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1 A MUST READ FOR YOUR INDOOR COMFORT Spring/Summer 2016 Pg 3 We re 65 Pg 8 Come Celebrate Pg 12 Healthy Air 1

2 TRIVIA Opening the same year Anthony PHC did, 1951, this Kansas City venue has been a place to see some of the biggest stars. What is it? your answer to If you are the first to respond with correct answer, you win a free 1-year Anthony Service Agreement Program (A.S.A.P.) for your home. Who Ya Gonna Call? You can count on Anthony to be available This is our promise to be ready in an emergency to restore cooling at your home. An AC does not break down when it is not in use. That s why they DO go out at the worst time, like when it s been working nonstop and you have company on the way. Last summer, we were invited to this wedding reception at the last minute. We accepted, but we didn t have time to stop and get a gift! 65 Years Some Things Haven t Changed and That s a Good Thing In 1951, the year our company was founded, times were simpler and people were more trusting. Homes and cars were left unlocked. People had first-name relationships with their plumbers and heating technicians. This is the same service we still provide today with Technicians You Can Trust With Your House Keys. You can always request your favorite technician and know that all of our staff are highly trained, background-checked, drug-free, and criminal-free. Over the past 65 years, many competitors have come and gone. Many promises were made and then broken. To the best of my knowledge, Steve Burbridge Comfort Expert we are the oldest locally owned, continually operating HVAC company in our marketplace. All of your hard-earned dollars stay right here in our community and the owners of Anthony are a simple phone call and a short drive away. Our principles and processes make it easy for you to do business with us. Our three founding principles have not changed in the past 65 years: doing what we say we will do, when we say we will do it, and the way we say we will do it. Also, I believe our customers have not really changed. They want a great value, they want prompt service, they want the job done right the first time, and they want a local company they can trust. Please join my co-workers and me on Saturday morning, April 9th, for your 65-year customer appreciation celebration (details on page 8). Thank you for your loyal patronage. It is an honor to serve you. Enter to Win Our April prize giveaway is a Samsung front loading washer and dryer. Enter at Anthonyphc.com, or enter at our open house April 9th. Like us on Facebook to see who won and find out what we re giving away next month. A $1,600 value! In Avg home price $16,000 Avg wages $3,500 New car $1,800 Gallon of gas 20 cents Bacon 62 cents/lb 2 Dial ANTHONY ( ) MO or KS 3

3 Your Very Own POOL Table in the Basement Don t wait for a disaster to learn about the fine print in your insurance policy. Not only is flood damage not covered by standard homeowners insurance policies, but most flood insurance doesn t cover damage to the contents in basement. Without coverage, you face expenses to clean up the water ($4,000 to $5,000 average) and are left with the loss of contents and precious valuables like scrap books and photo albums. A battery back-up sump pump is your peaceof-mind basement insurance. It takes over in a power-outage or when the primary pump fails, or cannot keep up with incoming water. Keep your property, valuables, and savings account safe with our basement insurance. It is very important that our plumbers check your sump pump annually, during your A.S.A.P. plumbing inspection, to make sure it is in proper working condition. For damage avoidance, we can provide water sensors placed near your sump pump pit, water heater, and washing machine. Through the MyHome App (see page 11), these sensors send an alert to your cell phone if water is present. TESTIMONIAL Our two installers were exceptional! We were so impressed with their work, well above and beyond expectations. They left the area cleaner than when they started. We ve had a lot of work done to our home and we have never been so impressed! Anthony is a class act! - Erin Fisher Guys Just Want to Have Fun! We welcomed over 250 guests for food and fun to our second annual Guys Night Out on February 11. We are making plans to accommodate even more next year with additional parking spaces, more poker tables, faster betting windows for the mice races, more gift ideas for Valentine s Day, and more great prizes! If you missed this one of a kind fun event, please make plans to join us next year on February 9, ANNOUNCING LADIES NIGHT OUT SAVE THE DATE. Join us for your night on September 28, Enjoy appetizers, wine tasting, a gift boutique, and everyone gets a swag bag! 4 Dial ANTHONY ( ) MO or KS 5

