošanas instrukcijas Naudojimo instrukcija Instrukcja obsługi Návod k použití Návod na použitie Navodila za uporabo Használati utasítás Инструкция по применению Data CE Declaration

5 ENGLISH Dear Nilfisk customer Congratulations on the purchase of your new Nilfisk vacuum cleaner. Prior to using the appliance for the fi rst time, be sure to read this document through and keep it ready to hand. Purpose and intended use This machine is for commercial use, for example in hotels, schools, hospitals, factories, shops and offices other than normal residential housekeeping purposes. Accidents due to misuse can only be prevented by those using the machine. READ AND FOLLO ALL SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS. This machine is suitable for picking up dry, nonflammable dust. Any other use is considered as improper use. The manufacturer accepts no liability for any damage resulting from such use. The risk for such use is borne solely by the user. Proper use also includes proper operation, servicing and repairs as specified by the manufacturer. Symbols used to mark instructions ARNING Danger that can lead to serious injuries and damage. Important warnings ARNING To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, or injury, please read and follow all safety instructions and caution markings before use. This vacuum cleaner is designed to be safe when used for cleaning functions as specified. Should damage occur to electrical or mechanical parts, the cleaner and / or accessory should be repaired by a competent service station or the manufacturer before use in or der to avoid further damage to the machine or physical injury to the user. To reduce the risk of electric shock Do not use outdoor or on wet surfaces. This machine is for indoor use only. This machine shall only be stored indoors. Keep hair, loose clothing, fingers and all parts of the body away from ope nings and moving parts. Do not put any objects into openings or use with opening blocked. Keep openings free of dust, lint, hair, and anything else that could re du ce the flow of air. Children shall be supervised to make sure that they do not play with the appliance. Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be made by children without supervision. Use extra care when cleaning on stairs. The vacuum cleaner is supplied with a paper dust bag already in place. Never use the vacuum cleaner without a properly fitted dust bag. If the cleaner is not working properly or has been dropped, damaged, left outdoors, or dropped into water, return it to a service centre or dealer. No changes or modifications to the mechanical or electrical safety devices should be made. Original Instructions 21

6 Operators shall be adequately instructed on the use of these machines. Electrical Connection ARNING Before using the vacuum cleaner make sure that the voltage shown on the rating plate corresponds with the mains voltage. Only use outlet socket for its intended use. Do not leave the machine when it is plugged in. Unplug from the socket when not in use and before maintenance. Turn off all controls before unplugging. Do not unplug by pulling on cable. To unplug, grasp the plug, not the cable. The vacuum cleaner must not be used if the electrical cable or plug show any sign of damage. Regularly inspect the cable and the plug for damage. If this becomes damaged, it should be repaired only by NilfiskAdvance or an authorised NilfiskAdvance Service Dealer, in order to avoid a hazard. Do not handle the electrical cable or plug with wet hands. Do not pull or carry by cable, use cable as a handle, close a door on cable, or pull cable around sharp edges or cor ners. Do not run cleaner over cable. Keep cable away from heated surfaces. Hazardous materials ARNING Vacuuming up hazardous materials can lead to serious or even fatal injuries. The following materials must not be picked up by the vacuum cleaner: Hazardous dust Hot materials (burning cigarettes, hot ash, etc.) Flammable, explosive, aggressive liquids (e.g. petrol, solvents, acids, alkalis, etc.) Flammable, explosive dust (e.g. magnesium or aluminium dust, etc.) Instructions for use Before the vacuum cleaner is ready for use, the hose must be fi tted to the curved tube as described under point 5. 