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1 May 213 SCFIRS Report Fire Chiefs, To keep you up-to-date regarding how incident data is being used and the benefits of consistent reporting, the State Fire Marshal s Community Risk Reduction team is distributing the attached SCFIRS Report May 213 report. To date, out of 435 fire departments, we have 224 (52 percent) submitting reports with 15 (24 percent) submitting every month. Our goal is to encourage and increase the number of fire departments participating in the system. It is interesting to note that, in May, seven fire departments had a higher than 5 percent invalid incident report submission rate. If you would like assistance on how to improve your data quality or reporting practices, please contact our office. Lastly, we have received several comments regarding our last issue and urge you to continue to provide suggestions and feedback. Once you have reviewed this report, please feel free to contact us to let us know of any additions you d like to see. Thank you for your continued participation, SCFIRS Team Community Risk Reduction Division of Fire and Life Safety 8/1/213 1

2 May 213 SCFIRS Report 13,12 REPORTED INCIDENTS EMS 58.83% False 11.33% Fire 7.39% Hazard 3.69% Other 6.82% Service 6.21% Weather.1% Assist 11.94% Other.51% TOTAL INCIDENTS BY TYPE EMS 7655 Assist 1554 False Fire Service Compared to first quarter 213, the month of May experienced a rise in total EMS and False calls as a percentage of all calls. May also saw a 3.17 percent decrease in Fire calls. Hazard 48 Other Weather /1/213

3 Incident Types by Month (YTD) EMS Assist False Fire Service Hazard Other Weather May Apr Mar Feb Jan Fire Incidents by Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May 8/1/213 3

4 STATEWIDE RUN DATA INCIDENTS BY HOUR Hour TOP 1 RESPONSE TIMES (MIN 1 CALLS) Rank Department Incident Count Average Response Time 1 GREENVILLE CITY FIRE DEPT. 477 :3:19 2 PARKER DISTRICT FD 184 :3:41 3 BEAUFORT CITY FIRE DEPT 27 :4:1 4 MYRTLE BEACH FIRE DEPT 1182 :4:5 5 WADE HAMPTON FIRE DEPT 135 :4:8 6 FLINT HILL VFD 126 :4:22 7 SIMPSONVILLE FIRE DEPT 196 :4:23 8 PELHAM - BATESVILLE FD 124 :4:49 9 FLORENCE CITY FIRE DEPT 194 :4:58 1 GOOSE CREEK CITY FD 186 :5: Top 3 last month: Greenville City FD, Beaufort City FD, Myrtle Beach FD Statewide, the average response time in May to any incident type was 5:27 8/1/213 4

5 Medical assist, assist EMS crew EMS call, excluding vehicle accident with injury Vehicle accident with injuries Motor vehicle accident with no injuries Emergency medical service, other Rescue, emergency medical call (EMS) call, other Motor vehicle/pedestrian accident (MV Ped) Extrication of victim(s) from vehicle Rescue or EMS standby Removal of victim(s) from stalled elevator Lock-in (if lock out, use 511 ) Watercraft rescue 7,65 EMS INCIDENTS /1/213 5

6 Building fires Passenger vehicle fire Outside rubbish, trash or waste fire Cooking fire, confined to container Brush, or brush and grass mixture fire Grass fire Forest, woods or wildland fire Fire in mobile home used as fixed residence Fire, other Dumpster or other outside trash receptacle fire Outside equipment fire Road freight or transport vehicle fire Trash or rubbish fire, contained Outside rubbish fire, other Mobile property (vehicle) fire, other Natural vegetation fire, other Special outside fire, other Off-road vehicle or heavy equipment fire Fires in structures other than in a building Fire in motor home, camper, recreational vehicle Outside storage fire 943 FIRE INCIDENTS May 213 experienced 943 fires which caused a reported $4,116,267 in property and contents damage, $42,85 being attributed to intentionally-set fires. 8/1/213 6

7 Alarm system sounded, no fire - unintentional Smoke detector activation, no fire - unintentional False alarm or false call, other Alarm system sounded due to malfunction Detector activation, no fire - unintentional Smoke detector activation due to malfunction Unintentional transmission of alarm, other Malicious, mischievous false call, other System malfunction, other CO detector activation due to malfunction Central station, malicious false alarm Local alarm system, malicious false alarm Municipal alarm system, malicious false alarm Heat detector activation due to malfunction Carbon monoxide detector activation, no CO Sprinkler activation, no fire - unintentional Sprinkler activation due to malfunction Bomb scare - no bomb Telephone, malicious false alarm 1,468 FALSE INCIDENTS Common False Call Property Types 1 or 2 family dwelling Hotel/motel, commercial Multifamily dwellings Business office Hospital - medical or psychiatric 24-hour care Nursing homes, 4 or more persons Restaurant or cafeteria Church, mosque, synagogue, temple, chapel Elementary school, including kindergarten High school/junior high school/middle school /1/213 7

8 3 FIRE FATALITIES To report a Fire Fatality please use (pdf) 8 6 Fatalities by Month AGE OF VICTIM > 5 Years < 2 Years Years January February March April May May Fire Fatalities 1 Multiple Fatality Incident Date County Reported Cause Occupancy Age/ State Fatality Number Gender 5/11/213 Aiken Arson Single Family 1/F 26 28/M 27 5/14/213 Colleton Under Investigation Single Family 48/M 28 8/1/213 8