4 TESTIMONIAL We found the Anthony installers to be professional, pleasant, and very efficient. They delivered everything our Comfort Consultant said they would. We couldn t be more pleased with the results of the new system. - Bob & Nadine Moore Reasons to Consider Cutting Your Losses TESTIMONIAL Anthony has great employees. Stephen was a real sweetheart, so kind and smiles all the time! He said he has never been happier with a company, and it shows in his work with your customers. - Scott & Janie Widman FREE MONEY There are still rebates available from our local utility companies and the $500 Federal tax credit has been reinstated. We can help you qualify for all the money available to you. Replacing an old system with a new highefficiency system that uses environmentally friendly refrigerant should translate into big savings. Depending on what you re replacing and what you replace with, you can save up to 50% on your cooling costs. If you added Freon or had a repair last summer, it s time to weigh the benefits of replacement. 1. ELECTRIC RATES continue to rise in Kansas City. Most AC units years old could have an efficiency rating that is 1/2 of current high efficiency units. That is essentially costing 50% more to operate than an updated unit, which will impact your yearly cooling bills in a large way. 2. FREON PRICES are skyrocketing. If you had Freon added to your older AC last summer, you felt this in your wallet. The federal government is controlling the production and phasing out the use of ozone-depleting R-22 Freon in favor of the safer 410-A refrigerant. As the supply of R-22 Freon is reduced and eventually eliminated, the price will continue to increase. 3. REPAIR COST should be compared to replacement cost and benefits if your AC is over 10 years old or you ve had repairs in the past few years. Put that repair money where you ll see a return. 4. COMFORT should not be compromised. To achieve great home comfort, you must take a Whole Home approach. It s not just about the efficiency of the system you buy, it s also about how well it s installed, how well your duct work is performing and how well your home is insulated. Consider your comfort, health, safety, anxiety, and wallet when deciding if updating your comfort system just makes cents. You Have Made Us Proud - NINE YEARS IN A ROW! It takes great customers to make a great company. We are proud to announce you have awarded us the 2015 Super Service Award, again! That s nine straight years! This award from Angie s List is won solely because of the recognition from you, our customers, and we sincerely appreciate it. According to Angie s List, only about 5 percent of companies perform consistently well enough to earn the Super Service Award. We consider it an honor and a privilege to be invited into your home and deliver a superior service experience. 6 Dial ANTHONY ( ) MO or KS 7

5 8 Dial ANTHONY ( ) MO or KS 9 msung load washfront & dryer!er ENTER TO WIN Sa First 300 guests receive a tomato plant from Farrand Farms! FREE gift for all A.S.A.P members. Become an A.S.A.P member April 9 and receive your FREE gift! 9:00 Endless Hot Water 9:30 Zoning for Comfort & Energy Savings 10:00 Home Control with Anthony MyHome 10:30 Loose & Leaky House 11:00 Healthy Air: dust trap/mold killer LIVE SEMINARS Join us for educational seminars and learn how to make your home operate more efficiently and save money. See and hear a tankless water heater in action Feel the heat of the Auto-Ray Garage Heater See how to close your garage door from the office Try a bidet toilet seat (in private) Marvel at the world s most energy-efficient furnace, 98% See our working solar hot water heating system (which qualifies for the 30% Federal Tax Credit with no cap) See how a waterless urinal works See how your home or business can be easily zoned for even temperatures Operate a touchless faucet Tour our Plumbing Lab and our working wall of technology showroom. 8 am 10 am Breakfast by Chris Cakes 8 am 10 am Blood Drive Meet Bob Fescoe from 610 am Sports Radio Meet Scott Parks from Dana & Parks show on KMBZ Saturday, April 19, 2016, 8 am to Noon Anthony Showroom W 99th St., Lenexa, KS y a D n o i t a i c e r p p A r Custome r u o Y o t e m o C Please