1 Starting / stopping 1. Place the appliance plug of the cable in the motor socket. Plug the cable into the wall socket. Press button 1. to start the motor Press button 1. again to stop it. After cleaning, unplug the cable from the wall socket. Detaching the power cable To prolong the life of your cable, detach it from the motor each time after cleaning, roll it up loosely and store it. 2 Note Do not roll the cable tightly around the motor as this will place a strain on the cable and considerably shorten its life. 3 MicroStatic Filter The grey MicroStatic fi lter on the top of the motor attracts 22 Original instructions

7 and retains microparticles effi ciently. In order to ensure a constant cleaning of the exhaust air and to avoid overheating of the motor, it is essential that the fi lter is replaced regularly. The MicroStatic fi lter should be replaced after approx. 50 hours use, equivalent to one year of domestic use. Replacing 1. Turn the two screws with a coin until their slots are vertical. 2. Release the handle by a gentle downward pressure at its centre. Press until both ends spring out from the motor recess. 3. Lift off the exhaust grill and the fi lter. The sound absorbent material must remain on top of the motor. 4. Remove the grey fi lter and mount the new one. Replace the grill. Locate the handle into position and lock it by turning the screws until their slots are horizontal. 4 Hose connection Insert the bayonet coupling into the suction inlet, and lock it in place by turning it clockwise. Reverse this procedure to disconnect the hose. 5 Hose and tubes 1. Fitting hose to the curved tube Slide the hose into the curved tube and adjust by turning until locking levers grip into position. 2. Removing hose from curved tube You may wish to remove the hose from the curved tube so that you can easily remove a blockage. Push one of the locking levers with a screwdriver, as illustrated. Tip the locking lever until it is released. Repeat on the other locking lever. The curved tube can now be separated from the hose. Models with telescopic tube The telescopic tube can be adjusted to suit your height. 3. Unlock the tube as illustrated in the diagram and pull to the desired length. 4. Lock the tube as illustrated. All models 5. Slide the curved tube into the steel tube. 6 Suction power regulation 1.The suction power of the nozzle can be regulated by the slide valve on the curved tube. Suction is most powerful when the valve is pushed forward to close the inlet. 2. For cleaning of e.g. Ioose covers and curtains, the suction power can be reduced by sliding the valve backwards. 7 Shaking the filter To keep suction power at a constant level the filter must be kept as clean as possible by shaking it at regular intervals. The fi lter must not be washed or brushed. Removing the motor 0 1. Hold the motor handle and open the top catches. Lift off the motor. 2. Pull out the fi lter by its bottom plate and shake it gently from side to side. The hose must remain fi xed to the container during the shaking operation. The fi lter can be cleaned by vacuum it. Removing the motor Dismantle the motor by turning its handle anticlockwise. Lift off the motor. Emptying the container hen the fi lter has been shaken and the hose detached, release the two latches and open the container. Lift off the top part and empty the lower part of the container. Replacing the motor 0 hen mounting the motor make sure that the switch is directly over the suction inlet of the container and the plug is turned backwards. Replacing the motor Reset the motor so that the on/off switch is opposite the motor mounting mark on the container and the plug is turned backwards. Turn the motor clockwise until a distinct click is heard. If the motor will not lock into position by turning, then press the red locking lever inside the container in the direction of the arrow. Suction with dust bag The cleaner is supplied with a twoply selflocating dust bags. To release the container, unfasten the two latches and lift off the upper part with the motor/fi lter section. Fix the dust bag as follows: 1. Pierce the dust bag s perforation and place it in the lower container. 2. Pull the dust bag plastic plate over the suction inlet with both hands. Unfold the dust bag carefully. Replace the top container and lock the two latches. Note The suction efficiency depends on the size and quality of the dust bag. Use original Nilfi sk bags only. If nonnilfi sk dust bags are used, and airfl ow restricted, overheating of the motor and subsequent damage may result. 9 Exhaust filter Exhaust fi lters is used when absolutely clean exhaust air is necessary. The exhaust fi lter is mounted on to the motor Original Instructions 23

