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2 CONTENTS 目录 SITE MAP 展位平面图 Site map... p. 3 展位平面图 Overview of Pays de la Loire as a horticultural region...p. 4-5 法国卢瓦尔大区园艺简介 Company overviews... p 公司简介 French pavilion 法国馆 GEORGES DELBARD NURSERY / 乔治 戴尔巴苗圃及玫瑰园... p. 6 FULAN by Florentaise / 富蓝... p. 7 RICHEL GROUP / 法国瑞奇集团... p. 8 SAPHO / 萨博... p. 9 VEGEPOLYS / 维吉玻利斯中心...p

3 OVERVIEW OF PAYS DE LA LOIRE AS A HORTICULTURAL REGION 法国卢瓦尔大区园艺简介 PAYS DE LA LOIRE LEADS THE FRENCH HORTICULTURE MARKET. Leading producer of: Flowering and foliage pot plants (20% of French production). Bedding plants (18% of French production). Perennials, herbs and spices and aquatic plants (33% of French production). Ornamental trees and shrubs (19% of French production). Fruit trees (17% of French production). PAYS DE LA LOIRE: A HORTICULTURAL TRADITION DATING BACK 650 YEARS TO THE TIME OF RENÉ OF ANJOU KEY STATISTICS A network of 320 companies (down 10% in 3 years, from 360 in 2013) SECOND LARGEST PRODUCER OF CUT FLOWERS AND FOLIAGE. THIRD LARGEST PRODUCER OF BULBS. Specialities exported worldwide include hydrangeas, young trees and shrubs and bulbs. Leading products on the French market: Hydrangeas. Potted flowering plants: cyclamens, begonias, poinsettias, New Guinea Impatiens, chrysanthemums and hibiscuses. Lily of the Valley. Bedding plants. Vegetable, herb and spice plants. Perennials. The complete range of trees and shrubs (saplings and containers). Bulbs. FRANCE S SECOND-LARGEST OUTDOOR ROSE BREEDING CENTRE (DOUÉ-LA-FONTAINE). The Pays de la Loire region offers the complete range of skills required to produce ornamental horticultural plants and bring them to market: breeding, propagation, production of finished plants, research and development, trading and marketing. Pays de Loire has the largest area dedicated to the production of plants of any French region with: A wide range of species and varieties grown. A network of professional companies breeding plants and marketing them. All the necessary research, innovation, promotion, consultancy, support and training capabilities. 3,000 ha dedicated to horticultural production 卢瓦尔大区 : 法国园艺市场的领导者 在下列植物生产方面处于领先地位 : 观花及观叶植物盆栽 (20% 是法国生产 ) 露地花卉 (18% 是法国生产 ) 多年生植物 芳香植物和水生植物 (33 % 是法国生产 ) 观赏树木及灌木 (19 % 是法国生产 ) 果树 (17 % 是法国生产 ) 卢瓦尔大区 : 园艺传统源自勒内一世时期, 拥有绵延 650 年的悠久传统 第二大鲜切花和鲜切叶生产基地第三大种球生产基地 出口到世界的特色品种 : 绣球花 树苗和灌木 种球 本地区在法国市场上的领先产品 : 绣球花 观花盆栽 : 仙客来 秋海棠 一品红 新几内亚凤仙花 菊花 木槿 铃兰 露地花卉 蔬菜和芳香植物 多年生植物 树苗和灌木品种齐全 ( 树苗及穴盘 ) 种球 法国第二大露天玫瑰生产中心 ( 杜埃拉丰坦市 ) 卢瓦尔大区拥有观赏植物生产和营销所须的一切技能, 包括育种 繁殖 成品植物生产 科研 贸易和推广 卢瓦尔大区专门用于植物生产的面积位居法国所有大区之首, 它的园艺特色有 : 植物品种丰富多样 ; 拥有育种和营销的专业企业网络 ; 有能力进行科研 创新 推广 咨询 支持和培训 4,000 jobs (FTE) Turnover approaching 315 M 4 5 关键数据 行业约有 320 家企业 (2013 年有 360 家 即 3 年以来减少了 10 %) 个岗位 ( 全职人员 ) 生产面积高达 公顷 交易额约为 3.15 亿欧元