6 Save Energy with Zoned Air Flow Our homes don t have just ONE light switch to control all the lights at once; that would be wasteful. So why use just ONE thermostat to control the temperature for your entire house? Most homes have areas that need more heat in the winter or more cool air on the summer. We can show you how to zone different areas using their own thermostat. Our Maestro Zoning system allows multiple thermostats to run your current heating and cooling system. It delivers comfort and energy savings. Stop cooling the entire first floor to get the bedroom comfortable. GET COUPON: QR CODE Forget to Lock the Front Door? Grab Your Cell Phone With the Anthony MyHome system, you have total control. The MyHome mobile device app allows you to control several functions at your home anytime, anywhere. Remotely view secure real-time video, control lights, door locks, garage door, thermostat, small appliances and more. Avoid disaster with a text message alert of an unexpected event at home like a water leaks or severe temperature change. Manage and track your energy consumption with automated programming. The system can sense when you leave and turn off lights and set back the thermostat. The reverse happens when you get close to home. With MyHome, you will feel secure and in control. Enjoy personalized home automation tailored to the way you live. The best part is this system is surprisingly very affordable. Who Said Jiggle the Handle? The average family of four runs more than 300 gallons of water per day at home. Roughly 70 percent of this use occurs indoors and 30 percent is outdoor watering. Colgate toothpaste aired a commercial during the Super Bowl that had little to do with tooth paste. The ad encourages water conservation through one simple step that everyone can take every day turn off the water while brushing your teeth. This small gesture can save up to 4 gallons of water each time you brush! Check your water meter before and after a two-hour period when no water is being used. If the meter does not read exactly the same, you probably have a leak. A leaky faucet that drips at the rate of one drip per second can waste more than 3,000 gallons per year. A showerhead leaking at 10 drips per minute wastes more than 500 gallons per year. If you have to JIGGLE, check the old flapper on the toilet flush valve. Over time, this rubber part decays, or minerals build up on it. Our A.S.A.P (Anthony Service Agreement Program) with plumbing inspection is the way to make sure you aren t wasting money and water. 10 Dial ANTHONY ( ) MO or KS 11

7 Why Some Homes (and People) Are More Healthy Than Others Who Loves Summer Chores? You Will! Outdoor chores are easier with the right tools. Make pet bath time, washing the car, and watering your plants a lot easier with our easy quarter-turn hose faucet. If your old faucet leaks and you struggle with the metal handle, it s time for the new, easy to use soft handle outdoor faucet. Our faucet, properly installed by The Cleanest Plumbers in Town, does not allow water to be trapped in it, so it won t freeze and break over the winter. Please call us and use this I want to love summer chores coupon and say NO MORE to that drippy, hard to turn on/off outdoor faucet. Homeowners who are exposed to poor indoor air quality are at a higher risk for developing respiratory problems and illness. Hospitals use ultra violet (UV) lights to kill airborne contaminants because it works. You may have noticed the glowing purple box at the barber shop or nail shop used to sterilize the tools. In order to maintain healthy air in the home, filtration and purification are necessary. Although high efficiency filters do a good job of catching particles and preventing them from circulating through the air, they don t kill biological contaminants. Installed in your duct system, UV lights provide whole-house purification. As your HVAC system circulates air through your ducts, the airborne pollutants pass by the UV light, which kills them. Your Anthony technician will verify your mold killer is working on each comprehensive system tune-up we perform for you. UV light from the sun is our natural protector of outdoor air we breathe. The same technology can keep your indoor air safe. UV light is a type of radiation with wavelengths shorter than those of visible light. Germicidal UV light is an effective way to destroy harmful organisms that make us sick: mold, viruses, spores, and bacteria. 12 Dial ANTHONY ( ) MO or KS 13