8 in place of the diffuser. The exhaust fi lter is easily fi tted and the fl lter element is replaceable. A special handle is delivered together with the exhaust fi lter. 10 Blowing attachment Mounting Remove the diffuser and sound absorber (see page 2) Place the blowing adaptor on the motor. Each one is kept in place by handle of the motor. Fit the blowing attachment into the motor blowing adaptors. Before connecting a hose make sure that it is clean place its open end in the container inlet for a moment with the motors running and shake it. 11 Maintenance Always keep the cleaner in a dry place. The bearings in the motor are pregreased and designed for continuous heavy work. Depending on the number of running hours the dust fi lter should be replaced. For details of service or maintenance please contact Nilfi sk directly. Rating Plate The model and serial number of your machine are shown on the rating plate on the machine. This information is needed when ordering repair for the machine. Use the space below to note the model and serial number of your machine for future reference. Model Serial number arranty Nilfi sk guarantees this vacuum cleaner for 2 years. If your vacuum cleaner or accessories is/are handed in for repair, a copy of the receipt must be enclosed. Guarantee repairs are being made on the following conditions: that defects are attributable to fl aws or defects in materials or workmanship. (wear and tear as well as misuse are not covered by the guarantee). that the directions of this instruction manual have been thoroughly observed. that repair has not been carried out or attempted by other than Nilfisktrained service staff. that only original accessories have been applied. that the product has not been exposed to abuse such as knocks, bumps or frost. that the vacuum cleaner has not been used for rental nor used commercially in any other way. In the event of defects arising during the duration of the warranty and of which Nilfi sk is given notice, Nilfi sk will, of their own choice, either repair the defects, replace the unit or refund the purchase price upon return of the unit. Opening the unit housing causes the warranty to become void. Further claims may not be made on the basis of the warranty. The statutory warranty rights of the customer remain unaffected. Manufacturer warranty claims shall be made to the manufacturer. Statutory warranty rights also remain unaffected in this case. Recycling the vacuum cleaner The packaging materials can be recycled. Please recycle the components instead of throwing them in your household rubbish. You can also leave the packaging directly at your Nilfi sk location to be properly recycled from there. Year of manufacture 12 Troubleshooting Powering voltage As specified in EEE Directive 12/19/EC on old electrical and electronic appliances, used electrical goods must be collected separately and recycled ecologically. Contact your local authorities or your nearest dealer for further information. the motor will not start a fuse may have blown and needs replacing. the cable or the wall socket may be defective and needs checking. the suction power is reduced the dust bag may be full and needs replacing, see page 3. the fi lter may be clogged and needs shaking, see page 3. the motor will not stay locked in position on the container. Only 90 The red locking lever in the container top is in the wrong position. Push the lever in the direction of the arrow. 24 Original instructions