4 COMPANY OVERVIEWS 公司简介 GEORGES DELBARD NURSERY / 乔治 戴尔巴苗圃 HALL N3 Stand n A 号展馆 n A97-1 展位 Director / contact event / 董事长 : Arnaud Delbard Address / 地址 : 9 route de Commentry MALICORNE - FRANCE Phone / 电话 : +33 (0) Fax / 传真 : + 33 (0) / 邮箱 : Website / 网址 : FULAN by Florentaise / 富蓝 HALL N3 Stand n A 号展馆 n A97-3 展位 Director / contact event / 董事长 : Jean-Pascal Chupin Address / 地址 : Le Grand-Patis SAINT-MARS-DU-DÉSERT FRANCE Phone / 电话 : +33 (0) Fax / 传真 : +33 (0) / 邮箱 : Website / 网址 : One of the world s leader horticulturists in research and hybridation - Founded by Georges Delbard in 1935 in Malicorne France, we have 80 years of experience in rose, apple, pear and cherry. The nurseries cover a surface of around 600 hectares based in the French campaign. Outstanding roses - Our company launches every year 3-5 new varieties of roses with over 200 varieties today on the market. We study over varieties of roses per year created by traditional hybridation techniques. We experiment in glass greenhouses and outdoors before launching on the market. The selection is based on aesthetic and agronomic criteria (color, scent, form of the bloom and resistance to disease). Naturally resistant fruit trees (apple, pear and cherry) - The objective is to produce fruits with an excellent flavor and genetically resistant to disease. Each new variety is studied for 15 years from hybridation to launching on the market. During the last 10 years, Delbard has acquired a very considerable know-how in the sphere of in vitro propagation that permits the selection of the best genetically gifted woody plants. Delbard s partners in the world - A net of licensees producing and distributing in 24 countries around the world. INRA (the French national institute for agricultural research) certifies that all our varieties are virus-free. Being our partner will give you a priviledged access to our program of varietal creations in cut roses, gardens roses and fruit trees. FULAN is FLORENTAISE Chinese entity. FLORENTAISE is the leading French substrates manufacturer with 13 factories, 9 in France and 4 abroad, producing 1 million m 3 of substrate per year with 150 employees. FLORENTAISE manufactures natural and sustainable raw materials and substrates as HORTIFIBRE (wood fiber partial peat substitute), HORTIBIO (limit by 50% the use of peat in substrate) and WOODPEAT (Total and renewable peat substitute). One factory is specialized in mulches and particularly in barks for orchid. Since 1986, FLORENTAISE is known for its high quality, relevant and sustainable products, and has strong international presence. FLORENTAISE 在中国的公司叫富蓝 (FULAN),FLORENTAISE 作 为基质供应商的领导者拥有 13 个加工厂,9 个分布在法国不 同的地方,4 个在外,150 名员工每年能生产 立方米的 优质基质 FLORENTAISE 利用纯天然的 可再生的原材料生产 HORTIFIBRE ( 中文名木纤维可部分替代泥炭 ),HORTIBIO ( 可 从事研究和杂交技术的世界一流园艺家之一 替代 50% 的泥炭 ), WOODPEAT (100% 替代泥炭 ) 同时也能供 1935 年由乔治德尔巴德在法国 MALICORNE 组建, 我们有 80 年的玫瑰 苹果 梨和樱桃种植方面的经 应适应各种兰科植物根系需求的优质树皮 自 1986 年以来,- 验 基于在法国的生产活动, 苗圃面积约 600 公顷 FLORENTAISE 因供应高品质和相关可持续的具有强大国际影响力 引人注目的玫瑰我公司每年都推出 3-5 种新品玫瑰, 至今已有 200 多个品种面市 每年我们对由传统 的产品而闻名世界 的杂交技术产生的 多种玫瑰进行研究 在将产品推向市场之前, 我们分别在玻璃温室大棚和户 外进行试验 我们根据美学和农艺标准 ( 颜色 气味 花型以及抗病性 ) 进行选择 有自然抗性的 果树 ( 苹果树 梨树和樱桃树 ) 目的是生产口味优异 具有抗病基因的水果 每一新品种从杂交到 上市都经过了 15 年的研究 在过去 10 年中,DELBARD 已在玻璃试管繁殖领域获得了大量的专门技术 德尔巴德在世界各地的合作伙伴在世界上 24 个国家均有生产 经销许可证 INRA( 法国国家农业研 究院 ) 证明我们的所有品种均没有病毒 与我们合作将使你能优先了解我们在剪枝玫瑰 园艺玫瑰和 果树方面的品种创新计划 6 更多图片, 请访问我们的网站 : 7