8 TESTIMONIAL Julie and I can t say enough about the outstanding customer service and technical support we received during our AC and Heating upgrade. Our unique house presented many challenges which we are delighted to say, the entire Anthony PHC team slammed out of the park. The entire experience and performance of the new system is exceeding our expectations. Thank you all. - Michael Wishy Winner, Winner, Steak Dinner! Thank you for your feedback after each service. Your thoughts are very much anticipated and appreciated. All comments received each month are entered to win a $50 gift card to Hereford House. Below are recent winners in each service category. We make it easy to send your feedback: (1) through our web site, (2) mail the postage-paid card left by your technician, or (3) click the link in the with your service receipt. September HVAC - Suzanne Carroll, Mission, KS PLBG - Kyle & Ann Percival, Olathe, KS Install - Michael O Boyle, Leawood, KS December HVAC - JoAnn Vaughn, Blue Springs, MO PLBG - Dave Bodenstab, Liberty, MO Install - Ryan & Sandy Coiner, Kansas City, MO ASAP Anthony Service Agreement Program A.S.A.P = Your Convenience October HVAC - Dr. Mike & Dee LaRosh, Overland Park, KS PLBG - Shannan Loomis, Kansas City, KS Install - Bill & Julia Sanders, Mission, KS November HVAC - Edward & Mary Stang, Kansas City, MO PLBG - Carlos Murguia, Kansas City, KS Install - Karen Pittman, Olathe, KS January HVAC - Grady Holman, Olathe, KS PLBG - Kathy Hunt, Overland Park, KS Install - Robert Moore, Kansas City, MO February HVAC - Melody Cox, Raytown, MO PLBG - Neil Karlstrom, Lenexa, KS Install - Harriett Bullock, Olathe, KS Spring/Summer 2016 The Comfort Zone is published to provide our customers with information about comfort, health, safety, energy savings, practical tips, and more Anthony PHC QUESTIONS & COMMENTS Please contact Wendy Burrell, Customer Relations, at ANTHONY ( ) or OUR MISSION To provide a consistent, value-added service experience of the highest quality for every customer every hour of every day. This service experience must exceed expectations to the point that customers will be so delighted with us, they feel compelled to tell others so they can benefit, too. OUR GOAL: CUSTOMERS FOR LIFE OUR SERVICES ASAP (Anthony Service Agreement Program) Air Cleaners Air Conditioners Boiler Systems Dehumidifiers Drain Cleaning Duct Sealing Faucet Installation Furnaces Garage Heaters Garbage Disposers UV Germicidal Lamps Heat Pumps High-Efficiency Filters Home Automation Humidifiers Instant Hot Water Plumbing Repair Sump Pumps Thermostats Furnace & AC Tune-ups Water Heaters Tankless Water Heaters Water Softeners Zoning Systems Our A.S.A.P. (Anthony Service Agreement Program) helps prevent major problems by alerting you before safety hazards and costly repairs occur. Our once-a-year tuneup on your plumbing, heating and cooling system means they will last longer and run more efficiently. And you ll save money on energy usage so the A.S.A.P. pays for itself! Front of the line service On extreme weather days, we receive more service requests than we can handle. Our A.S.A.P. customers are guaranteed same-day emergency service. Weekend service For working families, we provide maintenance on Saturday and Sunday for your convenience. We are staffed on weekends to fit your lifestyle. Schedule on line Go to anthonyphc.com and click schedule on line. Or simply dial ANTHONY, whether 816 or 913. Discounts All A.S.A.P. customers receive from 10-30% discount, depending on the service. Who s coming Prior to arrival, you will receive an with information on your technician, including his photo and the time you can expect him. Another value added service from the Technicians You Can Trust With Your House Keys. 14 Dial ANTHONY ( ) MO or KS 15

9 Serving Since 1951 You re Invited! Annual Open House Saturday, April 19, 2016 Free breakfast Free gift for A.S.A.P. customers! SEE PAGE 8