9 DATA ENGLISH SPECIFICATIONS GM V GM V GM V 1101V Rated power Max. power Protection grade (moist., dust) Protection class (electrical) 50 I 50 Airflow with hose and tube Vacuum Suction power with hose Sound pressure level LPA (IEC ) Sound power level LA (IEC ) Vibration ISO 5349 ah l/sec. kpa m/s Main filter smal Main filter large Main filter materiale Exhaust filter, HEPA, surface area Container capacity eight type l kg Specifications and details are subject to change without prior notice. DEUTSCH SPEZIFIKATIONEN GM V GM V GM V 1101V Leistungsaufnahme Motor Leistungsaufnahme Motor, max. Schutzklasse (Feucht., Staub) Schutzklasse (elektrisch) 50 I 50 Luftmenge mit Schlauch und Rohr Vakuum Saugleistung mit Schlauch Schalldruckpegel LPA (IEC ) Schallleistungspegel LA (IEC ) Vibrationen ISO 5349 ah l/sek. kpa m/s Hauptfilterfläche, kleine Hauptfilterfläche, groß Hauptfilter material Abluftfilter, HEPA, Fläche Behälter Kapazität Masse (Gewicht) Typ l kg Technische Änderungen vorbehalten. FRANÇAIS CARACTÉRISTIQUES TECHNIQUES GM V GM V GM V 1101V Consommation normalisée Consommation maximale Indice de protection (humidité, poussière) Classe de protection (électrique) 50 I 50 Débit d air avec flexible et tuyau Aspiration Puissance d aspiration avec flexible Niveau de pression acoustique LPA (IEC ) Niveau de puissance acoustique LA (IEC ) Vibrations ISO 5349 ah l/s kpa m/s Petit filtre principal Grand filtre principal Matière du filtre Superficie du filtre HEPA Capacité de la cuve Poids de l appareil type litres kg Coton Les caractéristiques des matérials peuvent être modifiées à tout moment, en fonction de l évolution technique. NEDERLANDS TECHNISCHE GEGEVENS GM V GM V GM V 1101V Stroomverbruik motor Opgenomen vermogen, max. Veiligheidsklasse (vocht, stof) Veiligheidsklasse (elektrisch) 50 I 50 Luchtstroom met slang en buis Vacuümdruk Zuigkracht met slang Geluidsdrukniveau LPA (IEC ) Geluidsvermogenniveau LA (IEC ) Trillingen ISO 5349 ah l/sec. kpa m/s Oppervlakte hoofdfilter, klein Oppervlakte hoofdfilter, groot Materiaal hoofdfilter Afzuigfilter, HEPA, oppervlakte Inhoud stofbak Gewicht type liter kg Specificaties en details kunnen zonder voorafgaande mededeling worden gewijzigd. 107

10 Declaration of Conformity e, Nilfi skadvance A/S Sognevej 1 DK2605 Broendby DENMARK hereby solely declare that the product: Brand Description Model VAC Consumer Dry 2240V, 1101V, GM 0 / is in compliance with the following standards: Id and Version Title EN 6051:12 Household and similar electrical appliances Safety Part 1: General requirements EN :12 Household and similar electrical appliances Safety Part 22: Particular requirements for vacuum cleaners and watersuction cleaning appliances EN :06 +A1:09+A2:11 EN :1997 +A1:01+A2:0 EN :06 +A1:09+A2:09 EN 61000:13 Electromagnetic compatibility Requirements for household appliances, electric tools and similar apparatus Part 1: Emission Electromagnetic compatibility Requirements for household appliances, electric tools and similar apparatus Part 2: Immunity Product family standard Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) Part 32: Limits Limits for harmonic current emissions (equipment input current < = 16 A per phase) Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) Part : Limits Limitation of voltage changes, voltage fl uctuations and fl icker in public lowvoltage supply systems, for equipment with rated current < = 16 A per phase and not subject to conditional connection Following the provisions of: Low Voltage Directive 06/95/EC EMC Directive 04/10/EC RoHS Directive 11/65/EC Energy labelling of vacuum cleaners 665/13/EC Ecodesign requirements for vacuum cleaners 666/13/EC Hadsund Anton Sørensen Senior Vice President Global Operations Place Dated Name and title Signature Konformitätserklärung ir, NilfiskAdvance A/S Sognevej 1 DK2605 Broendby DÄNEMARK erklären hiermit, dass das Produkt: Marke Beschreibung Modell VAC Consumer Dry 2240V, 1101V, GM 0 / den folgenden Normen entspricht: ID und Version Titel EN 6051:12 Sicherheits & Funktionsprüfung an Geräten für den Hausgebrauch Teil 1: Allgemeine Anforderungen EN :12 Sicherheits & Funktionsprüfung an Geräten für den Hausgebrauch Teil 22: Besondere Anforderungen für Staubsauger und assersauger EN :06 +A1:09+A2:11 EN :1997 +A1:01+A2:0 EN :06 +A1:09+A2:09 Elektromagnetische Verträglichkeit Anforderungen an Haushaltgeräte, Elektrowerkzeuge und ähnliche Elektrogeräte Teil 1: Störaussendung Elektromagnetische Verträglichkeit Anforderungen an Haushaltgeräte, Elektrowerkzeuge