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1 Champion clay target traps and throwers by John McDougall That s a hit! Photo by Brendan Atkinson. If you d like to brush up on your clay target shooting or improve your strike rate at the range or in the field, a Champion clay target trap or thrower can certainly accommodate. Whether you seek a Super Sport Hand Thrower, which is adjustable to throw a host of targets, or a professional-grade electric 180-Sporter or SST Rabbit Trap, you will find that Champion has a trap for you. The range of Champion clay target throwers starts off with manual traps from the very basic hand-held Hand Throwers to the more sophisticated Matchbird ¾ Cock Trap with a seat, whereby one can sit down and load clay targets to one s heart s content. If you would like to move up the scale a little, then the EasyBird electric release traps will be for you. These are domestic-grade traps suited for use by the recreational shooter. They are not quite up to the task of the commercial professionalgrade traps, but the EasyBird traps still offer great and consistent target throwing for the keen sporting shooter at a very affordable price. Hand Throwers The Hand Thrower is a manual tool for hand-throwing targets up to 60 yards away. Constructed of polypropylene and ideal for right- or left-handers, it is intended for The Super Sport Hand Thrower is a manual thrower for mini, standard and rabbit targets. 78 Australian Shooter

2 standard-sized clay targets only. The next step up, the Super Sport Hand Thrower, is adjustable to throw a host of standard 108mm targets, as well as exotic ones such as minis and rabbits. SkyBird ¾ Cock Trap The SkyBird ¾ Cock Trap is a basic Ken Stevens from Nioa shows John McDougall the EasyBird Auto-Feed 6-Packer Trap and its three-way switch for the safe use of the traps when they need refilling or attendance. manually released trap that utilises strings. The unit has a counterweight attached and as the clay target is thrown, the trap arms actually travel beyond their full semicircular release and utilising a one-direction bearing in the pivot, use the momentum of the weighted arm to partially cock the trap. The trap will throw targets of all sizes and types, including rabbits, doubles and stacked doubles, out to around 70 yards. The SkyBird ¾ Cock Trap is available with either a Tripod or Foot Release Trap. The Tripod stands waist-high, does not need to be staked into the ground to stand and has a string release for safe trigger pull, while the Foot Release Trap is designed to be used as a balanced foot release ground trap. EasyBird Auto-Feed Trap The Auto-Feed Trap is probably the most basic of the EasyBird traps, having a 50-clay single-stack capability in its detachable magazine and being limited to accepting standard and international targets. Nevertheless, it can be adjusted for throwing targets from 55 to 65 yards and at varying angles, especially when connected to the optional Wobbler or Oscillating Base accessories. This lightweight and portable unit has a fast, one-second recycle time and comes with its own tripod, 50ft electric release cord and pedal release. EasyBird Auto-Feed Doubles Trap Those who like a little more sophistication can opt for the challenge of the Auto-Feed Doubles to test not only your shooting > Download our NEW 2011 Catalogue at 1250 Dominator FT High power Air Ri e f/s (.177), 985 f/s (.22) 8-shot repeater, 300 bar compressed air Includes 8-32x56 scope, bipod, and compensator 850 AirMagnum High power Air Ri e f/s (.177), 660 f/s (.22) 8-shot repeater, CO2 powered All weather stock and Tru Glo sights 850 AirMagnum Target Kit High power Air Ri e f/s (.177), 660 f/s (.22) 8-shot repeater, CO2 powered Includes 6x40 scope, compensator, 12g CO2 adaptor, CO2 cylinders, targets & pellets Exclusive Australian Distributor Call for your nearest stockist Australian Shooter 79

3 skills, but those of a friend. The doublestacker 100-target magazine has the ability to throw one or two targets at a time from 30 to 50 yards. You can also adjust the trap s mainspring and elevation to 30 degrees and step back for some really challenging shooting. Trying out the Champion products at the Nioa and ATK writers event. Photo by Brendan Atkinson. EasyBird Auto-Feed 6-Packer Trap The Auto-Feed 6-Packer Trap is a standard clay target practice trap capable of throwing crossing, going-away and incoming targets with its remote release. Its detachable magazine has six compartments that will hold 150 standard or international targets, but cannot be adjusted to fire exotic midi or mini targets. Its three-position (on/off/ safe) release switch provides a safe method to uncock the trap arm, while the whole thing is smooth to cycle and comes with a 50ft electric release cord with a foot pedal release. A 30-amp circuit breaker protects the electrical writing and motor, while a 3-amp circuit breaker protects the wires and the oscillation motor. The trap and the base run off a standard 12-volt deepcycle battery. The Auto-Feed 6-Packer is prewired to accept the optional Oscillating Base accessory and comes standard with a Trap Taxi for ease of transport. SPOTLIGHTS Still Bright Still Tough Still Made in Oz Professional LED Flashlights M20 Hunters Kit Includes: 1x M20 Warrior Special Ops Flashlight - 340Lm 1x Remote Pressure Switch 1x Spot Reflector 1x Spread Reflector 1x Barrel Mount 1x Holster 2x Batteries Australian Made Glass Lenses All Replaceable Parts Durable Alloy Construction Hand Focused For more information or your nearest stockist visit or call Powa Beam on For more information or your nearest stockist visit or call Powa Beam on Australian Shooter