9 A b b e v i l l e C o u n t y Keowee FD Broadmouth Turkey Creek FD Cold Springs FD Lowndesville Rural FD Edgewood FD A i k e n C o u n t y Beech Island FD Monetta FD Silver Bluff FD Wagener FD A l l e n d a l e C o u n t y Allendale County Fire & Rescue A n d e r s o n C o u n t y Anderson City FD Williamson FD B a m b e r g C o u n t y Bamberg City Fire Dept B a r n w e l l C o u n t y Williston FD Hilda FD Elko FD B e a u f o r t C o u n t y Beaufort City Fire Dept Daufuskie Island FD Sheldon Township FD B e r k e l e y C o u n t y Caromi Village Fire Dept Forty One Community VFD Goose Creek City FD Lebanon Rural VFD Moncks Corner City FD Moncks Corner Rural FD C h a r l e s t o n C o u n t y Charleston Fire Department Mount Pleasant Fire Dept North Charleston City FD C h e r o k e e C o u n t y Buffalo VFD Cherokee Creek Volunteer Fire Corinth VFD # 5 Gaffney City FD C h e s t e r C o u n t y Chester City Fire Dept Richburg VFD C h e s t e r f i e l d C o u n t y Cheraw Fire Dept Ruby - Mt. Croghan C o l l e t o n C o u n t y Colleton County FD D o r c h e s t e r C o u n t y Dorchester County Fire Rescue Summerville Fire Dept E d g e f i e l d C o u n t y Merriweather VFD F a i r f i e l d C o u n t y Blackstock Woodard VFD Community FD Dutchman Creek VFD Greenbrier Bethel FD Mitford VFD Ridgeway VFD Southeastern Fairfield VFD Winnsboro FD C a l h o u n C o u n t y Cameron FD Fort Motte VFD St Matthews Fire Department 8/1/213 9

10 F l o r e n c e C o u n t y Florence City Fire Dept Lake City Fire Dept G r e e n v i l l e C o u n t y Belmont Fire District Berea Public Service District Boiling Springs Fire District Duncan Chapel Fire Dept Glassy Mountain FD Greenville City Fire Dept. Lake Cunningham Fire Dept Parker District FD Piedmont Fire Department Piedmont Park Fire Department Simpsonville Fire Dept Taylors Fire Dept Tigerville Fire Dept Travelers Rest Fire Dept Wade Hampton Fire Dept G r e e n w o o d C o u n t y Greenwood City Fire Dept Northwest Fire & Rescue H a m p t o n C o u n t y Lancaster Fire Department H o r r y C o u n t y Conway Myrtle Beach Fire Dept J a s p e r C o u n t y Ridgeland Fire Department K e r s h a w C o u n t y Buffalo - Mt. Pisgah Camden Fire Department Cassatt Fire Department Lugoff Fire Dept Pine Grove FD Shepard Vol Fire Department L e x i n g t o n C o u n t y Cayce Fire Department West Columbia Fire Department Lexington County Fire Service M a r i o n C o u n t y Marion City Fire Dept M a r l b o r o C o u n t y Bennettsville Fire Dept Mccoll Fire Dept Wallace FD M c C o r m i c k C o u n t y McCormick County Emergency Service Sandy Branch FD O c o n e e C o u n t y Corinth - Shiloh Fire Dept #3 Friendship Fire Dept #12 Walhalla Fire Dept #5 West Union VFD #16 Westminister City Fire Dept #6 O r a n g e b u r g C o u n t y Orangeburg City Fire Dept Santee Fire Service Dist. P i c k e n s C o u n t y Clemson University Fire & Ems Dacusville Rural FD Keowee Springs Fire Dist Norris Fire Dept Pickens City Fire Dept Six Mile Town Fire Dept Vineyards FD S a l u d a C o u n t y Circle VFD L a n c a s t e r C o u n t y Lancaster Fire Department L a u r e n s C o u n t y Hickory Tavern Sandy Springs Fire Department 8/1/213 1

11 S p a r t a n b u r g C o u n t y Converse Area VFD Cowpens FD Croft Fire Department Drayton VFD Enoree FD Greenville-Spartanburg Jetport Inman City VFD Inman Community VFD New Prospect VFD Pelham - Batesville FD Poplar Springs FD Spartanburg City FD Tyger River FD Una VFD Woodruff FD S u m t e r C o u n t y Sumter City Fire Dept Sumter County Fire HQ If your department would like to have its data featured in this monthly report, please contact All data is compiled 5 days after the end of the month, or the 2 th of the month. For example, we stopped accepting data for this report on July 2. Any errors in this report regarding your department s data or information about your department should be reported to us for continual monthly improvement. Data gathered from 138 of 435, or 31.7% of SC Fire Departments who report monthly down from April where 36.6% reported. U n i o n C o u n t y Bonham FD Carlisle VFD Lockhart VFD Monarch Fire Dept Southside VFD Union City Fire Dept W i l l i a m s b u r g C o u n t y Kingstree FD Y o r k C o u n t y City Of York Fire Department Flint Hill VFD Bethany Santiago VFD Oakdale FD Rock Hill Fire Dept S C F I R S 141 Monticello Trail Columbia, SC /1/213 11