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2 Good day, dear partners! The collapse of Krājbanka, elections to the Russian State Council, referendum on advancing the status of Russian language as second official language, the strikes in Greece those are NOT the news from Vitrun news. News from Vitrum News are about opening of new cafés and restaurants, increase of the number of tourists in Riga, news from Sagi, dishes from Kapp, exclusive in Latvia - glass-holder decorated with piton s skin (may the PETA members forgive us) or with Swarowski crystals. The mechanical shop from Vitrum news has acquired new professional equipment polisher for processing the pipe junctions, roller for pipes of various diameters, pipe bending machine. Now the bent elements in our products will become even more excellent and practical. The year 2011 is slowly ending, the Christmas is coming. We have thought of surprises and gifts for our loyal clients: exclusive seminar from «Rational» and for sure the New Year campaigns! We will keep informing about our latest news and campaigns. Your Vitrum Group

3 Vitrum Group production in Bergi

4 Crocs, shopping center Galerija Rīga in Riga Responsible for project Normans Rupais Engineer designer Phone: (+371)

5 Crocs, shopping center Mols in Riga Responsible for project Normans Rupais Engineer designer Phone: (+371)

6 Rīgas piensaimnieks, staff lockers Responsible for project Mihails Marchuks Warehouse equipment Manager Phone: (+371)

7 Shop Top veikals in Liepaja Responsible for project Vladimir Sisojev Refrigeration facilities engineer Phone: (+371)

8 NEWS! NEWS! NEWS! Sagi modern solutions on the market for refrigerating equipment meeting the latest demands! Dmitry Demjanenko Head of the gastronomic equipment department Telephone: (+371) Refrigerating vitrines Luxor: Designed for meat and fish products and ice cream as well; With innovative shelf holding system; Every shelf of the equipment can hold up till 12 kg of product; Light-weight construction with invisible in-built door handle; LED lights create bright and intriguing atmosphere; Made in Italy.

9 NEWS! NEWS! NEWS! Original and comfortable glass-holder with ice-bucket! Sergey Chulnov Head of furniture department Phone: (+371) Perfect for hotels and restaurants for occasions of different celebrations; Thanks to special construction the glasses do not swing neither full nor empty; There is special compartment in the bucket for melted water; Glass-holder is equipped with handle for the ease of move.

10 NEWS! NEWS! NEWS! Standard colors Python skin Diamond rain with Swarowski cristals Golden color Sergey Chulnov Head of furniture department Phone: (+371)

11 NEWS! NEWS! NEWS! Cookware from Karr practical choice! Professional cookware; Cookware made of three layer stainless steel 18/10; With additional sandwich bottom for even heat distribution on whole surface in order to avoid burning; Long life and wear resistant; Suitable for all types of stoves induction, ceramic, electric and gas stoves; Suitable for dishwashing machines. Galina Lebedeva Head of dishware department Phone: (+371) Artikul Name Price Bistro d16cm, h11cm, 2L 7,59Ls Bistro d16cm, h16cm, 3,2L 8,93Ls Bistro d20cm, h13cm, 4,1L 11,34Ls Bistro d20cm, h20cm, 6,3L 13,61Ls Bistro d24cm, h19cm, 8,8L 17,03Ls Bistro d28cm, h23cm, 14,2L 22,50Ls Bistro d32cm, h27cm, 22,1L 30,55Ls Bistro d36cm, h29cm, 29,51L 52,00Ls Bistro d45cm, h28cm, 44L 65,92Ls Exclusive d40cm, h40cm, 50L 78,73Ls *All prices do not include 22% of VAT

12 German quality PVC and aluminum profiles Selective glass Glass loggias Choose the highest quality for your Windows and doors! Manager Elena Solovjova Phine (+371) We produce: windows doors street doors partition walls nonstandard constructions

13 Thank You for Your attention!