5 RICHEL GROUP / 法国瑞奇集团 HALL N3 Stand n A 号展馆 n A97-4 展位 Contact event / 经理 : Oliver D EAUBONNE / Bruno BEX Address / 地址 : ZA des Grandes Terres EYGALIERES FRANCE Phone / 电话 : +33 (0) Fax / 传真 : +33 (0) / 邮箱 : - Website / 网址 : Richel Group manufactures greenhouses in France for over 50 years and exports into more than 100 countries. We have a large range of polythen or glass covered greenhouses for all types of crops and climates. We design and installed all equipments such as irrigation, heating, cooling, shading screens and offer a very high quality of services. We have a long experience and presence in Asia and our products are very competitive and based on respect of our customers and commitment to their satisfaction. RICHEL 瑞秋集团是法国领先温室生产企业, 至今已有 50 多年的历史, 产品出口到 100 多个国家 公司产品多样, 可提供适用于各类作物和不同气候要求的塑料温室或者玻璃温室 同时, 公司还设计 安装所有相关配套设备, 如灌溉设备, 保温设备, 冷却设备, 遮阳帘等, 并且提供高质量的服务 进入亚洲市场多年, 拥有丰富的经验, 公司产品极具市场竞争力, 赢得了客户的满意与信赖 SAPHO / 萨博, 花园观赏植物新品种的缔造者 HALL N3 Stand n A 号展馆 n A97-2 展位 Director / contact event / 董事长 : Olivier Pantin Address / 地址 : Les Islettes LA MÉNITRÉ FRANCE Phone / 电话 : +33 (0) Fax / 传真 : +33 (0) / 邮箱 : Website / 网址 : SAPHO is a French company which is distributing new protected ornamental varieties (shrubs, trees, climbing, perennials ) for gardens and landscape. Born on 1974 SAPHO belongs to a group of French nurserymen. We are located in the first horticultural region of France and have a long standing experience in the business of vegetable novelties selection. Our aim is to: select, protect, promote and develop new varieties, collect royalties and fight against illegal propagation. 萨博是一家专门销售花园和景观园林受保护的观赏植物新品种的法国公司 ( 如灌木, 乔木, 攀缘植物, 多年生植物等 ) 成立于 1974 年, 萨博是法国苗圃主联合机构 坐落于法国第一大园艺大区, 萨博在植物新品种选择方面拥有丰富的经验 公司宗旨是 : 选择, 保护, 促进和开发新品种, 收取专利费用和打击非法传播 8 9

6 VEGEPOLYS PÔLE DE COMPÉTITIVITÉ / 维吉玻利斯中心 Note HALL N3 Stand n A 号展馆 n A97-5 展位 Director / 总经理 : Gino Boismorin Address / 地址 : Maison du Végétal 26 rue Jean Dixméras ANGERS Cedex 01 Phone / 电话 : +33 (0) Fax / 传真 : +33 (0) / 邮箱 : Website / 网址 : A «Pôle de compétitivité» (French cluster) is in a given area, an association of companies, research centers and training organizations committed to a partnership approach aimed at creating synergies within jointly-run innovative projects. The Government and regional authorities allocate a special budget to collaborative research projects approved by these clusters. Located in the Pays de la Loire, VEGEPOLYS has been recognized in France as the international plant cluster. VEGEPOLYS is based on a unique concentration of organizations operating in the plant world (ornamental horticulture, fruit and vegetable growing, wine growing, seeds, aromatic and medicinal plants, mushrooms, cider, and tobacco) and around the plant world in upstream and downstream processes. In order to accompany the firms and laboratories from the concept to the achievement of their projects, VEGEPOLYS has expanded some R&D services. 竞争力中心 ( 法国竞争力集群 ) 是在某一领域, 公司 研究中心和培训机构建立合作关系, 从而为共同经营的创新项目创造协同效应 国家和地方政府给予由这些竞争力集群同意的合作创新项目以特殊预算 位于卢瓦尔大区, 维吉玻利斯中心被法国公认为国际植物竞争力中心 维吉玻利斯是致力于植物领域 ( 观赏园艺, 水果和蔬菜种植, 葡萄酒种植, 种子, 香草和药用植物, 蘑菇, 苹果酒和烟草 ) 及植物领域上下游过程的各机构的联合 为了在公司和实验室项目设计和实现过程中提供服务, 中心也开发了科研服务内容 10 11

7 CONTACT US VEGEPOLYS Address / 地址 : Maison du Végétal 26 rue Jean Dixméras F Angers Cedex 01 Phone / 电话 : +33 (0) Fax / 传真 : +33 (0) / 邮箱 : Website / 网址 : FOOD LOIRE Address / 地址 : 9 rue André-Brouard CS F Angers Cedex 02 Phone / 电话 : +33 (0) Fax / 传真 : +33 (0) / 邮箱 : Website / 网址 : PAYS DE LA LOIRE REGIONAL COUNCIL Address / 地址 : Hôtel de la région 1 rue de la Loire F Nantes Cedex 09 Phone / 电话 : +33 (0) Website / 网址 : Réalisation : Chambre Régionale d Agriculture des Pays de la Loire - FOOD LOIRE Conception : Crédits photos : FOOD LOIRE - Fotolia - VEGEPOLYS - J-L Gaignard INRA Édition : avril 2017