und ähnliche Elektrogeräte Teil 2: Störfestigkeit Produktfamiliennorm Elektromagnetische Verträglichkeit (EMV) Teil 32: Grenzwerte Grenzwerte für Oberschwingungsströme (GeräteEingangsstrom <= 16 A je Leiter) EN 61000:13 Elektromagnetische Verträglichkeit (EMV) Teil : Grenzwerte Begrenzung von Spannungsänderungen, Spannungsschwankungen und Flicker in öffentlichen NiederspannungsVersorgungsnetzen für Geräte mit einem Bemessungsstrom <=16 A je Leiter, die keiner Sonderanschlussbedingung unterliegen Konformität mit den folgenden Richtlinien: EC Niederspannungsrichtlinie 06/95/EG EC Richtlinie zur elektromagnetischen Verträglichkeit 04/10/EG RoHSRichtlinie 11/65/EG Kennzeichnung von Staubsaugern 665/13/EG ÖkodesignAnforderungen von Staubsaugern 666/13/EG Hadsund Anton Sørensen Senior Vice President Global Operations Déclaration de conformité Nous, Nilfi skadvance A/S Sognevej 1 DK2605 Broendby DANEMARK déclarons que le produit : Marque Description Modèle VAC Consumer Dry 2240V, 1101V, GM 0 / est conforme aux exigences des normes ciaprès : Référence et version Titre EN 6051:12 Appareils électrodomestiques et analogues Sécurité Partie 1 : prescriptions générales EN :12 Appareils électrodomestiques et analogues Sécurité Partie 22 : règles particulières pour les aspirateurs et les appareils de nettoyage à aspiration d'eau EN :06 +A1:09+A2:11 EN :1997 +A1:01+A2:0 EN :06 +A1:09+A2:09 Compatibilité électromagnétique Exigences pour les appareils électrodomestiques, outillages électriques et appareils analogues Partie 1 : émission Compatibilité électromagnétique Exigences pour les appareils électrodomestiques, outillages électriques et appareils analogues Partie 2 : immunité. Norme de famille de produits Compatibilité électromagnétique (CEM) Partie 32 : limites Limites pour les émissions de courant harmonique (courant appelé par les appareils inférieur ou égal à 16 A par phase) EN 61000:13 Compatibilité électromagnétique (CEM) Partie : limites Limitation des variations de tension, des fluctuations de tension et du papillotement dans les réseaux publics d'alimentation basse tension pour les matériels ayant un courant assigné inférieur ou égal à 16 A par phase et non soumis à un raccableement conditionnel Selon les dispositions des directives : Directive basse tension 06/95/CE Directive CEM 04/10/CE Directive RoHS 11/65/CE Étiquetage énergétique des aspirateurs 665/13/CE Exigences d écoconception applicables aux aspirateurs 666/13/CE Hadsund Anton Sørensen Senior Vice President Global Operations Ort Datum Name und Titel Unterschrift Verklaring van overeenstemming Ondergetekende, NilfiskAdvance A/S Sognevej 1 DK2605 Brøndby DENEMARKEN verklaart hierbij dat het product: Merk Beschrijving Model VAC Consumer Dry 2240V, 1101V, GM 0 / voldoet aan de volgende normen en richtlijnen: Id en Versie Titel EN 6051:12 Huishoudelijke en soortgelijke elektrische toestellen Veiligheid Deel 1 Algemene vereisten EN :12 Huishoudelijke en soortgelijke elektrische toestellen Veiligheid Deel 22: Bijzondere eisen voor stof en waterzuigers EN :06 +A1:09+A2:11 EN :1997 +A1:01+A2:0 EN :06 +A1:09+A2:09 EN 61000:13 Elektromagnetische compatibiliteit Eisen voor huishoudelijke toestellen, elektrisch gereedschap en soortgelijke apparaten Deel 1: Emissie Elektromagnetische compatibiliteit Eisen voor huishoudelijke toestellen, elektrisch gereedschap en soortgelijke apparaten Deel 2: Immuniteit Productgroepnorm Elektromagnetische compatibiliteit (EMC) Deel 32: Limietwaarden Limietwaarden voor de emissie van harmonische stromen (ingangsstroom van de toestellen 16 A per fase) Elektromagnetische compatibiliteit (EMC) Deel : Limietwaarden voor spanningswisselingen, spanningsschommelingen en flikkering in openbare laagspanningsnetten voor apparatuur met een ingangsstroom 16 A per fase en zonder voorwaardelijke aansluiting Op grond van de bepalingen in: Laagspanningsrichtlijn 06/95/EG EMC Richtlijn 04/10/EC RoHSRichtlijn 11/65/EG Energieetikettering van stofzuigers 665/13/EC Eisen inzake ecologisch ontwerp voor stofzuigers 666/13/EC Hadsund Anton Sørensen Senior Vice President Global Operations Lieu Date Nom et titre Signature Plaats Datum Naam en titel Handtekening 113

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