4 SST Electric Champion s Single Stack Traps (SST Traps) are high-grade commercial-quality traps capable of throwing clay targets up to 70 yards. The SST Electric operates off a standard 12-volt deep-cycle battery, and will throw between 3000 and 5000 targets on a single charge. The unit comes with many of the attributes of the 180-Sporter and is suited for club and professional use, but the SST Electric is slightly lighter, has a smaller 50-target capacity and only accepts standard targets. SST Rabbit Trap The SST Rabbit Trap has many of the attributes of the previous commercial-grade traps, but is more versatile. Intended to be used for throwing standard rabbit targets horizontally to mimic hopping or skipping rabbits, it can, with adjustment, also be used to throw chandelle and springing teal targets, which are representative of a lowflying duck, hopping kangaroo or straight up in the air springing teal ducks. 180-Sporter Stepping up in performance to the light commercial professional-grade traps is the 180-Sporter. This basic model has a sixstack, 180-target-throwing capability for prolonged shooting to enable gun clubs to function for long periods of shooting before the stacker needs replenishing; > 597 Cooroy-Noosa Road, TINBEERWAH, Qld 4563 Phone/Fax PRICES ARE LOOSA AT NOOSA Uberti Walker.44cal Cap n Ball 9 barrel New $649 Pedersoli Kentucky Percussion Pistol.45cal New $349 Savage 10 BAT/S-K shot mag Bolt action, Accu Trigger & Stock From $2199 The splitter system divides the clay targets before placing them on the launching arms of the EasyBird Auto-Feed Doubles Trap. Howa 1500 Stainless or Blue Your DREAM You BUILD IT Ask us HOW From $695 Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon 1 chokes & case Very affordable New $2295 Uberti 1873 Short Rifl e in.357m New $1895 Uberti 1873 Short Rifl e in.357m &.45LC With chequered pistol grip stock & fore-end New $2095 Ruger GP M stainless steel 4" Very well balanced new $795 Zastava M x39 Blue/timber Fast accurate rifl e in a popular calibre New $695 Zastava M70 6.5x55 Blue/timber Great game calibre New $695 Marlin 1894CB " barrel New $1395 Ken Stevens of Nioa after loading the EasyBird Auto- Feed Doubles Trap. More great Australian Shooter 81

5 indeed, it can throw between 3000 and 5000 targets with a fully charged deep-cycle battery. The unit is lightweight and fastcycling, yet has rugged, heavily constructed parts. It has a three-position (on/off/safe) release switch, arm path indicator ring and a heavy-duty clutch, frame, mainspring and cocking motor with gearbox. The 180-Sporter comes with a 100ft electric release cord with foot pedal release. Whether it be for Skeet, Trap or Sporting Clays shooting, this trap provides for fast and furious action out to 70 yards. Accessories The SST and EasyBird Auto-Feed, Doubles and 6-Packer Traps can all be fitted with an optional Wobbler Kit or Oscillating Base. The Wobbler allows for high-volume throwing with up to 25 degrees of vertical movement. The Oscillating Base has a two-arc setting (45 and degrees) enabling the trap to move from side to side for increasingly challenging shooting. For convenience of transport, the SST, 180-Sporter and EasyBird Auto-Feed Traps can be attached to a Trap Taxi. This is a portable attachment with wheels that fits onto the base of a trap with a minimum of effort, but overcomes having to pick the trap up by hand or carry it over rough terrain. The simple trolley arrangement enables the traps to be shifted from varying positions to increase or decrease the degree of challenge. Summary As described, Champion has traps and throwers to cater to the occasional recreational shooter, to the professional sportsperson, right up to club use. The retail prices for these units will vary depending on the models and each store, so we recommend you consider your individual shooting needs and price range and then shop around. The SST Rabbit Trap has a fast cycle time and a heavy-duty clutch, frame, mainspring and cocking motor. For more information or to see the full range of Champion traps and throwers, visit Champion products are distributed in Australia by Nioa.. A close-up of the electronic wiring of the EasyBird Auto-Feed 6-Packer Trap and its release switches. The Trap Taxi makes for easy transport of the SST, 180-Sporter and EasyBird Auto-Feed Traps. The 50ft release electric release cord supplied with the motorised traps. Note the pedal release for convenience for individual shooting. 82 Australian Shooter